Learn to be Productive During Home Quarantine with These Top 5 Skills

Learn to be Productive During Home Quarantine with These Top 5 Skills

The epidemic caused by COVID-19 has withheld our day to day life and to overrule the pandemic situation across the world people are taking an oath to stay back at home safe. Government of India has also taking measures to prevent spreading of the virus and called for 21 days nationwide lockdown initially which is recently extended for another 19 days till 3rd of May 2020. Prime Minister has urged people to follow the lockdown rules by staying at home as this is the only method to break the chain of this communicable virus outbreak. Anxiety and panic situation amongst people may take toll on their minds, but this quarantine period can be converted into productive time by learning and honing some skills.

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With some basic chores and limited socializing, you can make your home quarantine productive by performing some activities and learning some new skills. So, to help you relieve yourself from the distress and break the boredom you can try out these below mentioned activities which are easy to learn during this period of home quarantine. When enrolling for any digital classes ensure to check the website of Couponscurry.com for exciting deals and coupons to save money on registration.

1. Blogging
Many people have a strong understanding of vocabulary which they never use in their day to day life. Since you are now in home quarantine with plenty of leisure time, it is the right time to start blogging and use your vocabulary skills. You can start writing some creative journals as well as day to day log of activities that you perform daily during quarantine. This would prove to be a historical significance later for the future generation. Blogging is also a creative way to gain control over words and it even helps you to improvise your storytelling, writing skills, vocabulary, synonyms and language that can help you professionally later.

2. Learning Foreign Language
Since you are in home quarantine and can not go out and explore new places, so why do not you start learning a new foreign language. This is the good time to stop fantasizing about your dream destination and upbeat your mood by learning a new foreign language. There are online classes for foreign languages where you can enrol and take digital classes. Also, you can watch foreign movies which can help you in the process. Till the time it is safe to fly to your dream destination for holiday you will be equipped with foreign language to interact with the locals at your dream destination.

3. Performing Craft Works at Home
Anyone with artistry skill can now hone their skills by staying back at home during quarantine. You can carry out some craft work at home and unveil the crafty side of yours. There are in fact a variety of craft skills that you can learn during this lockdown period including knitting, origami, calligraphy, painting, sketching and more. You can also learn new skills to decorate your home, designing new bed covers, making photo frames, utility boxes and lot more to do.

4. Become a Home Chef
You will hardly find someone who is not aware about the process of preparing Maggi at home. Well, this is the favourite dish for all bachelors. But, now you do not have to limit yourself with Maggi cooking as you can learn many new dishes and become a home chef during this quarantine. You have lots of leisure time now and it is the best time to hone your culinary skills and learn new cuisines and cooking methods with online classes and YouTube channels. Cooking is always a favourite pastime for many people as it helps them skip boredom. During this quarantine learn to cook new cuisines and dishes and when the lockdown is over call your friends to flaunt your cooking skills and let them salivate for your specially cooked and prepared cuisines and dishes.

5. Learning to be a Musician
Music indeed will never disappoint people as it helps connect you with your inner soul, motivates you, improvises your concentration and also recharges you to skip boredom during the quarantine. Every person has a unique hobby. Some people love to play the guitar, while others want to become a pianist to produce their own composition. No matter what is your hobby, you can try them out now when you are in-home quarantine. You need to enrol with any online classes and start learning any musical instrument to master it with professionals.

So, these were the top 5 skills that you can learn during home quarantine and flaunt others with the new skills that you have developed during this lockdown period.

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