Gifting Ideas to Make Your Remote Team Engaging

Gifting Ideas to Make Your Remote Team Engaging

Over the few years, different businesses have been trying to improve their employee engagement through various activities. Their main target is to retain talented and performing employees. As it is commonly found that disengaged employees are likely to leave the organization. There could be any possible reason for that like limited growth opportunities in the organization, improper feedbacks, etc. But, out of these factors, there is one very important factor that you can not miss out i.e, Recognition.

Rewards and Recognition are very important if you want an engaging team. Because when employees of any company feel unappreciated, it hinders their productivity which ultimately leads to disengagement.

Therefore, for any management to succeed, there is a need that they focus on their employees well-being. This can be done by incorporating a culture of appreciation and recognition. And, businesses can use rewards or gifts as a token of admiration. Gifts and Rewards are a great way to practice team-building, especially if you have a virtual team. This will boost employee satisfaction and will also motivate your employees to work harder with sincerity, dedication, and happiness.

So, here are some interesting and unique gifting ideas that you can use as a reward and recognition strategy:

Gadgets and Tech Accessories

The global pandemic has shifted the entire workspace from an offline culture to a completely virtual space. This entire shift has made businesses to re-think and re-establish their work policies. As an organization, it becomes really important that you are providing your remote workers with essential tools and gadgets. If not, then you can always implement this as your reward strategy. One can gift stuff relating to technology to their employees. This will not only upgrade their efficiency but also prove to be a great effort in the path of appreciation.

Here are some tech-gifting ideas that you can give to your remote workers:
- Laptop
- Wireless charging station
- Headphones
- Screen-protector
- Webcams
- Charging cables
- Cord organizers

These tech gifts are budget-friendly if you shop them through the best E-commerce websites like Flipkart or Amazon. In case, you want your employees to select their tech-gift on their own, you can send them Flipkart gift cards, which is also a wonderful way to surprise your employees and they can buy their tech gift by theirs own.

Stress Relieving Kits

Stress has become really common these days for employees. Although, it might be possible that the reason for their stress could be anything, either personal or professional. In such cases, you can always lend a sympathetic ear, by sending stress-reducing kits. These kits are a complete package that helps employees to cope up with their tension. Generally, these kits include Tea, candles, healthy snacks, a subscription to meditation apps, stress balls, etc. that can eventually help in attaining peace of mind.

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Exercise equipment for a fit body

For any management to succeed, it is one of the important factors that their employees are fit and healthy. It not only improves workplace productivity but also boosts an organizations performance. The promotion of health in the workplace has become the new normal and is widely accepted as a part of the corporate culture too. Therefore, it is mandatory to keep emphasizing employee health and wellbeing to have an overall engagement.

So, here are some health-related gifts for remote employees:
- Fitness trackers
- Yoga mats
- Dumbells
- A duffle bag
- A desk exercise bike
- Subscription to an exercise class.

One can also send amazon gift cards to their employees, which they can use to buy any of their fitness-related products on Amazon. On top of it, they can opt for an attractive amazon promo code for free from to make their purchase even more affordable.

Meaningful Team Building Events

If you want to build collaboration in your team through communication. You can always host a nice virtual event for your remote workers. In which they can chat, share their views, enjoy with their co-workers, etc. It is quite common that remote workers feel isolated and disconnected. So, such activities are a great way to create a sense of community and engagement amongst them. One factor that should be kept in mind while doing that is these events should be fun, interesting, relaxing, and socially interactive.

And, the best part is these kinds of events are not only good for team collaboration but also build skills like creative thinking, decision making, etc. in a team.

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Subscription to Online Streaming services

It has been a long time since movie theatres, outdoor events have been closed and cancelled due to outbreaks of the global virus.

While some of the coworkers still miss a night out from time to time, you can surprise them with a premium subscription for any of the online streaming services like Netflix, Amazon Prime, HBO Go, etc. This is one of the best ideas for employees who like to comfort themselves via online entertainment.

A Time-off

Gifting is always not about physical gifts, sometimes sentimental gifts also serve a bigger purpose in building a Team- engagement. That is why it is important that you make your employees feel special. And, for that, you can give them a bonus of time off. Or, you can book a holiday plan for few days for them along with their family members. This is a nice way to engage your talented employees so that they are retained.

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Gifting is an act of practising gratification. It helps in strengthening bonds and relationships in a workforce. Therefore, it is important that you appreciate your employees with meaningful gifts to create positivity in your workforce.

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