How to judge whether its real or fake Ray-Ban sunglasses

How to judge whether its real or fake Ray-Ban sunglasses

When it comes to stylish goggles, Ray-Ban is the name that you get to hear more often than any other. They have all sort of eyeglasses, be it gliders, shades, aviator, or spectacles. They have a wide range and variety of products. The more loved brand it is, the more people would buy it. The more people will buy it, the better reviews it will have. And one thing that comes with it is piracy.

In many countries including India, you can find a lot of clones of the Ray-Ban sunglasses. People have a lot of confusion in recognizing the real product and they at times get the fake one. If you dont have any idea on what the real Ray Ban is, just go through this article.

1. Finding any difference when you are looking especially for sunglass then better firstly check on to the glass. All the genuine ray-ban products are crafted of high-quality materials. They use one of the finest manufacturing processes in order to produce the product. But if you look closely while purchasing the real and the branded ray-ban sunglass you will notice that the plastic body of sunglass is cut from a single piece of acetate and are finely hand polished. Because of which even if you look closely even then you wont be able to find any scratch, nicks, rough-spots or anything else. Check out the Ray-Ban Coupons on various websites to get exciting offers.

2. Have you ever noticed the weight difference among the branded or the real one or the fake one? If not then next time make sure of it. There is a huge difference between the weight of the fake ray-ban glasses and the real ray-ban. The real ray-ban tend to have little weight in it as it has metal support struts inside its arms in order to put at least some weight so that when a person wears it he/she feel secure that it wont fall down. Whereas the fake one does not have much weight. Just do a simple experiment thing like put up your glass toss it and feel the weight if it has that little weight then it is real and if not then there are chances that your sunglasses arent real.

3. Checking for non-glass lenses like taking off your sunglasses and look at them properly and give your lens few flicks with your nails. The moment you start feeling that good, rich and branded sound then it is maximum time considered as a good sign. Here I have used maximum time because most of the times ray-ban uses real glasses in order to make sunglasses but some of their ranges have that non-glass lens which necessarily doesnt mean that the glass is not of good quality but yes because of it the price of that particular range gets down and are quite cheaper. Ray-Ban sunglasses price below 2000 is available on their stores and websites.

4. When we talk about ray-ban then quality doesnt only matter in frames, glass or anything else but even the sticker that we see on to the glass are also of good quality and does not fall up that easily. And this sticker should always be black and gold in color not yellow. This is one of the best ways to find the difference between the real and the fake one. The fake one usually has that yellow and red color sticker and that yellow color is that much close to the real golden color that you have to literally look very carefully in order to see the difference. You can check out the Ray-Ban showrooms in Gurgaon.

5. The cloth that they provide while giving you the glass are also super good in quality. They almost every time come up with that small, soft cloth that helps in cleaning the glass. It is not important that the glasses are coming with the cloth. The point to be noted is that they should come up with the high-class quality of cloth and should be felt super soft. If your glass is coming up with a poor quality cloth then there are maximum chances of it to be fake. Before keeping it look if has any stain or previously used patches, thin, coarse, ratty texture, loose stitching, cheap looking material. So check out the latest Ray-Ban glass models

6. The real ray-ban consists of a little booklet of errors that lay down almost everything and material used up in the making of the product and much more. This booklet even looks o perfect and are printed flawlessly of good quality of the matte paper. So even if you get booklet then hold on and read out few pages at least if you find any kind of mistake like grammar mistake, spelling mistake or not so good quality of pages, printing not that clear are the signs that the sunglasses might be fake. If you are about to buy gogs then get the Ray-Ban sunglasses aviator.

7. You should once definitely inspect the case where your sunglasses are being given to you. If your sunglass doesnt come up with a case then this is definitely a cause of concern. And even if you are getting a case dont be so happy, first of all, check it properly the way ray-ban is written and if there is any loose stitching or not, leather should be real, it should be UV protectant and many other ways of checking should be done. Check out the Ray-Ban Official website to know more about their products.

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