8 Easy and Healthy Cooking Tips for Lazy People

8 Easy and Healthy Cooking Tips for Lazy People

The thought of preparing ingredients, planning for meals and cleaning up the kitchen after cooking are sufficient to put a person off the notion of cooking their own meals. We all want to eat delicious meals and foods, but do not want to spend hours in kitchen to prepare the meal of our desire. It is easier today to order takeouts from any food ordering applications and get it delivered at your doorstep. It can even be cheaper if you use Swiggy Coupon Code. But the satisfaction and joy of offering your family with a healthy and home cooked meal sated with love would get compromised if you order meals from restaurants online.

We all are well versed with the fact that eating healthy is important and since most of us are so busy or lazy that we find it easier and quicker to grab a takeaway or consume the sugar and salt loaded ready meals prepared in microwave or ovens. Some people even order online using Faasos Promo Code without bothering whether the meal is healthy for them or not. So, home cooked meals must be considered always and if you are lazy looking for healthy meals and recipes that can be prepared with minimal efforts, then here are some tips for you.

Cooking Extra Batch of Meals
Boiling few eggs or making chicken sandwiches during the weekend is one of the best and Healthy Recipes and ensure to pop each meal into a freezer bag and zip-lock them and then freeze it. When you want to have them at morning you simply need to defrost them into microwave and get a healthy and filling dose at breakfast or lunch when you are having short time to prepare your meal or you can not just dedicate yourself to make anything in kitchen.

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Keep Meal Preparation Ready Always
If you are having some extra time at weekend, then ensure to utilize it fruitfully. You need to decide what you want to eat during weekdays and ensure to do some preparation for it at the weekend itself. Preparation includes chopping the vegetables, cooking the meat, making the dips and sauces the day before and leave all the preparations in the refrigerator.

Get your vegetables washed properly, chopped and then frozen. If you want to skip this process simply purchase the frozen readymade chopped vegetables. You will get all the required vitamins, minerals and other nutrients from those frozen vegetables. You simply need to take them out from freezer and defrost them into microwave and bung into a pan for few minutes and your meal is ready.

Cool Spices and Herbs
No dish is complete without adding spices and herbs into it. So, you need to keep the batch ready. You need to chop few things like ginger, garlic, fresh herbs, chilli and out them into a freezer bag and freeze them until you use it. These are some of the herbs and spices which you would require to whip up dishes like sauces, soups and stews after a hectic day out.

Stock Up the Things
It is suggested that to make your meal healthier and easy to cook, you must use chicken or vegetable sock rather than oil. Cooking must be done using the stocks instead of cooking oil. This is not only prevent the food from sticking into the pan, but also add a flavour and zest into the meal and it is the healthier option indeed compared to cooking oil.

Make Use of Streamers
Steam meals are always the healthier options than deep fried meals and foods. You will find many Amazing Healthy Recipes that you can cook in a steamer. Moreover, steaming vegetables in steamer help in retaining its nutrients.

Opting for the Slower Route
Always choose the slow cooker instead of cooking foods faster. Throw all the ingredients into the pot and leave it for the entire day and come back home to have hot one-pot meal. All you need to do is to dish up the one pot meal and enjoy it according to your desire.

Roasting Root Vegetables
Put all vegetables into roasting tin and add some olive oil and seasoning along with spices and herbs and roast them at 200C for 45 minutes or until tender. This is easy and healthy way to cook and best suited for root vegetables than green vegetables.

Batch Cooking is suggested
To avoid long cooking time during weekday people must cook meals in batches and store the extras into the freezer so that they can again have it by defrosting it into microwave.

So, these were some Healthy Cooking Tips that people running out of time or those who are lazy must try.

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