Tata CliQ - the best phyjital shopping platform for everything

Tata CliQ - the best phyjital shopping platform for everything

Ever since online shopping came into form, we humans have been craving for a way to bring together the sensory experience of a physical store and the modernity of a digital one. While both online and physical stores have their pros and cons, there is a new trend that is been on a rise lately. The combination of both physical and digital- phyjital trend is here. Some of the most popular brands from all over the world are using this strategy to improve their user experience by giving a digital touch to their physical services and vice versa. One successful example of this trend would be Tata CLiQ.

Tata CLiQ is an e-commerce platform that came into form in 2016 as a subsidiary of Tata Group, It is a globally active company with its headquarters in Mumbai, India. TataCLiQ works as an omnichannel marketplace that integrates both offline and online shopping to give out its users a first-of-its-kind physical and digital shopping experience. So if you have been searching for a platform that provides a user-experience better than Amazon and has a human connection then TataCLiQ is the answer to your prayers. Using TataCLiQ coupons available at CouponsCurry.com will make you eligible for an extra discount and open the entire discount world for you.

Having said that it is the first-ever Phyjital store in India the PiQ feature makes it a perfect place to buy the items of your choice.

PiQ: If you are someone who gets anxious every time you have to shop online thinking what if the product came out to be damaged? If you think that this whole online process of returns and refunds, this whole vicious cycle is tedious and infuriating then Tata CLiQ has given you a solution. Tata CLiQ allows its users to use PiQ service. When you choose PiQ, while purchasing electronics or lifestyle options, it gives you an option to pick your items from the store itself. So all you do is, order a product online and pick it up yourself within 7 days from making your order. This feature enables you to see the product, check if it looks exactly as was mentioned online and when you are satisfied with your purchase you can bring it home. In case you are buying mobiles from tatacliq opt for tatacliq mobile offers to get the best mobile deal. When you visit the physical, you can experience these benefits:

  1. You can try the products before purchasing them.

  2. In the case of clothes, you can get the fitting done within no time and without any hassle, right in front of your eyes at the store itself.

  3. PiQ up is swift and user-friendly. When you place an order and choose for PiQ you get the product within 3 hours of placing your order. No other online platform be it Flipkart or Amazon has this feature yet.

  4. When purchasing electronics you can request a demo before placing an order and use your product before purchasing it.

Genuine products and services at one single-store:

Tata CLiQ has a large collection of brands for various items. Be it homegrown brands or foreign ones, it gives its customers the privilege to purchase the best quality and branded products. So, once you shop from this platform you would not like to go anywhere else that is for sure. Tata CLiQ has made it a point to prioritize the brand quality. It is one perfect destination for online shopping. Be it clothing, accessories, footwear, home decor, electronics or anything else. Tata CLiQ has excellent quality products with a large variety from which you select. It is a widely preferred platform when shopping online. Tata CLiQ luxury is one of its best features which introduces the Indian crowd to all the foreign quality brands offering different products at cheap rates. Now, you can enjoy various items from international brands at very low rates without worrying about their authenticity. In one of the interviews, Vikas Purohit the CEO of Tata CLiQ claimed that in the past one year they have not received any complaint regarding fake products. This was possible because they constantly went back and kept prioritizing quality for their customers.

Tata CLiQ cash - earn while you shop

One of the best things that that no other shopping platform provides is Tata CLiQ cash. Tata CLiQ makes sure that the charm of online shopping stays with you. On everything you buy from this platform, you receive a CashBack which gets deposited in your Tata CLiQ account as cash. Even when you sign up on Tata CLiQ as a new user you get this cash which you can use on your future purchases and save up quite a lot of money. While there are many online shopping platforms that give you offers and discounts but Tata CLiQ is the only platform that offers you additional cash apart from the already existing tatacliq offers.

Approachable and Reliable

Tata CLiQ has been consistent at providing its users with excellent quality services. With a very prompt and responsive customer care team, they make it a point to be as responsive as possible. Their quality of being responsive has helped them gain a big customer base. Apart from that, it has helped them come out as more credible and help them improve their features. So if you are looking for a place that is constantly growing along with its customer base, then Tata CLiQ is the best. This platform is sure to please you with quality products, discounts, and amazing customer care.

TataCliq Coupons Offers and Promotional Codes

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