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Aegon Life Insurance limited as the name suggests is a company that mainly deals in insurance. The company was founded in the year 2008 and is Indian based. The company has its headquarters in Mumbai.
The company provides both various schemes that offer insurance for an individual or for a group. It could be granted through both online and offline methods. The online methods are usually preferred as people are more accustomed to having everything done nowadays at the comfort of their own home. The company is actually a joint venture between Dutch Aegon N.V which is a multinational company that specializes in insurance, pensions an asset management with Times Group which is a one of India’s largest players when it comes to Media.


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What is the best way to determine how much Life Insurance I would need?

Although there is no sure-fire way of doing this there are techniques to help you get a clearer picture when i
t comes to these situations. Although it is important to keep in mind that this is no magic method that would tell you exactly how much you are going to need as if you did then that would beat the whole purpose of the insurance. A commonly used technique is to take your gross annual earning and multiply this number by 12. Now add any outstanding loan you have and subtract any savings or any liquefiable assets. This value is probably your required insurance amount. You can visit CouponsCurry to get more discounts and save even more on your insurance with zero hassle.

How do I get a physical copy of the policy document?

Here at Aegon Life insurance we believe that time is just as valuable as your money. With this in mind we try
our best to make the whole process more streamlined and convenient for you while at the same tie maintaining its security level. In this case the process is fairly simple you need to get an indemnity bond that has to print on a 200 INR non judicial stamp paper, notarized and signed by the relevant authorities. This has to be then sent to the nearest branch or the head branch via courier. It would take a maximum of 10 days for processing and we will send to the registered address through mail. You can save even more, visit to find out how.

Where do I find the best discount for the plans at Aegon Life Insurance?

You might have heard discounts on a whole lot of products but on insurance it is pretty rare and marginal in m
ost cases. We have the answer to your problem right here at CouponsCurry. All you need to do is follow these steps: Visit Search for Aegon Life Insurance in the search bar available at the top right corner. Go through the offer and chose the one best suited to you, use sort if needed. Now click on it and click once again to activate the offer in the subsequent redirect. Now you can see it in detail at the company’s official site. Go to payments and click to apply the discount and complete the payment. That’s it, enjoy hassle free discounts with us at CouponsCurry.
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Exclusive Offer superior coverage at affordable rates

Best Offer superior coverage at affordable rates. Get your term life insurance at the cheapest price. In addition, get l

ife cover to secure your family.

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Aegonlife iTerm Insurance Plan: Pay till age of 60, Get cover till the age of 100!

Get guaranteed security for your family! Aegonlife offer iTerm Insurance plan with low premium and high cover. Get 25 ti

mes the total income as your life cover amount. Pay your insurance amount till the age of 60 and get aegon cover amount till the age of 100. Check this deal now!

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I had taken the term life insurance from Aegon Life insurance. I had taken it online and got to know everything about the scheme clearly from their website. Their customer service team was with me the entire way and made sure I had all my doubts and concerns cleared. The whole process was just so easy and convenient. I

could also save a lot of money through by applying the excellent coupon codes that they make available for their users. This couponing website probably has the best interface and makes it very easy for users to grab discounts smoothly.

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  • Shivam Singh

Exceptionally good service

I had taken the term insurance from Aegon Life insurance. I had taken it online and had gotten to know everything about the scheme clearly from their website their customer service team was with me the entire way and made sure to clear all the concerns that I had. They even suggested what was the best one for me based

on my financial status. The whole process was deceptively simple and had no hassle I any step throughout. I was amazed at smoothly the whole process went. I was able to get mine at an insane value for money thanks to a discount from CouponsCurry.

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Just amazing overall

My insurance plan with Aegon Life Insurance is an individual policy. The amount that I am entitled to receive is almost 1 crore INR. The period of this plan is about 30 years. The plan I very well structured in the sense that it covers almost all the major issues in just a single go like accidents on road and even on a

ir as well. The whole process was just so easy and convenient and they made sure that we knew everything there was to know about the various terms and conditions of it. I was able be save a lot of money thanks to It is definitely worth a shot I would say.

  • Submitted on: 13 October, 2020

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Exclusive Offer superior coverage at affordable rates Best Offer Deal
Aegonlife iTerm Insurance Plan: Pay till age of 60, Get cover till the age of 100! Best Offer Deal

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Aegonlife Coupons and offers for New / Existing Users Available Discount
Exclusive Offer superior coverage at affordable rates New Users + Existing Users
Aegonlife iTerm Insurance Plan: Pay till age of 60, Get cover till the age of 100!

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Aegonlife Coupon Code Exclusive Offer superior coverage at affordable rates
Aegonlife Discount Code Offer Aegonlife iTerm Insurance Plan: Pay till age of 60, Get cover till the age of 100!

About Us Aegonlife

Although the company was started in the year 2008, the proceedings had begun much earlier in the year of 2006. In this year the Aegon and Ranbaxy Group had announced their plans to get in the insurance industry in India. Later on, these companies decided to form a partnership. The companies AEGON, Religare & Bennet, Coleman & company had partnered up to form the AEGON Religare Life insurance company. The proceedings and all the formalities were completed by 2008 and the company had officially started in July 2008. The partnership proved to be the right decision at the time. However, in the year 2015 Aegon had increased its stake in the partnership to a massive 49 percent. At this time Religare Enterprises had decided to move out of the partnership by selling all its shares. Out of these stocks that were sold 44 percent to Bennett, Coleman & Company as well as the holding company of times group. This meant that meant that majority of the shares now belonged to Aegon and they had replaced the name with Aegon Life Insurance Company.

