Online shopping websites delivering grocery during lock down

Online shopping websites delivering grocery during lock down

Online shopping during the Covid-19 lock down is indeed a savior for most of us. Not only it helps in maintaining the social distancing but can help in following the lock down as well. Amidst a lot of unreliable online shopping stores it is prudent to understand which place to shortlist to buy our grocery. Some of the well known and reliable names are as follows.

1. Grofers-
Grofers has been the Champion when it comes to the grocery. In this phase of coronovirus it has not disappointed either. When it comes to the essential day to day items this is the place to go.

2. Amazon Pantry-
Another go to place that instantly comes to our mind is none other than Amazon Pantry. It has not only proven itself into the commercial, electrical and lifestyle products but is equally competent in the essential commodities as well. In order to order from here you will have to download a separate mobile app.

3. BigBasket-
Thinking about another reliable name than bigbasket grocery is the name you need to know. In the time of coronovirus crisis it has proven its mettle. You can easily order anything from your grocery to the vegetable and fruit of your choice. The items are brought to your doorstep. Not only you are avoiding the risk of contamination of covid-19 but saving your time too.

4. Patanjali-
Lots of emphasis is laid on building strong immune system that can help us fight this pandemic. There cannot be better place than the patanjali store to get the kinds of spices you want. Besides fulfilling your grocery you get an additional layer of protection by getting flavors of all spices here. You can keep the list ready and patanjali online outlet is at your service.

Over the years its product has shown the magical benefits. You get the best price at the cheapest rate. For those who believe in the alternative medicine can blindly trust this brand and their online stores.

So you do get the dual benefit by ordering here. First all you are your need for basic necessities are met. Secondly you can boost your energy and inner strength 10 times by consuming its organic products brought to you straight from the mountains. Thanks to baba Ramdev for innovative such products and now online stores that is proving to be the boon to many people.

5. Easy Day-
Easy day stores and club has gained immense popularity over the years. Its quick operations and variations in the products have made it all time favorite. Off lately they have become one of the preferred stores for all your online demands for the grocery.

The swift delivery and smart online catalogue makes it even simpler to use. If nothing works than you always have easy day as a safer option to fulfill all your grocery requirements.

6. Paytm Mall-
Paytm has always been the blessing at the time of any crisis. First when all of us were facing demonetization then paytm wallet came to our rescue. Now we ae fighting with the deadly coronovirus than we have paytm mall. Can you thank less to its founder? All you can do is shop with ease and focus on work from home.

Last thing you have to worry is stepping out from homes to buy those items that are getting over. When you have patym mall to fulfill all your need than you just be ready to order your favorite item through mobile or laptop.

7. Reliance Mart-
Reliance is not behind the race when it comes to delivering your preferred grocery at your doorsteps. With the wide variety of products from all the brands this is one of the admired apps for the online users.

The best part is like few other stores it is also known to help you with the choicest fruits and vegetables. You just need to choose your item and your order is ready to be delivered. Now if you wish to try this online grocery store than get ready to order what you want.

8. Spencers-
When it comes to retail space Spencers has been the leading name across India. Besides offline it has not disappointed in the online delivery as well. Off lately the brand has been leading the race and already on the top of the charts in the category of digital grocery.

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The reason why customers love the store is because of instant availability of all the essential daily consumer products. Prompt delivery and hygiene are the other factors that make it a preferred option for most of the online grocery shoppers. After its acquisition of Natures Basket it has added a special range of gourmet foods. While ordering for day to day needs people are often pleased to add such delicacies to pamper their taste buds.

9. Netmeds-
Netmeds is silently excelling and emerging as a next big name in online grocery space. The unparalleled discount it offers makes it all the more popular. Not only limited to that this exclusive ecommerce site also assist the users with free coupon codes to leverage further slash in the price.

Cheaper price without compromise on quality with access to multiple brands at one place is an innovation in itself by Netmeds. With all these features this online store has made a soft corner in the hearts of its customer. Especially at this time of Covid-19 crisis when the economy is taking downturns and several turmoil Netmeds has been a blessing in disguise.

10. Dunzo-
Dunzo, a Bangalore based once a Google funded firm is another name to make its place in the online grocery sector. You name it and it has it all. With the multiple lines of operations in the food delivery to essential commodity this is another name that comes to the mind when we think about instant grocery at our doorstep.

11. Satvacart
Satvacart is a startup that is catching people attention in the home delivery of fast moving consumer goods. Their commitment of delivery within an hour has added to their unique selling proposition.

Besides the above ecommerce option you can also explore online facility with your local build and mortar shop. They may not be tech savvy but traditional phone call for home delivery through them may be the quickest option.

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