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Asian Paints is an Indian multinational company that is focused on selling paint and its related products. The company has been involved in the selling of paints, coatings, and products that are relat
ed to home décor, bath fittings, and everything related to it. The company is headquartered in Mumbai and is one of the biggest names when it comes to paint. The company as of 2015 had the maximum market share in India nearing 54 percent. The company was able to reach this place with the help of its creative advertising using relatable fictional characters and catchy tunes. This has helped the company cement its place among the minds of the people.

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How can I register myself for the Asian Paints safe painting service?

This is one of the most comprehensive service when it comes to the paint industry. It is fairly easy and strai
ghtforward. There are many ways as to how you would be able to avail this service. You could contact the company via the phone number 1800-209-5678 anytime between 8AM and 8PM from Monday to Sunday. You can also send a SMS which would have the text PAINT to 56161. You can also reach them via their email address If all of this isn’t working you can also fill the form on their official site.

What are the various safety protocols that Asian paints would follow on site?

The company would take strict measures to ensure that everyone involved in the process are completely safe. Th
ey would follow the use of mask at all times. There would be no handshakes in any stage. The staff would always have sanitizers, soap, and tissue paper on hand at all times. The temperature of all the people who would be working would be checked regularly as well. They would have to follow hygiene throughout the entire process including the washroom as well. The surfaces that are prone to a higher frequency of contact would be cleaned daily. Everyone would be required to use the Arogya Setu app. After the work is done the entire site would be disinfected once again thoroughly from top to bottom. All the data transfer involved during the work would be kept digital as much as possible.

How do I get the best discounts for Asian paints?

You first need to visit the site CouponsCurry. As soon as you get to know about this app most of your work is
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  • Visit the official site that is
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  • Activate the discount with a single click on the next redirect. You would then reach the official page of Asian paints.
  • Go through the product in detail and confirm that it is what you were looking for.
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    Fab Fantastic Sale: Get up to 70% OFF on Paints

    Get up to 70% off on Asian paints products. The offer is applicable on ezyCR80, wall stickers, viroprotek etc. The price

    range starting of Rs.100. Store is offering free shipping.

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    Bring home your favourite superhero stickers at 73% off!

    Shop from a range of exclusive marvel wall stickers at up to 73% off price only on asian paints! premium quality sticke

    rs. Visit offical website of asianpaints today!

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    Asian paints wall-ons comic book spiderman sticker @ 70% Off!

    Decorate your kids' room with spiderman wall stickers by Asian paints. Get huge discount of flat 70%. Wall sticker cover

    s an area of 10sqft. Fade resistent. High quality printed in HP latex certified ink. Apply it on your walls, doors, cupboards, glass and any other non-porous surfaces. Check it now!

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    Get a Design Painted on Your Walls with Asian Paints at 67% Discount

    Planning on renovating your house? Do it with Asian Paints. With a variety of services they have one which is prominent

    and can make your house a good one. At 67% discounted rate you can paint your walls with Asian Paints and enjoy your time with the wall art that you get.

    • Pehu Rani

    Best painting experience ever

    I had my living room painting redone last week. I wanted to give my house a new look and I decided that the living room was the best place to start as it was the first space that was visible in my house. I had got some antique furniture and a few art pieces as well. I needed a wooden finish to go with something which I

    thought was only possible through stickers.

    However, I got to know about the wooden paints offered by Asian Paints and I decided to give it a shot because of the experience that they offered along with. I must say that it was much better than I could have ever hoped for. The price was really good because of a huge discount that I got through CouponsCurry.

    • Submitted on: 10 July, 2021
    • Parvendra Singh

    Better than advertised

    I have been a long-time user of Asian paint and had got the first painting of my house with them. It has been almost a decade since and the house still looks brand new. I haven’t ever had the need to get my hair repainted even once. I have seen the results for myself and had decided to get my new house for the summer

    painted by them as well. I never thought beyond single colour pallets but after getting multi layered paint I think my wall couldn’t look any better than this. The texture has been just amazing at bringing a whole new level of detail to my interiors. The colours are just perfect. I would strongly suggest it to anyone looking for a paint job. I got mine at an incredibly low price thanks to a discount that I got from CouponsCurry.