Get the best Insurance at best prices with AegonLife Coupons for Insurance

The company is among the top when it comes to insurance. The main reason is their incredibly affordable plans and the jam-packed incentives which allow them to stand out as compared to others. The company has been striving towards its ideal goal from the very start and as one of the very few who do it on a daily basis without keeping their success or popularity in mind. The company has some of the best customer care systems and offers a lot of options when it comes to assistance. In the year 2019 the company had joined hands with Paytm another trusted company dealing with online transactions. The company also got in to a partnership with Flipkart in the year 2020. The main purpose behind this was to start paperless insurance schemes in their site as they were on of the market leaders at the time. This along with so many other partnerships helped the company gain a lot of momentum. This helped push the company more into the minds of the people, making it one of the most talked about companies in the plane of insurance schemes. The company’s schemes are not only affordable but come with a lot of incentives as well thanks to these tie ups. The company. The company has grown a lot ever since its inception. The company’s services can be accessed through a lot of channels which include banks, individual brokers, corporate agents and bank assurance partners among many others. One of their tie ups is with the company CouponsCurry. It is another trusted brand when it comes to proving high quality discounts. It has over 400 brands under its wing which include the most popular startups as well as the big players from the industry. This is one of its key driving aspects, as it helps create a sense of trust. The company has been constantly working and increasing the number of tie ups in an effort to become the one stop place for all those who looking for discounts of all kinds like coverfox offers and much more.

Secure your future at unbelievable prices with AegonLife Offers

Aegon Life Insurance Company has become one of the biggest names in the insurance industry and with good reason. The company has the combined global expertise of a multinational company right in its backyard. They know how to identify what the customer needs and to provide it them long term sustainably. The company’s roots date back almost 175 years giving them unparalleled experience when it comes to the strategies and how to best use their resources. They go with the philosophy that they need to provide their clients with the means for a healthy and financially backed up future. They believe that the only way to do this would be to design sustainably, through a long-term goal-oriented company and by also taking the environment into account. They believe meeting this criterion is the best way to do what they do and they are the best at it. The company has also gained a lot from their tie up with Bennett Coleman & Company limited. This tie has brought he them a much stronger and deep-rooted reach when it comes to the industry. This is also something many of its competitors lack. Their flagship Brand the Times of India is on the top when it comes to the English newspaper publishing in India. The company has an annual turnover that crosses billions of dollars every year showing their strength in the industry. They have over 25000 advertisers which could be individuals or brands altogether. They have over 11000 employees who are constantly working day in and day out to help them reach even greater heights not only in India but in so many other continents as well. Using all these they learnt that it is better to do need based selling, educate the people on the importance of insurance, stay a step ahead in knowing what the customer wants and planning accordingly and give their 100 percent in everything that they no matter how big or small. This includes a lot of incentives like the Star Health Coupons and many more. The execution is just as important as the planning is also one of their key beliefs.

Let’s take a look at what the various schemes that Aegon Life Promo Code

The company has already climbed the ladder when it comes to this field in the industry. Let’s take a look at some of their plans and schemes to get a better insight to what they actually do. All their plans can be broadly categorized into 3 namely the Term Insurance Plans, Savings Plans and the Ulip Plans.

1. Term Insurance Plans – This refers to those insurance plans that provide the coverage needed over a particular limited period of time where the rate of payments is fixed. Once this time period expires then the company would no longer have to guarantee the premiums and the client would have to leave his/her coverage. In case they want to extend they would most likely have to pay extra money in order to do so and there is no guarantee that they would be able to get the same coverage terms and policies. If the person who is insured dies during the term then the benefit would be given to the beneficiary. It is one of the mot cheapest insurance terms in terms of the benefits provided. They have iTerm Plan, iTerm Plus, Group Term Plus, Group Credit Shield insurance and all their protection plans under this category.

2. Savings plan – These are those plans that are do aren’t short terms and in almost all cases are long term oriented. They are those plans that can be put towards securing future goals. The maturity period means that you can make more and intern invest much more into your future without having any second thoughts. These can be taken towards anything like for example for the purpose of the future education of children and so on. The company offers POS-GRIP, JeevanRiddhi Insurance Plan, and your regular money back insurance plan as well.

3. ULIP Plans – There plans are special plans that differ a bit when it comes to the terms and conditions compared the above two. The company offers iInvest plans, iMaximize, and many others under this category. You can minimize costs further in these plans using codes like Policybazaar promo codes among many others.

Get massive savings with AegonLife deals and promotional code
All these plans make sure that hey cover all your needs no matter what the situation so that you can plan and live your life in harmony and peace. The company guarantees that no matter what you might face through there is always a plan that can help. The prices on these plans are some of the lowest in the market but what if we told you there was a way to save a whole lot more. All you need to do is follow these simple steps and save more than ever before.

1. You need to search for CouponsCurry which is undoubtedly the best coupons site in India in your browser and open only which is their official site.
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3. Go to the search tab on the top right and search your desired company in this case Aegon Life Insurance Company and hit Enter.
4. Now once you do so you find all the offers related to that company, now go through them and decide which one is the best for you.
5. Once you have decided then click on the activate the offer and you will be redirected to the home page of that company where you need to double check and then proceed to payment.
6. Here with just a single click apply your discount and then the discount is all yours or the taking with no hassle or hidden payments.
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