Top 12 Most Beautiful Places in the World

Top 12 Most Beautiful Places in the World

To get relief from the monotony of concrete jungles people always want to put footsteps on Mother Nature and visit the most wonderful place in the world. In spite of the phenomenal expansion of metros there are still many beautiful natural destinations around the world which beacon nature lovers. To help such nature lovers we have collected 12 most beautiful places in the world, each with unique features of its own, to suit diverse requirements.
Want to which country is the most beautiful, then read about them all below.

Located on the boundary between the USA and Canada and formed during the last ice age, these three massive waterfalls (Horseshoe, America and Bridal Veil) attract filmmakers, families and honeymooners alike. Fascinated with its beauty and awe created by rushing waterbed down to about 57 meters, these waterfalls have been a point of attractions from generations to generations. This is certainly one of the beautiful places to visit.

The next most amazing places in the world is Amalfi Coast, Italy. Looking at its unparalleled beauty with sheer cliffs, little beaches, and small villages along the slopes of Mount Ravello it seems to be a mystic place. In an area stretching for about 50kilometers, one can hike on the routes, dine at some amazing local restaurants and taverns, or enjoy a trip through the coastal road zigzagging along the port of Salerno, Positano and Amalfi, which take you to the top of the Sorrento Mountains.

Keep reading to know more about the other places in the world to visit.

With its beautiful icebergs, commanding heights, the cold bottomless lakes, wonderful geological formations, age-old forests, on of the beautiful locations, and the golden pampas this National Park is one of the most beautiful places of the world. Located on the southern Patagonian Andes in Chile, the best way to see it is on foot following any of the time tested tracks. But, you have to limit your visit to the three granite towers known as Torres Del Paine (from which the place derives its name), Los Cuernos, Grey Glacier and the French Valley.

If you want to visit one of the most beautiful places then visit Mauna Kea Beach.Famous for its golden sand beach, this beautiful beach is ideal for long walks. As this beach is connected to Mauna Kea Beach Hotel, the crowd is less, but parking is also limited. The most popular activities among tourists are Snorkeling.

Oia is said to be the most beautiful place among all the picturesque villages the island of Santorini. Featured with a magnificent view of Palea volcano, NeaKameni and the Thirassia island from one of the cliff tops one cant but be awfully captivated. That is why it is known as one of the beautiful places to travel.

The original name for Victoria Falls on the Zambezi River was Mosi-oa-Tunya meaning the Smoke that Thunders. The name bears its significance considering the fact that the roar of the waterfalls can be heard from 40 kilometers distance! With the largest water curtain in the world, the river flows down the wide basalt cliff into the gorge below and form permanent clouds with spectacular rainbows, Victoria Falls is definitely the worlds best beautiful place.

Looking for the top beautiful places in the world to visit, then read about this. The pride of Australia, the Great Barrier Reef is the only living body on Earth which is visible from space. With its most beautiful ecosystem of the world, the Great Barrier Reef reigns across 2,300 kilometers, off the Queensland coast of northeast Australia. Featured with hundreds of islands, white sands, coral cays, and more than 3,000 reef systems, this place is amazingly beautiful. The outer beauty, however, pales in comparison to the colorful and dynamic world full of life, thriving underwater, here.

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Presently Thailand is one of the most attractive tourist destinations in the world. It offers lively nightlife, and the government gives all probable facilities to the tourists. Located in southern Thailand, Krabi is a resort town known for its unique limestone karsts, majestic mangrove forests and beautiful beaches. Tiger Cave Temple is an added attraction and thus become the most scenic places in the world.

Geiranger Fjord is 1.5 km wide at its widest point and 15 km long. No vertical mountainside and no habitable coast are there. You will see only raw beauty. One can also travel by ferry enjoying thunderous waterfalls and the resultant clouds of fog. Trollstigen road is an added beauty with its serpentine path

This is indeed an island which is only 10 M wide and full of vegetation and water. A 100 miles long shoreline is an added attraction. A cocktail of dozens of waterfalls, native Hawaiian heritage, and amazing ancient ruins, Molokai offers a multi-dimensional experience.Moloki is also known to be most peaceful place in the world.

JUJUY PROVINCE is arid, remote, and breathtakingly beautiful. It has renowned salt flats of Salinas Grandes, which are mined via rectangular pools. With its massive wilderness and desert make this place fascinating, challenging, and captivating. Photographers from all over the globe throng to Jujuy (pronounced hoo-hooey), to experience and capture the beautiful changes in natural lighting and ambient colours that it provides.

Surrounded by the 8,200 foot Mount Santis, this place makes it awesome for hikes and cross country trails. Full of green meadows with cows grazing on it, this place houses all business activities, horse-drawn carriages, beautifully painted panels on buildings, and many more. There are festivals and carnivals throughout the year which add to its beauty.

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