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If you are an Amazon Prime member then we have some news for you. Your prime membership will now let you watch Amazon Prime videos and that too for free. You do not have to pay any additional cost to
watch videos on Amazon Prime. Check out all our genuine and exclusive Amazon Prime Video coupons below.


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Is it possible to have multiple users on Amazon Prime Video?

Yes, it is quite possible, and isn’t that hard. Prime Video allows you to create and manage separate profile
s for different users. You will be able to edit the name and the icon. All these profiles would have their own preferences and recommendations based on their activity separately. The number of profiles would mean the number of screens that the account can be used simultaneously on. This is based on the plan that you have chosen and goes from a single screen all the way to 6 screens. The quality however is the best possible on all the plans so you don’t have to worry about compromising on that. It can be viewed on any smart device anywhere at any time with no hassle whatsoever.

How many times can a rented movie be played on Amazon Prime Video?

Amazon Prime Video offers one of the most versatile and biggest libraries when it comes to rented media. All y
ou need to do is click on it and you would see the option to rent, click on it and complete the payment and that’s it. Once you have completed the purchase there will be no limit on how many times you want to watch it and you can even download it on up to 4 devices for uninterrupted playback on long trips and so on. However, it's important to keep in mind that the three video–stream I still apply. You also wouldn’t be able to stream the same rental in more than one device at a time.

Where do I find the best discount for Amazon Prime Video?

The answer to this question might be a lot easier than you think. You must have already visited countless site
s looking for the same. In most cases you would have to skip countless ads and go through unending redirects. When you find a site that offers you an actual discount it would end being on one of these marginal discounts of a mere 2 percent making you wonder if it was really worth the search. The search is over, visit CouponsCurry and you would find some of the best discounts on Amazon Prime Video and so many more. You don’t have to worry about any ads or redirects or any hidden strings. Enjoy your hassle-free discount with us at CouponsCurry.

What are the various payment methods available at Amazon Prime Video?

It is one of the best platforms when it comes to streaming. There are a lot of payment options all being onlin
e of course. The package isn’t for a single movie but for the whole access for a specific time period. You can sign up for the amazon prime Membership for a period of 1 year or 3 months. You can pay through almost all of the major online payment portals including Credit cards, Debit cards, Net banking, and Amazon Pay balance. It is important to remember that the Bajaj Finserv No cost EMI is not applicable for payment.

What is amazon prime?

Amazon Prime is a subscription service provided by Amazon online shopping platform. It was first introduced in
America and in 2016 it came to India as well. Amazon prime introduced users to a lot of benefits that they could avail over their online shopping. From early access to sales, free shipping and speedy delivery there are many other benefits that you can avail when you become a prime member. With Amazon prime, you enjoy a lot of benefits. Be it prime videos for all the latest shows or prime music for unlimited music streaming, be it excellent discounts over your online shopping or special sales for prime users there is a lot that you can unlock when you become a prime member.

When you plan to become a prime member, you can select from different membership options that they have. You can either pay for your membership annually or monthly. You can get the monthly Prime membership for Rs. 129 and if you want to pay for it annually then you can get it for Rs. 999. Amazon prime allows all its users to get one month of free prime benefits which you can avail from their website or the Prime Video app. With this free membership, you can explore all the prime features and access all the prime benefits.

From shopaholics to book lovers, from tech geeks to homemakers, Amazon prime has different benefits for all. And whenever you want to become a prime member you can also have a look at the discount coupons that we have for you. With all the latest discount coupons you can save big on your next prime subscription.

What are the benefits of amazon prime?

