Get Ready For Shraddha Kapoors Unique Horror Comedy!

Get Ready For Shraddha Kapoors Unique Horror Comedy!

Alright then, are you ready for a new kind of horror comedy movie which is based on a ridiculously true story? Stree is a movie where a mortal fall in love with a ghost. Now that is something new and exciting.

The trailer seems pretty promising. This is a story about a young man who falls in love with a beautiful girl who visits the village only once a year during pooja. The young man whose character is being played by Rajkummar Rao eventually develops feelings for her and the two starts a relationship. However, there is something extremely odd about this girl which his friends want him to find out about her. This is where the real story begins. Is she really a ghost or is she not? Why does she come to the village only during pooja? So many things to know!

Lets Get To Know The Cast of This Movie:

Rajkummar Rao as Vicky

Shraddha Kapoor as the mystery

Pankaj Tripathi as Rudra[7]

AparshaktiKhurrana as Bittu[8]

Abhishek Banerjee[9]

Vijay Raaz[1]

A Little Bit More About Stree

The first half of the trailer has a lot of fun and comedy element making it more watchable, however, the second half though revolves more around the supernatural entity Stree. You can watch this movie using the Bookmyshow buy 1 get 1 offer. Only a few days left before it appears on the Big screen everywhere.

This movie is based on a true urban legend Naleba. It is said that once upon a time in Bengaluru when it was a small town used to reside a witch who used to roam the streets of Bengaluru. She used to travel everywhere in search of a prey.

It has also been said that she used to knock on doors of the residents during odd hours at night and call out the person residing at that house and the one who opens the door for her would meet his end within just the 24 hours. My, my what a creepy story. Imagine someone knocking at your door at night and you are not expecting anyone at all. And you have already heard about the witch. Would you dare to open the door?

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The word about this danger soon spread across the town like a fire. People started panicking and were in a desperate need for a solution. They did not want to become the victim. Soon they came up with a resolution Nale Ba meaning come tomorrow in Kannada. People started writing Nale Ba on their doors. Soon the witch who often used to come for a pray would visit them again but by seeing the inscription on the door would leave and like that she continued to come again and go, and finally one day it all stopped. This was such a big news back then and people used to believe it so much that April 1st was considered as the day to celebrate the Nale Ba day.

Our Verdict

The suspense is still there as to who is the witch in this movie. Speculations are made based on the trailer and many are saying it is indeed Shraddha who is playing the character of Stree. But the director is still maintaining their silence and are doing a great job in keeping it a mystery from the audience. Do not forget to watch it on the 31st of August. We wish Stree to be a great success in the theater. After all who would not want to watch a horror comedy.

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