What Movies Will Be Coming Out in 2019?

What Movies Will Be Coming Out in 2019?

There have been many movies in the past year that has given us a lot of joy and amusement. There have been many that have given a lot of pleasure as well but some movies were exceptionally good. They have been so mind- blowing that people have watched them more than twice.

But in this year we are going to get some movies that will blow your mind in such a way that has never happened. One of the most awaited movies of all time is the Avengers part 4, also known by the name Avengers End Game. The dates are already out, you can watch the movie in 3D and 4D version in the on 3rd May 2019. To get better deals on movie tickets you can search the Coupons Curry website. So before starting this article I may warn you that the article is going to be very interesting but might sound as a spoiler to you. But trust me you will get all the points and loops connected really well.

We are in the End Games now. This is the famous line of Dr. Strange in the last of this franchise which goes by the name, “Avengers, Infinity War. There were a few names that were initially selected by the writers and the producers but then ultimately this was the name selected. And there are healthy possibilities that the reason behind doing so is the statement said by strange.

Another curious aspect that the Infinity war ended was that, people might would be keep to know who Nick Fury was contacting using the pager while he vanished and turned into dust like the half of the universe. So, for those who still do not have an idea who it was let me tell you, it our Captain Marvel. This is the name of the super hero who created the Marvel world. And you are going to get to know about the powers and strength of this protagonist in her movie coming in Feb.

According to a survey, it is seen that the Avenger 4 has now become one of the most awaited movies of all the super heroes of all time. One thing that you might see in this part is the new leader. Everybody till now has seen just one man led the complete team, “Yeah! I agree except the Captain America, Civil War part. And that is our Captain Rogers, who goes by the name Captain America. This time the decision making power is going to be in the hands of Captain Marvels.

There are a few more characters such as Ant man who are going to be introduced in the Avenger series with this upcoming part. According to sources, the team is going to consist, Ant Man, Thor, Captain Marvels, Captain America, Hawk Eye, Black Widow, War Machine, and the Hulk.

Now one theory says that in the next part Hulk is going to master or I should say that Mark Ruffalo is going to master the art of co- existing with the big green guy. And then he will be called as professor Hulk. This form is going to look something between the Hulk form and the human form. So, you can say that it will be partial human (More Human) and partial hulk.

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So, let me be straight and clear, you are going to enjoy this movie to the fullest.

Although there are many other stories, pictures and thoughts going around in the market, but what is true can just be watched in the movie. And yes of course, if you are pre-booking your tickets on any application or website then do remember to check for the latest coupons and deals on one of the best websites which is CouponsCurry. They have a large variety of coupons that can be redeemed through the website. And one of the best things about them is that you would not have to redirect yourself to many different pages, instead they take you to the last redirection page and once you land there, you can avail your coupons directly. They have it so simple and clear that you will not have to roam here and there.

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