When you sign up for Amazon prime membership, there are several benefits that you can avail with great ease. H
ere is a brief view of all the benefits that come with your prime subscription:
  1. Delivery Benefits: Amazon prime is known for fast delivery and when you buy a prime subscription then there are several delivery benefits that you can avail. When you become a prime member you can access an early delivery over millions of products and services. In the beginning, when Amazon Prime was launched, users could get a two-day delivery for a vast number of products. Now Amazon has facilitated overnight delivery service for prime members. This means that when you make a purchase from Amazon you can get your product the very next day in the morning. What is even more interesting is that you can also opt in for NO RUSH SHIPPING if you do not need the order urgently and earn rewards for your next online purchase from Amazon. When you use prime for your online shopping, you get to choose from several delivery options. You can receive a product within a day and some products can be received the same day as well. All these delivery options are free and valid on select products. There is one more feature which prime members get access to when they want to order online. When you order a product which has not been released yet your product is shipped the very day it is launched. This benefit is only applicable to the prime members. Thus, if there is a book or an item that you have pre ordered then you can expect to receive it right on time if you have a prime subscription.
  2. Streaming Benefits:
    1. Amazon provides you with a streaming platform when you become a prime member. The platform is called Prime Video. Here you can find the top IMDB shows, series and movies. You can view a vast variety of shows over this platform. Here you can also find the Amazon exclusive stand up comedies, movies and a lot more. When you download the Prime Video application you can receive personalised suggestions on what to watch next. You can also select from different regional language options and customise your watching list. They also have a kids section where you can find cartoons and a lot of other enetermain videos for your children as well.
    2. Apart from Prime Video you also get the Alexa personalised Prime Music for your phone. Prime music is a music streaming platform just like Spotify and Wynk. You can download the prime music app and get an unlimited access to millions of songs from both regional areas and foriegn. You can download these songs for free and listen to them whenever you want.
    3. The third streaming benefit that you get with your prime membership is related to gaming. Amazon prime membership gives you access to the best games that are available online for free. Along with the gaming facility you also get a month of free subscription for Twitch channel. If you are an avid gamer then this facility is going to please you for sure.
  3. Digital Benefits: While many of you might not know this but when you have a prime membership you get excellent digital benefits as well. You can share, backup and save your photos with full resolution. No matter how many memories you want to share and keep safe, you can use Amazon photos to share them and access them anytime you want on any of your devices.
  4. Reading benefits: When you download the kindle app you can avail your prime subscription benefits. If you are a reader then you will be able to access thousands of books, magazines, ebooks, comics, and a lot more. With the Amazon First Read feature, you will be able to read the next months new releases today. You can download a new book from a famous writer each month and it will be yours to keep. When you have a Prime subscription you can also grab a 4 month membership for any e-magazine for a very cheap price. Prime Reading is best for readers who want to explore the world of reading for an affordable price.
  5. Shopping Benefits: Prime members can have access to amazing shopping benefits. From prime wardrobe to prime day sale, there are several benefits that you can easily access when you use Amazon Prime membership. Here is a list of all the shopping benefits that you can access when you have an Amazon Prime Subscription:
    1. Prime day sale: It is an exclusive two day sale which is active only for the prime members. When you have a prime membership you can have access to millions of products at huge discounts while the sale is active. You get access to millions of deals across all categories.
    2. Prime early access: If you are a prime member then you can get early access to the sales and a 30 minute early access to the Lightning deals of the day.
    3. Prime Wardrobe: Amazon Wardrobe allows the prime members to get access to thousands of clothes, accessories and footwear options which you can try yourself from the comfort of your home and keep only what you like. Prime Wardrobe brings the entire clothing collection to your home. You can select from the best brands and only pay for what you keep.
  6. Amazon Rewards: When you make your purchase from Amazon prime Whenever you shop from Amazon you can get unlimited 5% reward points on all purchases with credit/debit cards. There are thousands of deals that you get each day and you also avail an early access to all the lightning deals that are active over this platform each day.
  7. Share the benefits: When you become a prime member you can share the benefits with your loved ones too. With Prime membership 6 members can access Prime Video to watch their favourite shows and movies on different devices. You can your loved ones can access prime music and many other prime services for free.

How to enroll for amazon prime?

When you become an Amazon Prime member you get access to a lot of benefits. You can save up on your online sho
pping, get early access to sales, avail excellent discounts on selected products and get rapid delivery as well. If you are not a Prime member already then you can easily get your membership from them by following a few steps that we have for you. When you become a prime member, you can get easy access to Prime videos, Prime music, Free books on kindle, Prime gaming and a lot more. So if you haven't yet purchased a membership then we suggest you to visit Amazon india official website and get it now.

