Is Myntra better for fashion than Flipkart in India?

Is Myntra better for fashion than Flipkart in India?

This is the tech world and we have been evolving day by day. Every other day there is a new tech thing that surfaces the market and makes your work easier, better and faster. To bring your feet to halt and fingers to work, there are a lot of websites in the market that goes with the tag of providing the best fashion wear to their customers. Some of the best examples that you can get are Flipkart and Myntra. These two were a very big names until they came down to a proposition and collaborated.

You get a lot of things on their website including fashion wear, and that is what todays article is all about. We have so many competitors in the market of online shopping, each one of them. There has been a tussle between two Indian giants of online market Flipkart and Myntra, they have been top rated online stores and we are here to discuss who the best amongst them is.

We all know that both of them are active in giving out the sale and good products and we also know that Myntra has now been merged and is owned by Flipkart. Moreover, before we come to a conclusion we have to see both the online stores closely. Where people enjoy their time shopping in myntra online shopping end of reason sale the website of Flipkart is not short of options during their Flipkart online fashion sale or the Big Billion Sale.

1. Although Flipkart was established in the year 2007 but it became a brand in 2008. Initially, it started as a book store, later to which it diversified itself into other segments as well. But when it comes to Myntra, this online store was also launched in the year 2007 but it started as a fashion capital of India. They personalized gifts and included T-shirts, caps, and mugs. Moreover, Flipkart online fashion is now having lesser options than that of Myntra.

2. The merger made Flipkart the largest online market in India by a huge margin. They had an entire website made for just fashion.

So if you are only looking for a website that will give you a huge variety of fashion wear then Myntra is the one you are going to choose. They have a huge stock and it is time that you will get your hands on Myntra fashion sale 2019.

Flipkart also has a problem with its backend and they lack it which makes Myntra a better choice for people. There is not a huge variety in Myntra but whatever they have it is an entire stack. You also get to enjoy the Myntra online shopping and this is not just because they have a lot of exciting offers to display and products to dispatch but the user interface is also a lot better than that of Flipkart.

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There are so many big names that are stacked in the website on Myntra. There are so many brands online and they have a lot of stocks registered on this website. So if you are interested in ethnic wear just login to your Myntra account and check out if the Myntra sale womens kurta with pricesis available on the web or not.

Myntra is a very prominent competitor when it comes to fashion as there are so many brands that are registered on the website. Whereas comparing it with others such as Flipkart, Snapdeal and Amazon will not suit fine because this website is entirely dedicated to fashion.

Now if we compare them on another basis, you might not find Myntra suiting the competition. But it will be wrong if we say that Flipkart offers on clothing is not decent enough because there are so many offers that would help you in getting even better results for yourself on Flipkart. But on a whole, we can say that Myntra is better than Flipkart when it comes to Fashion. For more information or coupons on fashion wear you can always check out the website of There are a lot of options and ready to use coupons that will take you straight to the shopping portal. You would not have to keep redirecting yourself to various websites.

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