Best Fashion College Wear For Guys

Best Fashion College Wear For Guys

College-going boys are so conscious about how they look and how they dress. Gone are the days when college used to be just education source for kids but now they have become the source of showing off fashion sense. Now talking about dressing up properly for college does not only stands for girls but boys nowadays are no less in showing off their inner Manish Malhotra when it comes to dressing up. They look for every possible way of wearing their regular boring shirt in different ways and which color of shoes goes or accurately suits with which outfit. Talking of which reminds how many types of outfits boys too have. From funky look to decent look, from denim look to the beach look boys fashion wear has evolved way too much. Lets now talk about their different college outfits:

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Chic Look: Normal white and a black T-shirt from amazon is a must thing in every guys wardrobe. Now talking about chic look wear a plain T-shirt with normal plain denim jeans with high ankle length boots or shoes and you are all set for good boy college look. This look basically is known as basic college look. You can also go for a white shirt with blue or black denim jeans and white sneakers. Trust me this look can never go out of fashion. I personally love guys with a white shirt and blue denim jeans more than anything. For shopping all the ingredients of this look you can use the bewakoof coupons and get the best deal.

Cardigan Look: Earlier I was not that much fan of this cardigan look on boys but recently I have seen some of the pictures of Arjun Kapoor and damn I was so much into this fashion and now I purely agree that cardigan look looks good not just on girls but on boys too. Wear a basic T-shirt or a shirt with a grey cardigan, light blue denim jeans, and red sneakers. Trust me this I can imagine in my head that this look is going to look so smart. So for new generation cardigan fashion is a must too or you can also try denim jumpsuit for women through discount coupons available at

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Funky Look: Teaming a basic shirt from netplay shirts or a T-shirt with fun or quirky looking lower may sound funny but at the end, the outcome which comes out leaves everybody stunned if done properly. Boys have been doing this experimentation with their look from such a long time. There are many types of funky look one can take up in their attire it is all upon how they feel like dressing up and what kind of occasion they are attending.

Beach vibes look: Name only suggest all that flowery, t-shirts full of waves or patterns and all that cheesy looking shirts or T-shirts comes under it. Bermuda, shorts these type of lowers also counts up in his particular fashion. These outfits not always look cheesy and eye pricking sometimes the guy with good personality are able to carry this particular look to college so well that this actually has been in trend among young college goers.

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Formal Look: This type of look earlier use to carry mostly by business students. It is a myth that people think when comes to formal look our boundaries get little and smaller than other looks because we usually think of a plain white shirt with black formal pant and formal shoes but NO. it is not so, under formal look there are so many ways and trends and styles that one can have or take up and can even do experimentations while keeping it look all formal. From plain shirts to check shirts teaming it up with coats or formal jackets. A tie does it work in no less manner. You can best formal wear on Nnnow and the Nnnow coupons are always there to provide you the best deals.

Lastly all I would like to say a well-maintained body, with a sense of fashion, and confidence in whatever you wear you are looking good helps you to feel good and when you feel good you like whatever you wearing. It is important to carry everything with much confidence. Looking good does not only include branded expensive clothes and a muscular body but a way how to carry it. You can always look good if you know how to carry things on you. Being in trend and also updating yourself with the changing and evolving fashion is very important these days.

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