If you want to become a prime member look at all the information that we have mentioned below. You can follow our steps by step guide and go about it.

When you plan to buy a prime membership, you can choose from two options. Amazon allows you to get a monthly membership for Rs. 129. This membership plan is useful for people who are not looking for a long-term subscription. However, if you are someone who frequently shops from Amazon and like to share the benefits with their loved ones too, then you can avail the Amazon Prime Yearly membership. This membership comes for Rs. 999. You can renew it after a year and enjoy unhindered prime benefits. With both the prime membership plans, you get to avail yourself these benefits:
  1. Prime Video Subscription
  2. Prime Music Subscription
  3. Prime deals and offers
  4. Prime Sale
  5. Prime Gaming
  6. Prime Reward points
  7. Prime Reading
There are many other benefits as well and you can get them all with only a few clicks. When you plan to become a prime member you can avail a month of free membership and get unlimited access to all the prime features. Prime also allows a student discount for all the students who are studying or completing their college.

So whenever you want to grab a prime membership for yourself or when you want to activate your free prime subscription trial then follow these steps and you will be good to go.
  1. Visit the Amazon official website and sign in to your account.
  2. When you have signed in, click on the MY ACCOUNTS section which will be at the top right corner of the page.
  3. Once you click on this section, a drop down menu will appear. In the drop down menu you will find YOUR PRIME MEMBERSHIP option.
  4. Click on it and follow the screen instructions to complete your subscription.
  5. If you have an Android phone and if you are an ICICI, Kotak, Canara bank or Citibank credit card user then you can also avail a monthly membership from the PRIME VIDEO APP. Just visit the Prime Video application and proceed as directed from the My Account section over there.
  6. You can also purchase the yearly membership from Prime Video application. When you purchase an yearly subscription you can choose from online payment options like Netbanking, credit/debit cards and Amazon Pay Balance.
  7. In case if you are an iPhone user then you can get your prime membership from the official Amazon website by following the procedure that has been mentioned above.
If you are a student then you can also avail a student discount on your first prime membership. You can do so by selecting the student discount option while purchasing your membership and verifying the documents like college identification card with Amazon. Students can avail a 50% discount over their first yearly subscription. Now, whenever you plan to buy your Amazon prime subscription then visit and grab a good discount over your online membership. Double your saving with the latest Amazon discount offers we have for you now!
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Amazon Prime Youth Offer: Join & Get Rs.500 Cashback

Get 1 year prime membership just Rs.500. Pay Rs.999 & avail Rs.500 cashback. The offer is valid on payment methods like

Credit, debit cards, net banking, and amazon pay balance.

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Sign up on Amazon Prime Video with 30 days free trial & Rs.129 from the next month!

Join Prime Video with Rs.129 per month after enjoying 30 days free trial. Pay by any credit or debit card and enjoy watc

hing your favourite TV shows and movies at unbelievable price.

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Watch Your Favourite Shows and Movies Online For Free on Amazon Prime Video

Stream your favourite shows online on Amazon Prime Video now and get the best price for your pack. To make it even bette

r the Amazon has given an offer where you can now stream the shows and movies for free during your first month.

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Get All Your T.V Shows at One Place on Amazon Prime Videos at Just Rs. 999/ year

If you were bored of watching tv just at home and want it all the way you go, then this Amazon Prime Video is one place

that you need to be at and you can watch all your TV episodes here by buying a subscription of 999 per year.

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Amazon Prime Video Subscription is just Rs. 129 Per Month

Your mobile has a lot of power of and ones who use it well have Amazon prime installed in it. With just 129 INR per mont

h you can get the exclusive access to all the leading T.V episodes of the serials as well as the movies.

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Now Enjoy the Latest Movies and TV Episodes on Amazon Prime Videos.