    • Submitted on: 18 March, 2021
    • Rajpal Rana

    Superb finish

    I had just finished the work on my house last month. The house was a long-time dream of mine and I wanted to be perfect in every aspect. I had got the best interior designs which were very unique and had real uncanny design aspects. Although most of the work was done, I was worried a lot about the paintwork mainly beca

    use my interior pieces weren’t the traditional ones and were different. I was concerned that I wouldn’t be able to find the perfect blend of colours that would help it stand out. I tried out Asian paints because I had seen a lot of their ads growing up and decided to give it a try. I initially was planning to get one room done and see the results but after consulting with them I was convinced that there was no one more prefect for the job. I even got mine at a really low price thanks to a classy discount that I was able to pull off from CouponsCurry.

    • Submitted on: 16 October, 2020

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    Asianpaints top working promo codes and offers Available Discount
    Fab Fantastic Sale: Get up to 70% OFF on Paints 70% Off Deal
    Bring home your favourite superhero stickers at 73% off! 73% Off Deal
    Asian paints wall-ons comic book spiderman sticker @ 70% Off! 70% Off Deal

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    Asianpaints Coupons and offers for New / Existing Users Available Discount
    Fab Fantastic Sale: Get up to 70% OFF on Paints New user
    Bring home your favourite superhero stickers at 73% off!
    Asian paints wall-ons comic book spiderman sticker @ 70% Off!

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    Asianpaints Coupon Code Fab Fantastic Sale: Get up to 70% OFF on Paints
    Asianpaints Discount Code Offer Bring home your favourite superhero stickers at 73% off!
    Asianpaints Promotional Code Asian paints wall-ons comic book spiderman sticker @ 70% Off!
    Asianpaints Discount Coupon Get a Design Painted on Your Walls with Asian Paints at 67% Discount

    Know all abount Asian Paints

    The company initially began as an idea in a small garage in Gaiwadi in a small locality in Mumbai. It was stated by a group of 4 friends who all belonged to the Jain family. At that time the quit India movement had imposed a temporary ban on paint imports. This meant that there were only a handful of companies at the time who were playing the market namely Shalimar paints and a few other foreign companies. The company saw this opportunity and capitalized on it. In the beginning although the company had a starting share of a little over 2 percent and an annual turnover of just 23 crores at the time they didn’t waver in their efforts and have become one of the top companies in this domain.

    Grab Asian Paint Coupons

    One of the important milestones of the company was its introduction of their Washable distemper. This was a good balance between cheap dry distemper which would come off very easily without much resistance and the much more expensive emulsions that were blended with plastic to give a much more smooth and matte looking finish. This wasn’t the only reason why this particular product became so popular so quickly. They were also smart enough to market it innovatively keeping the customer in mind. They came up with the term don’t lose your temper, use Tractor distemper in all their ads. They also used a very visually appealing character in all their ads who was named Gattu. He was a troublemaker who was the company's mascot and this helped them gain the necessary momentum among the middle class. However, he was used only in the print advertisements initially and soon found his ways to the television as well. This also helped in bringing together the commodity-based business of painters with the real end of homeowners something which wasn’t done at that time.

    Get your hands on incredible Asian Paints Offers

    The advertising used by the company was unique and had focused on the festive occasions. They knew that these occasions carried huge importance in Indian Households ad was such a time where they were more liberal with the money that they spent. The company had kept this in mind during all their advertising campaigns and related the ads to these events. They had also related with other important life events such as marriages or the birth of a child as the perfect occasion to paint the house hence connecting with them at an emotional level entirely. This had helped the company immensely and helped it become the biggest company when it came to paints in India and the third largest in Asia. The fact that they are almost double that of their closest competition in the Indian market clearly shows their dominance in the industry. Do not forget to use Asian Paint deals from CouponsCurry.

