Are You Holi Ready? Here Are a Few Things You Might Need to Know Before You Head Out to Play Holi

Are You Holi Ready? Here Are a Few Things You Might Need to Know Before You Head Out to Play Holi

Holi is the festival of colours and joy. People from across the world visit India to celebrate the arrival of the spring season by colouring each others face with beautiful colours. Holi celebration is loved by everyone. It happens in the second week of March. This is one of the major festivals in the Hindu religion. In the past, people used to make colours out of flowers, these colours used to be free from harmful chemicals, unlike today! Today, people often turn to harmful colours made from dangerous chemicals, which leave your skin feeling irritated. Holi is to have fun and celebrate it wholeheartedly.

How is Holi Celebrated?

Day 1: On the day of the full moon, which is Holi Purnima, people start arranging for colours and water and keep them either on a thali or a brass pot. First, it is the elderly male people in the family who will sprinkle colours on every member of the family.

Day 2: Second day is known as Puno. On the second day, people start burning bonfires along with Holika image remembering the story of Prahalad and Holika. New mothers along with their babies will take five rounds around the bonfire to offer their prayers to the Holika and seeking blessings from the God of fire.

Day3: the Third day is known as Parva which is the final day of Holi celebration. This is the day when people come out and colour each other, pour water, and have a good time. On this day people worship Lord Krishna and Goddess Radha.

People often go out to play Holi without really paying attention to a few things that might affect your skin and hair. That is why we have prepared this article for you. We have prepared a list of tips which will let you enjoy Holi safely and joyously.

Tip 1: Use organic colours as much as possible

Be safe and do not let the colour affect your skin or hair. Everyone loves the look and feel of bright happy colours. Skip those artificial synthetic colours and this Holi, buy only organic colours which are made of plants and flowers. They smell good and will not harm your skin at all. Say yes to the skin-friendly colours this Holi.

Tip 2: Look after your skin, please!

You will play Holi during sunlight and that is probably not good for your skin, but it is Holi, nothing matters right! It is just for a day. But, harmful chemicals can hurt your skin really bad, hence to stay away from it, buy some organic oils and Ayurvedic sunscreen lotions. Apply it before you step out in the sun. You can buy these products from Patanjali beauty products online.

Tip 3: Say no hair loss

Along with investing in a good skin care lotion, you should also think about investing in a good hair care product too. It does not matter whether you are a boy or a girl. The scalp is yours and you should look after it. So oil your hair first. Before you walk out and if you have long hair, tie it in a bun, and wear a bandana and cover your hair if possible.

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Tip 4: Choose the right outfit to play right

It all depends on whether you would like to reuse the clothes once again or not. Bollywood has kind of made it mandatory to wear all whites during Holi. But, take a better decision this time. What if someone uses colours which are hard to remove and you want to wear it again! In that case, we will suggest you wear black or navy blues. Also, pick synthetic apparels or thinner fabrics. They will dry sooner and will absorb much lesser water too.

Tip 5: Go for pink and red in colour choice

Rather than using black and grey colours, go for pink, red, yellow, and orange colours that will make everyone look prettier. Also, ensure that they are all organic. And yes, do not forget to paint your nails too with a thick coat of colours to ensure that Holi colours wont damage your nails too.

Tip 7: Keep your eyes safe

Ensure that no powder goes inside your eyes. The best thing to do is to wear sunglasses while you play Holi. Eyes are extremely sensitive and they should be protected all the time. Since it is your face, which is going to get coloured the most, it is essential to keep your eyes protected throughout the celebrations.

Tip 8: If travelling, keep the windows closed

Holi is celebrated throughout India. Beit in the streets or in the cities. A bunch of people will come out on the streets and they will throw all kinds of things on the passer-by, now, that is something that we do not support, what so ever. You should harm or disturb other people. If someone allows, then it is a different case, otherwise, do not. Well, you never know this can happen to you. People throw balloon and raw eggs at cars and bikes too. In order to save yourself from this while you travel, just keep the windows of your car fully covered.

Play a safe Holi people. Celebrate the day of colour with love and affection. Keep yourself safe and remember to use organic colours. Happy Holi, everyone!

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