Get the prime subscription to enjoy the latest movies and television episodes The time of watching movies online has co

me and the market has many options. But one of the best ways to enjoy all the latest movies and TV shows is the Amazon prime videos. They have a tagline it’s not on TV it’s on Amazon prime videos. And they live up to their reputation.

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It is not on TV, it is on Amazon Prime Videos

The best episodes of leading television series and the latest movies can be watched exclusively on Amazon Prime videos.

Now you will not have to keep waiting for the season on internet, you can access this website and watch it on the spot. Get your Amazon prime video subscription, NOW.

  • Devika Yadav

Prime video membership at cost effective price

I wanted to watch Mirzapur online. That's why I purchased a prime membership recently. The total cost of my online purchase was Rs. 200. I wanted to avail a discount on my purchase too. After looking for a while I was able to find a good discount coupon online from I followed a few simple steps to ava

il the discount. I went to and there I opened the Amazon store page. At the store page, all the offers were divided into different categories. I selected an offer from the coupons section that was giving me a 40 percent discount on my purchase. It was quite easy to avail a discount without any issues. The best thing is that all these discounts from come for free and you didn't even have to purchase the offer I wanted to get a good discount and so I had to navigate through a little. I found out a coupon and it was easy to avail it.

It got active within seconds I was able to find a great offer for myself. what I like the most about the platform was that it is very secure and has all the authentic and working offers. whenever you are shopping online you can not only the save money but also time too. I have been a regular user and recently I was able to receive the prime membership also on a good discount. My user experience from this platform has been excellent and I would recommend all the online shoppers to give it a try. If you are purchasing something from Amazon or even buying the subscription of a prime membership plan.

I am sure that you will be able to make your online purchases more cost effective when you apply for a discount from this online platform.

  • Submitted on: 16 April, 2021
  • Shikha Verma

Prime membership at a discount

I have been using Prime membership for a long while I really like the concept of this subscription. What I like the most is that you get so many benefits when you become a prime member. I have been using Prime video and that was the main reason to avail this membership. I got a prime membership recently from Amazon us

ing Amazon pay. The total cost for this purchase was around 1200 and I was looking for a good discount. I went to in the search of a discount. After looking for a while I found out a discount coupon that was allowing me to avail a 40% discount on my purchase I selected this coupon and applied to my online order it was quite easy to activate this discount coupon on my purchase and it got active within seconds.

The best thing about disorders is that I didn't even say anything while making my buy cost effective. is a very genuine platform from where you can easily avail best discounts on your purchases hassle free. I would suggest all the online shoppers try this platform whenever you are purchasing a prime membership. I am sure that you will be able to get the best discounts on your online orders without any hassle. So whenever you want to save additional money then try

I am sure that you'll get the best discounts from them without any issue. Give it a try. And make your purchase cost effective in no time. is the best!

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  • Sugandha Singh

Superb quality and quality in terms of content

I am a pretty new user when it comes to the word of online streaming. I never had a good internet connection at home so I had always relied on downloads. I was able to get my WIFI last week and decided to try out online streaming. I was a little sceptical at fort if it was worth the money because I was always used to t

he free downloads. It has been a week since I have been using it and it didn’t take me more than a few movies to realise that it was absolutely worth it.

I have been watching movies nonstop for the whole week and it is really good. The movies are of the best possible quality and it is available in multiple languages. There are subtitles available in all the movies, something which I had to spend a lot of time on earlier and syncing it perfectly was really frustrating. The main reason why I loved this is just the sheer convenience that it offers unlike anything that I have ever tried before. I was able to get mine almost free thanks to a kickass discount from CouponsCurry.

  • Submitted on: 15 January, 2021
  • Abhinav Morya

The best streaming experience so far

It's almost been a month since I have been using Amazon Prime Video for all my Binge-watching needs. I must say that it has been a really good experience. I was using Netflix earlier but there were some shows that I was not able to find like Homeland, Supernatural and many more. I was able to find all of them here in a

mazon prime video. I have been binge watching like crazy this entire week and I am loving it and I think I will be upgrading my plan to the one year one. The quality is really great and there was almost zero buffering. I would suggest this to all looking to have a great binge-watching experience. I was able to get mine at a killer price thanks to a great discount from CouponsCurry.

