Top Rated Applications for Journalists to Record Phone Interviews

Top Rated Applications for Journalists to Record Phone Interviews

If you are into journalism, probably you know that it is mandate to record every interview as it offers extra layer of protection for the journalists and also promote easy transcription later. Journalists today need to record every interview, whether it is in studio or outside the studio or over the phone. Recording the telephonic interviews make transcription easier, especially the quote or comments that are into question. Journalist are not always equipped with their device for recording of the interview and when it is an telephonic interview over phone, recording is challenging, hence to support them in such situation app developers have come forth with Best Call Recording Apps for journalists. These applications can be used for recording the calls and interviews taken over the phone.

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To run these applications, you need to have supported device or Smartphone and when buying any high end Smartphone you need to shell out huge sum of money. But, you may check online for Amazon mobile offers to buy the high end mobile device at discounted rates. Let us now check some of the best call recorder applications for journalists.

TapeACall is mobile applications compatible with both Android and iOS and this application enables you to record calls and interviews on phone already in progress or the calls that you are about to make. You can check the recording right away and all recorded calls can be downloaded and shared as MP3 file. Unlike other call recording applications, TapeACall application charges a flat fee of 9.99 dollars for unlimited use in a year. But with discount coupon code you can get some discount on the yearly subscription of this application.

Google Voice
Google Voice is another popular call recording applications that works on Windows, Android and iOS devices efficiently. This call recording applications is totally free and you will find no difficulty in using this application. You simply need to create Google Voice Number and route the number to your phone and then press the number during the call which you want to record. This is the best tool for journalists who make use of single phone both for work and personal use.

It is one of the popularly used call recorder app in UK and this Android application enables the journalists to record all outgoing calls or the calls that you want to record and not all. This call recorder app is totally free to use, but you need to use credits to make calls to other non-yallo numbers. Currently this application is only available for Android device and makers are working on launching their iOS version soon.

Automatic Call Recorder Pro
This is another Android app to record calls and the one advantage attached to this application is its ability to record large number of recordings. You are not restricted to record only selected numbers of calls and it can record unlimited calls. It has a simple interface and you will find no difficulty in using it. You can simply shake your phone to start recording of the calls in progress or the calls that you are about to make. It comes with a yearly subscription and to get discount on the subscription fee ensure to use call recorder mobile coupons which are available at the website of

Call Recorder for Skype
This another favourite Call Recorder App for journalists which enable the journalists to record video calls and voice calls made on Skype. With simple click of a button you can start recording of the voice and video calls. Users can also check the output and input audio levels when running the application and allows the users to check whether the call is recorded as intended. It comes with single time payment and you can also enjoy its 7 days risk free trail offer which is made available to all first time users.

So, these were some of the call recorder applications which are suitable for journalists who want to record calls and interviews over their phone. Some of the applications are free, while some come with yearly subscription. But you do not have to worry about there are discount codes and coupons available that you can use to get discounts on the yearly subscription of these call recorder applications.

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