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Expensive and poor service

My experience with was horrible. I used his services 3-4 times. All other benefits except the first service are minimal. In the first case, we ordered a washcloth, and they responded immediately. I was happy with his service, but the problem started with his second service. I also requested to do laundry; He was determined that his representative would come and pick him up that afternoon, but he arrived 36 hours after the plan. When I called their customer service, they were told that they were on their way, and the quality they provided was awful. My friend has a similar situation. In that case, the damaged one of her expensive clothes. At 3RD, I requested cycling, which was a minor issue, and they told me it would cost 1500 INR, which came much later than the repair shop.

I repaired it; it only costs 100. In the last case, we requested an induction oven check-up, the same thing happened again, and the boy also came for service. I, therefore, recommend not using this website as this service is minimal.

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