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Top active and working discount coupons and offers for Amazon Prime Video as on 17 April 2021

Amazon Prime Video top working promo codes and offers Available Discount
Amazon Prime Youth Offer: Join & Get Rs.500 Cashback Rs.500 Cashback Deal
Sign up on Amazon Prime Video with 30 days free trial & Rs.129 from the next month! Rs.129 Starting Deal
Watch Your Favourite Shows and Movies Online For Free on Amazon Prime Video Best Offer Deal

Amazon Prime Video Latest Videos

Didn't find active Amazon Prime Video coupons or deal of your choice? Click here for live offers

Find the Latest Amazon Prime Video Coupons 2020

Watch Amazon prime videos today and bring some entertainment in your life. To even imagine our life without videos and movies is so dull and boring. Hence, all you need to keep your life exciting and full of life is by watching Amazon instant videos. You do not need to subscribe to any channels like Showtime, Starz, and other entertainment channels to watch Prime Videos. You can watch as many Amazon Prime movies as you want to. You get the first months subscription for free. And then you will have to pay Rs. 129 per month. You can also download the Amazon video app on your mobile and easily watch all the Amazon prime instant videos on your mobile and even on your tab too. So, go and download the app today.

Amazing Amazon Prime Video Coupon Codes

Amazon Prime streaming is easy. You can download the app and watch it offline as well. Download the app and watch it wherever you want to. Download the titles on your mobile, tablet, and iPhone and watch it offline. Amazon Prime TV is such a blessing for all of us. There are so many Amazon prime shows available to watch. You will never find yourself alone. This is the best way to stay away from boredom. There are so many Prime movies to watch as well. Watch all the latest movies like Raazi, Dhadak, Gold, and more. Avail amazon India coupons to get your membership at discount price with the help of You get to watch all the movies without any disturbances. Prime instant videos are the best, no disturbances at all.

Amazon Prime Video offer will Make Your Day

Get the free Amazon Prime video for the first 30 days and start watching all the latest Amazon Prime films for free. Never miss a chance to watch Amazon prime videos. It is no fun to watch a movie with advertisements after every 10 minutes. Why would you want to waste your time like that? We have tons of genuine Amazon prime discount code and get these subscription at amazing price. The Amazon instant video app is available on Android as well as iOS. Just get the Amazon prime movies app and start watching all the latest Amazon prime tv shows. Stop making your life dull when you have the Amazon TV app right here for you. Get genuine coupons from India is favourite coupon site CouponsCurry.

Amazon Prime Discount is So Good

Prime instant video app is here and ready for you. Where are you? Just download it and start watching Amazon TV shows. Trust us online streaming sites like Amazon and Netflix have made our life so colourful. Amazon Prime TV cost is just Rs. 129 per month. However, the first month is free. You need to pay only from the second month to continue watching Amazon Prime video streaming. Really Netflix and Amazon Prime has been a blessings for so many of us who are tired of watching advertisements all the time.

Watch Brand New Movies on Amazon Prime
Do you want to watch brand new movies online? Stop download it from pirated sites online movies on Prime will let you watch all the new and latest movies online. Check out the complete Amazon Prime video list and watch the ones that you like the most. Amazon prime content are all family friendly. Amazon films online can be watched by everyone. You will also a dedicated key for kids. Where you can watch kids programmes with your young ones without any disturbances. Likewise, try Netflix coupons as well.

All the Latest Amazon Prime Movies For Free
Want to Know About Amazon Prime Video Price? Well, Here is What You Need to Know:

First month: Free.

From next month onwards: Rs. 129 per month.

Yearly plan: Rs.999 per year.

Watch movies on Amazon Prime and set yourself free from the boring and irritating advertisements. Hence, to save yourself from such ordeals choose only Amazon prime video player. This is the best player to watch Amazon prime videos movies. No advertisements and only the video. Such is the life when you get Amazon Prime videos for free. Along with it make sure you get the Zee5 subscription too.

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