Sports stuff that you should own if you are a fitness freak

Sports stuff that you should own if you are a fitness freak

Are you someone who does not like to miss their exercise routine or your diet regime for anything?

If yes, then you must be aware of the pieces of stuff that can make your workout life easy for you if you are at home.

The global pandemic has hit the public hard for obvious reasons. And, on the other part, it has been devastating for fitness fanatics as Government has passed the order to close Gyms. Therefore, people are left with no other choices other than Working out at home. Earlier when people use to go to the gyms they used to share the pieces of equipment with countless others, which was one of the possible reasons that authorities have to take this step. After all, it is a matter of life and nobody would want a serious infection.

Consequently, people shifted their workout approach by establishing a home gym for them. Creating a gym requires space and budget too. One can create a home gym through various equipment and for that, you do not need to own fancy gym equipment pieces. All you need is floor space and some affordable workout goodies.

When it is about the work out keeping it easy and simple is the best strategy that you can follow. So, to help you out with your workout plans here are some essential gym equipment that you can use for your exercise at home too.

fitness equipment to own

Yoga Mats:

Yoga mats are one of the most helpful tools that one can have in ones home gym setup. It is a great source if you want to have a yoga practice. Yoga mats act as a barrier between you and the floor when you undergo your exercising activities. It is the best tool where you can easily continue your stretching workouts or barre exercises. And, the surprising factor is that it is a very eco-friendly and cost-effective piece of equipment.

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Kettlebells are great if you are considering having strength-building or cardio workouts at home. They are extremely durable and will help you tone your entire body. Kettlebells are cast iron or cast steel balls that come with a handle on top. You can use it like weight-lifting equipment. You can add a set of your strength routine with kettlebells and watch your body getting stronger with every lift or swing.


A treadmill is a great home gym essential for its multitude of benefits like-you can walk, jog or run without stepping out of your house. Since it is not safe to run outside even if you have your masks on. The treadmill gives you an easy and fast solution to this. You can check out various treadmills based on different features. For example, you can go for a touchscreen treadmill that can stream studio-quality workouts and set a fun workout routine for you. Although a treadmill is a pocket-heavy investment, it is definitely worthwhile and sustainable in the long run.

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Skipping Rope

If you have a small apartment and are willing to do cardio, then a skipping rope can be your go-to equipment for a good workout. A skipping rope can be viewed as a small yet important piece of equipment that can help in getting your heart rate up, whether it be for a warm-up session or a full cardio workout.

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Another thing that this portable piece of equipment brings to you is nostalgia. We all remember playing with a skipping rope during the recess times in school, in the evenings with our beloved friends and how can one forget the hard work behind learning how to skip a rope. So, if you are looking for equipment for a home workout, go for a Skipping Rope without giving it a second thought.


Dumbbells play a major role in many interval training and workouts. They help in building muscle, strength training and are space-efficient as well. You can perform an endless number of exercises with the help of these. There are mainly two types of dumbbells available in the market – Fixed and Adjustable.

The Fixed dumbbells have a fixed weight and cannot be adjusted whereas the weight range for adjustable dumbbells can vary from 5-25 lbs. So, if you have a small space, we suggest you buy adjustable dumbbells for a better workout experience.

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Blender bottles

Everyone who is a bodybuilder needs their protein powder for powering up. It generally comes with a 28-ounce capacity and 316 surgical-grade stainless steel. The lid that is present on top of it helps in making it leak-proof. You can easily carry a blender bottle with you and a flip cap make it easy for sipping. A wide mouth of a blender bottle makes it comfortable to add ingredients.

Therefore, you must have a blender bottle as one of the essential tools.

Resistance Band

If you are into stretching and believe that every flex counts, then the Resistance band becomes one of the essentials for your workouts. It helps in improving muscle strength and keeps the body aligned. A resistance band is also essential to prevent the wear and tear of tissues as it resists the muscles to go beyond the threshold.

Every exercise done with a resistance band becomes up to 10 times more effective as it increases the body sweat and makes HIITs and cardio even more effective.

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