Amazon Business Quiz- Win Exciting Rewards

Amazon Business Quiz- Win Exciting Rewards

Amazon has updated its Business related quiz for the users. It is the platform that allows the e-commerce giants to work with several businesses in the country. Amazon Business is the platform that allows businesses to get bulk discounts and other benefits from the e-commerce platform. It is the one that replicates traditional businesses available in the online world.

You can easily avail Amazon Business extra savings quiz answers of the Amazon Business extra saving Quiz. Here, you will get all the correct answers to the Amazon quiz and can win up to Rs.20000.

The Amazon Business extra savings spin and win Quiz comes at one time when the e-commerce giants scaled their Funzone section. The main idea behind their quizzes is almost the same. They offer customers rewards and also educate them about its products in the process.

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Amazon Busines Extra Saving Quiz Question and Answer

Question: What are the maximum savings available with a GST invoice?
Answer: 28%

Amazon Business extra savings Spin and Win Quiz is a quiz that is related to Amazon Business coupon. It joins Amazon Business extra savings Quiz on the Amazon business platform. If you want to find this Quiz, Open your Amazon app and search for Funzone. Now, click on the results and scroll down to find Amazon Business extra savings spin and win banner.

What Is Amazon Business Extra Savings Quiz?

Amazon Business extra savings spin and win quiz is a very simple quiz. It majorly focuses on the savings that come with an Amazon business account. Amazon is one of the leading e-commerce giants that come up with these quizzes to promote their product through the Funzone section.

Now, this Amazon Business Extra savings spin and win Quiz started on August 13th. Selected winners receive their prize or reward under this.

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Prizes Under Amazon Business Quiz

One can get prices ranging from Rs 4000 to Rs 25, 000. For 25,000 Rs 20, 000, Rs 15, 000, 10, 000 there would be one winner. And, five winners will be selected for Rs 4000. Users will claim their prize as Amazon pay Balance.

Win Up To Rs 25,000 with Amazon Business Extra Saving Quiz

Here, in the quiz, you will find a total of six slices with one of them marked as "better luck next time". Now, you will need to sprint that wheel and answer all the qualifying questions so that you become eligible for the prize on which the pointer lands. Here, if your answer is correct then you will enter the pool of draws that will let you decide the winner. Now, only the legal residents of India of age 18 or higher are eligible and can participate in that.

All these participants must set India as their country on website and have a billing address within the territory of India to be eligible. Here, the winners should also provide valid identity proof like PAN card, Voter ID, Indian passport, and Driving license for confirming the age.

Note: If you and your family members are Amazon employees or their affiliates then you are not eligible for this particular amazon quiz.

How Can You Play Amazon Business Extra Savings Quiz
  1. First of all, Download the Amazon Mobile app from the Google Play Store and App Store.

  2. Now, open the app and sign in using your already existing account or you can also create a new one.

  3. Go and search for Funzone and click on the very first result that shows in.

  4. Scroll down to find Amazon Business extra savings spin and win Quiz.

  5. Here, to enter the contest, click on the banner image or on the Spin Now button.

  6. Click on the pointer for spinning the wheel.

  7. Answer all the qualifying questions correctly to enter in the lucky draw.

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Amazon Business Model: Important Points To Keep In Mind
  1. Winners will be informed via e-mail or SMS and the name of winners will be announced in September 2021.

  2. Eligible winners must claim the prize within seven days to receive the prize.

  3. All the winners need to enter their mobile numbers verified with Amazon, to claim the prize.

  4. According to Amazon, an entry in the contest is considered as consent for being placed on the mailing list for the promotions.

  5. Your image, name, appearance can be used by amazon for any promotions or in the relation to the contest.

  6. Company reserves all the rights for changing the terms and conditions to cancel the contest at any time.

  7. This quiz is a subject to force major circumstances

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Answers To Common Questions in Amazon Business

Amazon Business works on what Business model?
Answer: Business to Business

How many Fortune 100 companies are Amazon Business customers?
Answer: 55.

To what percent you can save on B2B purchases by claiming the GST Invoice
Answer: 28%

Does Amazon Business provide free registration?
Answer: Yes

Does Amazon Business provide services to both organization types SMB and Enterprises?
Answer: Yes

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Does Entering in a lucky draw guarantee a win?
Answer: No, entering in a lucky draw does not guarantee any win. That means you have been added to the list of customers who are eligible for the win. Now, Winners are randomly chosen from the list of customers without any human intervention.

If you answer all these quiz questions correctly, then you will be entitled to a lucky draw that is carried out amongst the participants who have answered that particular question correctly. Now, a draw of the lot will be conducted and a total of five members are chosen so that they can be given rewards. The declared winner will be eligible of winning a Rs 20,000 Amazon Pay balance. Each winner is eligible for winning one Prize under this contest only.

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