Why fashion is important in our life

Why fashion is important in our life

What does fashion mean and why is it so important these days?
When it comes to fashion or we talk about fashion then fashion is not meant to be for those models with a perfect body, perfect hair, perfect face cut or something. But fashion is all about how a person feels or what the person thinks. It also helps people in expressing themselves. Fashion is the most understandable and crucial mode of expressing your own personality. The type and quality of Clothes, footwear, accessories,etc. that you wear does not show up personality or fashion but the way you take up each cloth and carry it is what matters.

With fashion, you give the idea to others that how you perceive yourself, and what you want to show to the world about yourself. Now there is a little myth that for the school going kids or the college-going students should better stay away from fashion as it distracts their mind but hey, wait how you can even think that fashion will distract them. See what I personally feel is fashion is all about dressing up properly and look presentable always. The definition might differ from person to person or it can be little more or a little less. But I do not think there is any harm in keeping yourself presentable and looking good, smelling fresh, and draping up properly.

As we know that the first impression is the last impression so always keep yourself ready for that first impression moment. You never know when you get the chance to impress someone, anything can happen you know. Instead of regretting like shit, should have been dressed up properly then things would have been different, it is better you keep yourself proper all the time. And yes, the way you speak, the way you take things in life everything matters and it all comes under the fashion category.

Student these days think that dressing up and covering themselves up with expensive, branded shoes, clothes from head to toe is fashion but no my dear. Fashion is what and how you carry up things on to yourself and it does not have to be expensive or branded all the time.

Importance of accessorizing
When it comes to accessorizing things or wearing accessories then the simple and most important thing is to always remember that the lesser the better. First of all, understand why wearing accessories are so important. Basically, accessories help in providing that detailed look and enhance or compliment the dress or footwear that you are wearing. Sometimes accessories are considered or given more importance than clothes as without it even the best of the cloth, or dress sometimes does not look appropriate or we can say suitable.

A fashion accessory is considered secondary supplementary to a users clothing which is usually used to complete a garment and completes the look of the user. Not just completing but it enhances the look most of the times if worn properly and as per the requirement. Like I have already said that less is better so bulking up accessories will not provide you any better or more beautiful but it might completely destroy or spoil the look. Best Fashion Tips in Bollywood Style can be really helpful for those who tend to follow celebs very closely.

Kids/students mindset regarding fashion these days
Haha, fashion for student well, I remember when I was a student and started going to college I use to cross paths with the beauty queens daily in college. What they use to do basically, wearing all baggy or cropped dress, overly thick eyeliner on daily basis, wearing that 90s big style, tower type hair band, hair perfectly curled, makeup on point so as the lipstick that too dark color. This use to be the scenario in my college almost every girl use to dress up like this and yes not to forget clothes with eye-catching colors but like me, there were girls for whom fashion was all about kajal and mascara. Best fashion college wear for guys can include, tight jeans with flare shirts, t-shirt with capris and boat shoes, or just jeans with a shirt.

I was not meant to cite my story or take you to the flashback time all I want to tell that fashions definition has always been different in different mindsets. Something I can say that for now the fashion sense has increased way too much and become literally better. At least there is no one who wears head to toe neon clothes in college with heavy makeup and ultra-puffed up hair bun. LOL!

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But jokes apart the best thing I see today which was lacking earlier times that for students now fashion is all about the style, the confidence, the way they speak, the way they walk, the way they dress up, and many more. And I literally feel happy as for me too fashion is all about what a person thinks from inside and the way of approaching and doing things. And also fashion is important in todays society because it has the potential to bring different people together to celebrate their own individuality.

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