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99Designs is an Australian based company that has been focused on operating as a freelancer platform that connects Graphic designers to clients. The company was founded in the year 2008. The company i
nitially began as a reiteration of site point which was an online forum for web developers and designers. They planned and held multiple contests based on imaginary client’s briefs. At this point the company was merely in it testing phase. Since they had just begun and didn’t have as much traction as they do now, they decided to go with a trial by charging a fee to post briefs for actual projects. This proved to be a working model and eventually the company grew into a separate company for these contests. The company has originally opened its office in San Francisco. The reason being that most of its clients belonged to the United States as at the time so it was easier to build the office nearby to facilitate easier services and logistics. As the company continue to evolve and grow its client base had also began to expand due to its growing popularity. The company’s services were one of a kind at the time which was one of the main reasons for its sudden rise. The site had managed to reach an impressive 175000 designers in 192 countries. By this point the company had moved its headquarters to California. This number didn’t stop and eventually the company has over a million designers. The company has only continued to rise and now is one of the biggest names in design and customized products.


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How do I get a design done at 99designs?

The approach is pretty unique and unconventional compared to other sites. It mainly depends on a contest-based
system. You enter the site to start a contest for designing anything from a logo all the way to a book cover or even your own personalized WordPress theme page. You can set the budget and then you start it. The community of designers go through it and offer ideas on how they would approach it and sample of this approach. You then go through them all and choose which one you feel is best for you and that’s it. It is as simple as that. Save even more on your design needs by through CouponsCurry with no hassle any time all year long.

How do I get approved for 99designs?

It is simple and straight forward. You just need to fulfil a few requirements as per the criteria. You need to
be a great designer, you have to be good with people for customer support, and have a good knowledge about us in order to understand why and how we do what we do. You would be expected to be able to deliver at the least, an original Logo, a custom background image along with the fonts and the colors to match the logo. You must be also able to deliver content and images that match their brand on at least 3-5 pages. Visit CouponsCurry to save big on all your shopping experiences and leave your second thoughts to us.

How do I submit a design in 99designs?

It is relatively easy as compared to the other sites. Firstly, you need to ensure that the design that make me
ets the submission requirements. It is a step that we use to make sure that your design looks the best. Now you need to crop your image so that it remains consistent throughout. In order to do that the images have to be maintained at 1:1 ratio. It should include a detailed description and stock declaration as well. Now double check that everything is in order with the requirements and submit. If you are looking for the best discounts in customized products, visit CouponsCurry to find the best of the best discounts with no hassle.

How do I get the best discounts for 99designs?

You must have searched tons of sites looking for the same. You would have most probably ended up reaching site
s with endless ads and pop-ups. You might even be asked to fill surveys or register, and after all this you find yourself in a loop of redirects. We can tell you that the search is over, just visit CouponsCurry and find the best discounts that you were looking for all along with none of the ads or redirects and save your money with us.
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Now Take Part in a Logo Designing Contest with 99 Design at Just $299

If you think you have the talent of making an exceptional logo for yourself then just trust yourself and get admission t

o the talent hunt of logo designing contest on the website of 99 Design. You get to enjoy a pricing of $299 on all your designs that get selected.

  • Madhu Chopra

Best Logo and web designs

99designs is a great platform if you want to connect with web designers and graphic designers. My experience with them has been really great as you can get a bunch of high-quality designs to choose from. In addition, you can also get a bunch of high-quality designs.

So, one can look for any type of design

whether it is for logos, web designs, illustration, and many more. In addition, I was able to manage a fair deal from Couponscurry regarding this particular store that helped me in saving my time.

  • Submitted on: 16 September, 2021
  • Keshav Rathor

This is as good as designing can get

I had been looking to develop my own site for the purpose of publishing my blogs and articles. Although I am good at writing I was nowhere near as good when it came to designing. I stumbled across 99designs in my search and I must say it was the best. They were so supportive and patient. They listened to all I had to s

ay even though I was an amateur and explained me everything that I needed to know.

They were as enthusiastic as me in the launching of my site which made me feel at ease, to be honest. They even suggested me what I should be looking for when it came to the search. I have already given them my work and have recommended this to everyone that I knew.

I would surely suggest it to all who are looking for a killer designing experience with the best. I got mine at an insanely cheap price thanks to the huge discount that I came across at couponscurry.com.

  • Submitted on: 03 July, 2021
  • Chiya Rani

Flawless service

I came across 99designs last week through the suggestion of a friend. It was the most unique way that I have comes across for getting something designed. I have been using it recently and I must say that it works wonders in terms of how creative the design was and how efficiently it was taken care of. They were with me

every step of the way, clearing out all my doubts and queries. I haven’t seen a customer service as good as this in a long time. I look forward to keep working with them for all my design needs. I was able to get my work done at a classy discount that I found through CouponsCurry.

