How Rapido Changed the Face of Bike-Taxi?

How Rapido Changed the Face of Bike-Taxi?

Rapido, India is first ever Bike taxi platform where you can hire a bike to travel solo wherever you want. Rapido is the brainchild of AravindSanka, PavanGuntupalli and Rishikesh SR who are IIT alumnus, started this company in November 2015.

Finding taxi in India is never easy, especially during the peak hours. The sudden splurge of requirement and the whooping sky high price during peak hours is always excruciating, that is when Rapido came into the picture. It came as a boon and a great relief for people who are frequent travellers and always looking for a ride. But all thanks to Rapido taxi, travelling will become easier now. Just pick your office bag, get ready to download the app and book Rapido to an office.

Rapido Lets You Earn Rs.1000 in 6 Days

Rapido not only lets you ride comfortably but also makes your commute very easy. Plus they reward you for using the Rapido app too. Is not that great? We mean, you hire a ride and then you earn too! Wow! Avail CouponsCurry Rapido offers today to get your first ride in an exceptional cost and keep earning rewards for every ride. This way you get a chance to win 1000 INR.

If you want to ride safe and save money then you have got to try our Rapido promo codes. And no we are not kidding. Our offers are genuine and will let you save some huge money. So guys, what are you waiting for? Dive in and download the Rapido app today. Your phone is incomplete without a bike taxi app. Trust us, you need it. This offer is, however, valid only in Bangalore and Mysore, but we are assertive that soon Rapido bike will launch this offer in other parts of the country too.

Here is Why Rapido Bike App is a Must-have

There are some reasons behind downloading the Rapido app on your mobile. See, before we point out some bullet points, you need to understand the amount of money you spend on taxi service and how often you need it.

When we travel we always look for a taxi service which is reliable, fast, and easily approachable. But think about it how many times have our favourite taxi app failed us during the time when we needed them the most? Pretty often we guess. Sometimes they upset us by cancelling our ride and sometimes the price is too exorbitant. Who has the energy to travel via public transport? Buses and metro trains are always shrouded with passengers, so what is there which will take care of all of these pain points? Rapido bike taxi, who else?

Here are the Key Points of Getting in Touch With Rapido Motorhomes:

1. Easy Booking:Yes, it is extremely easy to book a bike taxi ride on Rapido. You can save your most frequent destination and click on go and your ride will be there at your main gate in no time!

2. Rapido Wants You to Ride Safely:Helmets are important, no matter how daredevil you are. You need a helmet, hence Rapido provides helmets as well as shower caps to just to ensure that you ride safe and stay hygienic.

3. All the Rides are Insured:When we ride with someone unknown, the first thing that we pay attention to is whether the ride we are availing is secured or not. Well, in the case of online bike booking with Rapido, your ride is always insured. All the captains go through tough verification and yes Rapido provides insurance to you too.

4.Affordable:Another good news to hire a bike taxi ride from Rapido is that they are extremely affordable. No matter when you are booking your bike, their fares are always transparent and also easy on pockets.

Why You Need Rapido Coupons?

You know why you need Rapido coupons? Well, the answer is easy. You need them to make your already inexpensive ride cheaper. Who would not like to avail such an exciting offer right! Always remember to visit CouponsCurry whenever you want to avail a Rapido referral code. We are right here to enlighten your day with our genuine and 100% working coupons.

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You can also join Rapido captain group. If you own a bike and want to earn extra money then join Rapido right away. Everyone looks for an extra way to earn money and this is the best way to earn some pocket money. This way you will save your travelling cost too. Download the app and become a captain. Offer a ride whenever you want to and earn money. If you do not want to offer a ride and be a passenger then we have our exclusive Rapido coupons codes, do not worry, we will never let you down. Here is the Rapido customer care number, just in case if you need to contact them- 082639 10511.

How Rapido Changed the Taxi Scene?

Indian roads are filled with potholes and the worst part is the never-ending metro construction. All we see around us is under constructed pillars for metro rail, lots of traffic, and honking and this is the same almost every part of the country. The only thing we can wish for amidst all this is to reach office securely and on time.

Rapido free ride

But now you have a solution. Download the Rapido bike app on your mobile today and travel anywhere you like with a peace of mind and most importantly reach on time too. We can not comment on the traffic but bikes make you squeeze through in between cars and buses easily.

Check out the Rapido reviews today and go through peoples experience. There are hundreds of happy customers availing Rapido world-class service. You might feel tempted to sit on an AC cab but your car taxi can not let you get through the traffic easily. And accept it, even you know it is true. Make use of Rapido first ride offer from us and cut through the narrow lanes and say goodbye to huge traffic easily. Do not forget to read about Rapido bike taxi wiki as well.

Travelling with comfort and the ease to book a ride should always be your first priority. Never be late to office. Download the Rapido app today and start booking your ride.

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