How to Make Rakhi at Home

How to Make Rakhi at Home

Raksha Bandhan festival of bond and togetherness between brother and sister. And it is about to come this 22nd August 2021. Rakhi is not just a mere thread that is tied on the wrist of the brother but, it symbolizes promises, care, and sheer love towards each other.

Earlier, the rakhi trend was not that sophisticated but now, you will find the trendiest of designs available in the market that lures out hearts. One can always find a great Rakhin online on Amazon, or Flipkart but, have you ever considered making a rakhi on your own?

Handmade Rakhi is one of the sweetest gestures that you can give to your brother. Plus, it will enhance your bond as well. So, what is the wait then! Continue reading, and learn how to make Rakhi at home. We are here sharing some great Rakhi-making ideas that can help you design a Rakhi without any hassle.

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Rakhi for Kids

Kids love animal prints or cartoon characters on their Rakhi so, today we will learn how to make a DIY Rakhi for kids.

Material Required:
- A Ribbon
- Colored Markers
- Paper, Foam Tape
- Glue
- Scissors
- Colors
- Thread

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  1. Sketch any cartoon character with a pencil and a black marker on the paper, color it well.

  2. Once you are done with the detailing, cut that character carefully with scissors along the border.

  3. Now, superimpose that on the top of a foam tape.

  4. Cut that too accordingly.

  5. Now take a nice and beautiful thread and paste it on the opposite face.

  6. You can use black beads for the eyes if needed.

  7. Your Rakhi is ready and now, you can tie it on your younger brothers wrist.

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Rakhi using Wool

Wool is easily accessible and you will be surprised to know the easy and simple way of making Rakhi using wool.

Material Required
- Colorful Wools
- Scissors
- Shiny Beads
- Fabric Glue

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  1. First of all, twist single-colored wool around your finger for about 15 times.

  2. Then tie the wool with a knot at the center.

  3. Cout the ends of the bow and spread it in the form so that it makes up a flower.

  4. You can place a colored bead at the center of the wool and paste it on the center of the flower.

  5. Now, take other stands of wool of different colors and cut them in equal lengths for like an inch long from the length of the wrist.

  6. Slide down the colorful beads one by one in the strand and tie a knot after each bead.

  7. Paste the thread at the back of the woolen flower that you made.

  8. And, that is it! Your Rakhi is Ready.

Rakhi With Silk Thread

Silk Thread looks really attractive, so why not use it to make Rakhi.

Material Required:
- Scissors
- Silk Thread
- Cotton Twine of the same color as silk Thread
- Flat Stone Bead
- Fabric Glue

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  1. First, take silk and cotton threads and tie them together around the two fingers for about 20 rounds.

  2. Now, you will need to tie a knot in the center and then cut the edges.

  3. Spread the thread for making a round shape of a flower.

  4. Tie the bead using the help of cotton thread.

  5. One can sew this braid at the center of the rakhi so that it does not fall.

  6. Your Silk hand-made rakhi is ready!.

Butterfly Rakhi

A butterfly Rakhi looks really cool and fun, so let us look at the steps involved in making it.

Material Needed:
- Glitter sheets
- A pair of scissors
- Sketch pens
- Cardboard
- A4 size sheet
- Ribbons
- Cardboard

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  1. First, draw a buttery fly on the sheet and cut it out from the golden foam.

  2. Now draw a small butterfly from a silver glitter foam sheet and cut that too.

  3. Paste the silver butterfly on the golden one.

  4. Then just design the head from the sheet as well and paste it too.

  5. Take a ribbon of around 25cm in length and attach the butterfly to it using glue.

Rakhi With Zari Motifs

You can make a beautiful and colourful Rakhi using the Zari Motifs, just follow this procedure and by the end of it, you will own a mind-blowing Rakhi in your hand.

Material Needed:
- zari motifs
- Shiny lace of a bright color
- Threads
- Needles
- Cloth Adhesives
- Scissors.

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  1. You will find a vast variety of zari motifs in the market. You can choose any design and style you want.

  2. Then take a bright lace of the same color that matches these zari motifs.

  3. Sew the edges and stick it to the back of the shape you make from the lace and zari motifs.

  4. Patch it for a while and your zari rakhi is ready to adorn by your brother.

Rakhi Using Round Kundan

Kundan Stone is a very popular stone used in jewelry designing the most. But, have you ever tried it for making a Rakhi. If not! Let us see how:

Material Required:
- Round Kundan or a drop kundan
- Pearls
- Silk Thread
- Scissors
- Fabric Glue
- Mirrors
- Velvet
- Chains for designing


  1. Take a piece of cloth and then fold it.

  2. Put fabric glue on it and then put a velvet cloth over it.

  3. Now, take mirrors and paste them on the middle of the velvet.

  4. Decorate your Rakhi using the Kundan stones, circle them with the colored chains and cut out the extra velvet.

  5. Then, attach a silk thread below your rakhi and put another velvet piece cloth so that the silk does not move.

  6. Let your Rakhi dry and use colored pearls to add to your silk thread.

  7. Tie up all the ends of these pearls and the portion of the thread.

  8. Your Kundan Rakhi is all ready!

Rakhi is a festival that holds love, wishes, and good luck. So, it has to be special for you this year. We hope, that this guide helps you make a great hand-made Rakhi. Do give them a try at least once. Share it with your friends, and together make this Rakhi fun and interesting.

In addition, you can also try Rakhi design that includes waste materials available at your home. Do not limit your creativity, explore as much as you can! Happy RakshaBandhan 2021.

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