  • Submitted on: 11 March, 2021
  • Varun Saini

So deceptively simple

I have been envisioning my own company since the last decade. Most of the work in the development stage had already been complete. I was confused mainly on one thing which was the logo. I just wanted it to be perfect and symbolize everything that my company stood for. I had been trying for a while now but nothing seeme

d to work. I came across 99designs by luck and decided to give it a shot. I just got the finished logo yesterday and it is just perfect. It was even better than expected. I was able to get it at a very good value of money thanks to the discount I got through CouponsCurry.

  • Submitted on: 28 September, 2020

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Now Take Part in a Logo Designing Contest with 99 Design at Just $299 Best Offer Deal

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99Designs Coupons and offers for New / Existing Users Available Discount
Now Take Part in a Logo Designing Contest with 99 Design at Just $299

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99Designs Coupon Code Now Take Part in a Logo Designing Contest with 99 Design at Just $299

Know all about 99Designs Offers

99designs is one of the biggest global stage for creativity. They have revolutionized the way clients and designers work with each other. This is ones the main reasons for its popularity and its rapidly growing base. The company offers something that is so unique. They have designers for everything from business card to t shirts and so much more in between. They also offer freelancers a platform to showcase their creativity through their work. Their designer’s community is so diverse and has all kinds of people from brilliant entrepreneurs to ambitious business owners and even entire brands with the best ideas. This gives them an edge when it comes to the versatility of their design and its uniqueness. The designs have always been unconventional not sticking to the normal notions. They have always been experimenting and trying out new and more ways to push the boundaries of what we believe is possible. The company has been the go-to place for anyone looking to stand out of the crowd. The company offers its services at the best possible prices because of its unique relation that it offers between the client and the designer. They have a lot of tie ups to ensure only the best when it comes to designs. One of these tie ups is CouponsCurry. You can find the best discounts on a huge variety of brands from all over the world. The company has over 400 brands under its belt so that you can find the best discounts regardless of the stuff that you are looking for. The company has been one of the most trusted sites when it comes to discount like printland coupon code and so many more.

Out of the box Designs and so much more – grab 99designs coupon codes

The company has been the best when it comes to designing. They offer some of the most creative ideas out there. They believe in these ideals when it comes to the way they work. They have always kept the people that rely on them first. They believe that the people are the heart of the company and that the company wouldn’t be able to do what they do without keeping them happy. In order to make this happen the company has always kept creativity as top priority. This allows them to keep creating opportunities for people from all over the world regardless of the place that they belong to or their lifestyle. They believe in helping the people making their own success story rather than getting it from elsewhere because the one that you create on their own is the one that helps them grow the most.

Build and grow together- by using 99designs promotional codes

Their team of designers aren’t lacking when it comes to talent and experience. The team has spent a most of time to create the world class platform. This has also allowed for remote collaboration when it comes to making a new design. This along with the combined and hard work of all of them is what keeps them running perfectly. Their design is unique in the sense that it has doesn’t restrict itself to the normal restrictions based on different perceptions. The company also believes that working with them shouldn’t feel like all work and no play at any point. They believe that they both go hand in hand. This allowed the company to expand at such a blitzing pace allowing them to give a chance for anyone to join their team from all over the world. The company offers all their work at the best possible price thanks to this. In spite of all of this there is a way to save even more and this is possible thanks to CouponsCurry which is a trusted tie up. They offer some of the most sought-after discounts in countless number of brands like PrintVenue offers etc.

Find the perfect Design for all your needs – 99designs deals

The brands include popular startups as well as the big players. They believe that one should be able to find discounts for multiple brands in a single place without having to search anywhere else. On top of that the discounts are completely free and don’t involve any payment at any point. There are no hidden surveys or click bait ads in their site which is why it’s so trusted. The company believes that the entire shopping experience is important from the first thought till the time the product arrives on hand. They strongly believe that there shouldn’t be any hassle throughout any part of the client’s journey even if they might choose not to buy You can also find exclusive offers like printo coupons among many others absolutely free. In order to get the best discounts from them all you need to do is follow these simple steps and the discount is all yours.

1. Search for CouponsCurry on your current browser and hit Enter.
2. Yu would see many sites that are similar, make sure to go to couponscurry.com.
3. The rest of the sites are most probably scams that are trying to target for click bait.
4. Once you reach the site you would see many offers lined up and many tabs on the top of the page.
5. These are the offers that think that be best suited for you.
6. Go to the search tab and then type 99designs and hit Enter.
7. Now you would notice that the lineup of offers has changed to the offers that are of 99designs.
8. Now all you need to do is go through them and decide which one is best for you, use the sort option to help you out.
9. Now once you have one in in mind click on it and you would be redirected to another page asking you to activate the offer.
10. Once you do this you would be redirected to the home page of 99designs with the product description in detail.
11. Once you are sure move ahead to the payments page and click to avail the discount.
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