Understanding Oxygen Concentrators Better and Where to Buy

Understanding Oxygen Concentrators Better and Where to Buy

The second wave of the global pandemic has left the country amidst disease-stricken patients, distress, financial, and economic debts. Irrational and unsafe policies have left people in chaos running for ICU beds, ventilators, and most importantly, Oxygen.

Understanding Oxygen Concentrators Better: Principle and Facts to Remember

Oxygen is in high demand with a rising number of almost 4lakh COVID cases every day. That is where Oxygen Concentrators come into play.

What is an Oxygen Concentrator?

An Oxygen Concentrator or O2 Concentrator is a device that takes ambient air in, purifies it, concentrates oxygen from it, and then generates quality graded oxygen for the patients. The major advantage of using an Oxygen Concentrator is the infinite delivery of oxygen.

Working Principle of an Oxygen Concentrator

An Oxygen Concentrator takes in the atmospheric air which has almost 21% of oxygen, 78% of nitrogen and 1% of other gases available.

An Oxygen Concentrator simply takes in that air and undergoes a filtration process, during which nitrogen is released back to the air and the remaining oxygen is then compressed.

Compressed oxygen is 90-95% pure that is managed by a pressure valve present in the concentrator, in order to regulate the supply of oxygen, ranging from 1-10 liter per minute.

Oxygen Cylinder vs Oxygen Concentrators

An Oxygen Concentrator is suitable for patients who have low oxygen levels in their blood and that is done through purifying the air. All it needs is to be pulled into a power source for the supply. Whereas, in an Oxygen Cylinder, the compression part is already done within the tank. The supply is diminished gradually until the tank runs out completely.

Top Brands manufacturing Oxygen Concentrators:

When it comes to avail of the best health care services everybody in the world trusts reputed brands only. Top brands do not provide quality products only but best class after-sale services as well.

Philips is one of the top and renowned brands manufacturing oxygen concentrators.

After seeing the current demand in India, lots of traders have started importing O2 concentrators from China and available to purchase online.

Where to buy an Oxygen Concentrator:

Oxygen Concentrators can be bought online and offline both. Visit the surgical device shop nearby if you want to buy it offline after checking it physically.

How to buy online:

Online shopping for oxygen concentrators is also safe when bought from reputed online portals like amazon, flipkart and 1mg. Here is how to buy from these stores in a few clicks:

Buying from Amazon: Amazon is a reputed brand when it comes to top online shopping websites in india and hosts billions of products to shop from. O2 Concentrator is available at amazon official website and can be purchased today by clicking below:
O2 Concentrator Amazon
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Buy it from 1mg: 1mg is the leading online pharmacy in india that delivers health care products in any corner of the india. O2 Concentrator is available at 1mg as well and can be bought today as under.
oxygen concentrator 1mg
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Buy if from Flipkart: Flipkart is the name of trust for millions when it comes to buying quality products. Now Oxygen Concentrators are also available at flipkart and can be ordered today only. The delivery of the product is currently limited to some locations. Check whether the device is deliverable in your location by entering your PIN number after clicking below
O2 concentrator flipkart
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Facts to Consider while Picking up an Oxygen Concentrator

There are notable aspects when it comes to buying an Oxygen Concentrator based on various factors like:

Mobility and Portability: Oxygen Concentrators are designed on the basis of different aspects like for in-home use, they are high powered and have high flow rates of oxygen. Whereas, when it comes to transportation purposes, simple Oxygen Concentrators weighing 2-5 kg are portable to use but lack in the supply of oxygen.

Capacity and Concentration: Oxygen Concentrators come in different capacities and concentration levels. For example, a 5L of Oxygen Cylinder is capable of 5L oxygen supply per minute. So, it totally depends on the buyer to consider the capacity factor as more capacity equals larger supply. Similarly, different Oxygen Concentrators have different levels of concentration. Some are available as 83% and some are at 90 to 95% of oxygen concentration. So, it becomes important while choosing a concentrator based on different oxygen concentrations.

Quality: The enormous challenge for both patients and buyers right now is to identify the right quality. Therefore, they must check customer reviews before making up their mind to put even a single penny as a source of investment in the right product. Various brands and websites that sell Oxygen Concentrators are not authorized and sell low-quality products. For example, if a concentrator weighs less than 14 kgs, then there is quite a possibility that it might be of poor quality.

Therefore, one should always look over these aspects while making up any decision, as it is a matter of life.

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