    Keep your house safe all year long with Asian Paint coupon code

    The company has really travelled a long way ever since its inception back in 1942 and has become one of the biggest online shopping sites in India. Looking at where the company has reached right now there are no signs that once the company was just as big as a garage at a time. At the time they were taking on the biggest companies from all over the world who were having their eyes on the Indian market at the time. The company has been around for more than two decades and has made sure not to waste all the knowledge and the tactics that they had learned through all these years. In Spite of how big they have become they have always ensured that they remember their roots. They have continuous kept trying to become better and better just like they did when at the they had just started. This is one of the main reasons why they have so much trust from the people. The company has always relied on new techniques and methodologies when it came to their work and have never let their success ever change that unlike many other companies. The company has always kept the customer at the centre of all their measures and actions. They have always been one of those companies that are driven by customer satisfaction rather than bringing in profits. The fact that they keep customers as the top priority and their relentless efforts to keep innovating and finding new ideas are the two main reasons as to why the company stood apart from its competitors.

    Make your home stand out at the best price with Asian Paints Promo Codes

    When it comes to getting paint the company aims to be the one stop shop for all the paint related needs that one could have. They believe in the whole experience and have designed their services in such a manner that the customer would never feel the need to go or ask anywhere else. They offer a one of a king services when it comes to getting your house painted. Let's take a better look at this service that they offer in a little more detail

    Schedule an appointment – You would first have to book yourself an appointment from their official website. You would have to make sure that you are logged in for this process. This would help the company in meeting your needs much more efficiently with a lesser room for error.

    Get product consultation – You would then be expected to get in touch with the company's team of experts who would advise you and answer all and any queries that you might have regarding the whole process and would also check the current conditions of your home to see if painting would be feasible.

    Site Preparation – Once they have done the necessary checking and analysis, they would then prepare the site where the painting would take place. This is done so that the entire painting process is optimized and is done in the shortest possible time frame.

    Safety Protocols – This is done as a precaution against the current pandemic to ensure safety. The site Is checked thoroughly at regular intervals. The site is completely sanitized and proper disinfection is done before any work can begin.

    Site Execution – A well-equipped team of experts use the most advanced and machines to ensure that the painting is done flawlessly. The painting is done layer by layer to be able to replicate some of the most eye-catching textured designs with impeccable finish. These give the house a whole new level of detail.

    Site Handover – Once the work is done the site is checked with the owners as well so that everything is just the way that they had expected. Once the site has been inspected it is then handed over to the owner and the process is complete.

    This experience is completely different from the usual one where the customer would have to go and buy the paint and then buy its various other coatings with no real expert to consult with. They would also have to hire painters to get the mixing and the painting done separately which was time consuming. However, the company changed it all and brought it all to one package in a single place. The company had single headedly turned over the paint industry in India.

    Stunning textures finishes at affordable rates – Asian Paints Deals

    They use out of the box approaches in all their problems and this has given them a huge advantage over its competitors. The fact that they have bought all the services under one roof would mean a much lower cost for the customer as it reduces the number of third-party agencies involved in the process. They also have a number of key and strategic tie ups with a lot of companies. One of these is CouponsCurry which specializes in giving discounts and coupon codes for a whole range of the most popular brands. They offer the best and the most reliable discussions all in one space irrespective of the number of brands that you are looking to shop with. All you need to do to get these discounts is to follow these simple steps that we have mentioned below:

    • Search for CouponsCurry on your browser and make sure that you open which is their official site.
    • There will be many sites that might appear the same but these are mostly fake and try to get you to be click bait.
    • Once you have entered the official site then you would a whole bunch of offers and discount codes that are the most popular and most recent.
    • There would be multiple tabs on the top including the search option. Type the name of the company that you are looking for in this case Asian Paints and hit enter.
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    • Go through these offers and choose the best one as per your needs. You would then be redirected to another page where you would have to activate the offer with a single click.
    • Then you would be redirected to the official page of the company where you would be able to see the product description in detail along with its Terms and Conditions.
    • Go through these and once you are certain go ahead to the payments page. Here you would have the option to avail the discount. Click on it and complete the transaction successfully.
    • Enjoy the best discounts on your favourite products through CouponsCurry with zero hassle and save both your time and money with us.

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