Top 20 most haunted places in India - Real Ghost Stories

Top 20 most haunted places in India - Real Ghost Stories

India has a lot of Haunted places where you can feel the negative vibes filled in the air. These places are fringed all over India, but some of them are very dangerous if you enter the premises during the night. Top 20 such places are listed below:

1.Bhangarh Fort in Alwar: Whenever we talk about haunted places of India we just simply cannot forget this place. Bhangarh is evident by Indian Archaeologist when it comes to true haunt stories or real ghosts. The visitors are also requested to leave the fort before sunset because of the danger present in there.

2.Brij Raj Bhawan in Kota: Thinking that all the ghosts are super terrifying one? Well no, not exactly. The ghost present in this place of Major Burton is a peaceful ghost and is seen walking in the corridors during night time just to make sure nothing wrong is going on.

3.Kuldhara in Rajasthan: This place is known to be deserted ghost village and the most interesting as well as suspicious history. All we know is, that one night all the villagers living there went away and literally disappeared. No one knows where they went, where they are living, are they even alive, and most importantly how they all managed to disappear in just one single night. Now that is what we call suspense. Right?

4.Dumas black sand beach in Surat: Now talking about this particular place then it sounds like an obvious place where ghosts are present. This place uses to be a burial ground way to back. As so many tortured souls have been buried here and many have seen people walking and suddenly disappearing.

5.GP Block in Meerut: Talking about one or two ghosts are so overrated no? Then if you are also bored with it then do visit this place. It is known to be home for numerous ghosts. Many people have seen some girls, others have seen some men walking outside and disappearing whenever they feel any humans presence.

6.Graveyard in Dagshai: Now placing this place under haunted places list is a little unfair. You know it is like when you die with an unfulfilled wish you might become a devil or an angel just in sake of fulfilling your wish but through others. Here also the ghost of the women was pregnant when she died. And so she blesses other pregnant women with a baby.

7.MalchaMahal in Delhi: The royal ghost of PrincessWilayatMahal is said to be haunting this place from a long time now. She committed suicide as she did not get her palace back after independence. Ever since whoever entered this place without her ghosts permission or with wrong intentions that person hasnever returned.

8.Shaniwarwada Fort in Pune: According to the Tales prince Narayan was brutally murdered as he was going to be the heir to the throne of Peshwa Dynasty. Ever since the ghost of 13-year-old kid haunts the place especially on full moon nights. Localities also have heard his ghost crying out and shouting for help to save him.

9.Chandan Nagar in Pune: A girl died at this place during the construction of a building. Ever since localities say they have been watching that girls ghost dressed in a blood-stained frock and a doll in her hand. But how exactly she died is still a mystery.

10.Bombay High Court in Mumbai: One of the courtrooms of this court is said to be haunted. People also joke around saying if court permits then that justice lover ghost will himself/ herself solve all the cases. But most importantly no one still knows whosea ghost is there.

11.The Vrindavan Society in Thane: This is one of the best residential society in Thane but people say long ago there was a man who committed suicide and ever after his spirit has been walking around the society and sometimes slapping the guards.

12.Dow Hill in Kurseong: There is a boarding school in this place which is known to be the center of all the paranormal activities. Many people have seen a headless boy walking around the school corridor and suddenly disappears. Many murders have also been taken place in the forest which surrounds the school.

13.Jatinga in Assam: People committing suicides or being murdered and torturing others is commonly what usual ghosts do but this place focuses on mass suicide committed by birds and it happens on no moon night only in the month of October and September.

14.National Library in Kolkata: Library a haunted place seriously? Well yes, this library surely is. You might not get the best books collection but you will definitely get the best-haunted experience. Many abnormal deaths have been seen at this place and footsteps are also heard many of the times.

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15.Three Kings Church in Goa: According to the tales there were three kings who were fighting for this property and at the end killed each other. Ever after that death, this place has been possessed by them.

16.The LambiDehar Mines in Mussoorie: According to local people this place is cursed by a witch and many have seen her shadow over the hill. Many unusual and abnormal deaths have occurred at this place which they believe is done by that witch only.

17.Kalpalli cemetery in Bangalore: Visitors have many of the times seen a ghost or human figure on the prowl at the cemetery. So if you are a weak hearted person then please stay away from this place.

18.Khairatabad Science College in Hyderabad: People have claimed that they have seen a skeleton walking around and heard noises coming out. And once a security guard died strangely. These are the ghosts of bodies which were not disposed of.

19.Tunnel 33 in Shimla: This is one of the creepiest haunted places. People have seen and sometimes had a conversation with the ghost of captain Baroge who committed suicide because he was unable to build this tunnel on time.

20.Bengal swamps in West Bengal: Localities have seen lights whose existence cannot be explained. Nobody knows who lit them up and is that a good or a bad indicator? As sometimes these lights help in saving the life of fishermen and sometimes it acts as an indicator for their upcoming death.
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