Planning to watch Kesari Movie this weekend? Here is why you must watch it

Planning to watch Kesari Movie this weekend? Here is why you must watch it

Kesari is an upcoming Bollywood movie which includes great action-war scenes. It follows the scenes and events of the battle of Saragarhi. The battle where 21 soldiers of Sikh regiment of the British army fought bravely against Afghanistan tribesmen which were around 6000 to 10,000. This movie is made on a real story and is considered one of the bravest battle India has ever fought.

We know that the Sikh community symbolize valor and pride and can die for the country. The main character that has been played by Akshay Kumar named Ishar Singh, a proud warrior who has always lived according to his rules and regulations and used to speak often against the British rules. And because of his this kind of behavior against the British army, they sent him to the group of other 20 Sikhs where he became the leader and lead the battle against the Afghani Pathans.

If we talk about the Kesari movie reviews and the reaction that the audience is giving to the movie then, of course, it is a movie which will show all the love and sacrifices our ancestors has given for us and for the country. People are much excited and eagerly waiting for the release of the movie. So,guys, your wait is almost over, as Kesarimovie release date is 21stMarchwhich is on the festival of colors which is Holi.

Some of the lead roles are played by some exceptional actors and actresses which includes:

1. Akshaykumar as the leading character in the movie and goes with the name ofHavildarIshar Singh. He was known to be the leader of the group of 21 Sikh, who leads a revolt against the intruders.

2. Parineeti Chopra is another cast in the movie who gets to play the role of IsharSinghwho works as a wife named Priyanka Kaur.

3. RajpalYadav as Prem Singh.

4. GovindNamdev as Makkan Singh

5. Mir Sarwar as Khan Masud

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And many more side role cast is there. The trailer has shown some serious scenes of the movie that looks awesome and amazing. All I am waiting is for the movie and will definitely go to watch it. If you are not much interested in the facts, just watch the Kesari movie trailer and you can get all the inspiration you wanted.

Kesari is a Dharma production movie and was announced in October 2017. Initially, it was announced that Karan Johar and Salman Khan together will be producing the movie where Akshay Kumar, as usual, will be doing the lead role but later on due to some reasons Salman Khan quit. According to sources the movie started in January 2018 and concluded in December. The soundtracks of the movie are as awesome as the movie looks in the trailer. From enthusiastic songs to romantic songs, you will find all. You can also checkout various websites for Kesari movie download.

Talking about the reviews of the movie then according to some movies first half was slow and boring as compared to the other half. The second half is watchable and full of energy. What people overall loving is Akshay Kumars acting. The director has kept movie slow and not so interesting it is only because of Akshay who is playing the leading role that movie is bearable. These were some of the negative parts of the movie. According to people, they feel that Akshay has a great tendency to shape himself up in any role if the director would have guided him much more and add some more interesting scenes then the movie success would have been more.

But there are some people who are loving the movie a lot. You can not say by watching the trailer that movie is all full of energy and aggression. But if you watch that movie you will see that it is having everything from silly jokes cracking to blood boiling scene. There are also people at the same time saying that you will never get bored at all. From the very beginning to the end every second of the movie is fun, patriotic and watchable. Performance is great not just of Akshay Kumar but all the supporting actors. The fight and the dialogues are intense and perfectly delivered. Some people are categorizing this movie to be one of the best movies ever made ina historical battle. One of the most awaited movies in Bollywood is Kesari movie 2019.

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