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Licious is an online meat shop for fresh meat, fish, eggs, mutton and seafood delivery. Their delivery executives stringently follow the WHO guidelines aiming to ensure your safety at all costs. They
have superior quality fresh meat which you can order online. They have wide variety of delectable juicy chicken, lamb, chef’s special marinades and cold- cuts. Not only this, Licious also gives you the access to breakfast specials, ready to cook dishes like Afghani chickens, fish tikka, prawns, chicken cutlet and many other salivating rejoices. In this earth everybody loves food and non-vegetarian lovers are always curious to try new dishes, for them this place is heaven and what if I tell you, you can order these mouth- watering delights online with various discount coupons and offers. Yes, you heard it right, CouponsCurry is the right place for you.


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Where can I see the latest offers of Licious?

Todays corporate lifestyle has made outdoor dining almost compulsory, the heavy working hours and the common a
ll-nighters at the office has become one the essential part of any employee's routine. It’s quite obvious that with such a hectic routine it just makes sense to come home and just lie down without thinking twice, let alone cook have food. If you are a non-vegetarian and want to have a meal it becomes a daunting task to get the meat and prep it and even then we might make mistakes while cleaning that might prove costly later on so it isn’t possible right or is it? Visit Licious and know that home cooked Non veg isn’t that hard anymore, get the premium quality prepped meat delivered to your doorstep so that you can just worry about cooking. The meat is obtained from the best sources available and undergoes strict quality control to ensure that you receive only the meat and nothing else. It doesn’t matter if you want to cook chicken curry or tandoor, you can find the perfect cut for your perfect after work meal. If this wasn’t even you can get it at even cheaper rates at, visit and have the premium cuts of meal delivered to you at jaw dropping prices.

When is the best time to get Licious promo codes?

When your day is jam packed you never know when you want to have a quite meal sitting on the couch or maybe ju
st want to have some of your own hand cooked special. It’s not that easy looking at the numerous restaurants and the fact that you can never be too sure whether the food is prepared with proper skill. Here at Licious get your perfect cut of meal any day of the year where the prices stay the same irrespective of the demand which means you don’t have to worry about season demand or anything. Just sit back and order whenever you feel like it and get the best cuts of chicken, mutton etc. and even specify what part you want be it for your taste-buds or for the purpose of workout we got it all and what’s even better is that you can get better prices through Unlike other sites you won’t find a lot of ads or pop ups and all of you have to do is a single click and you get redirected to the homepage directly and get unbelievable discounts on all products. It doesn’t matter when you search there will always be epic offers available and what’s great is that you just have to do a single click to avail it, none of the annoying redirects or the surveys.

Is the chicken in Licious safe?

To help you understand better lets taka a step by step journey from the very start. Firstly we don’t rely on
any middleman we get our produce straight from the farmers and they ensure that they are raised ethically and that they are fed nutrient rich feed which isn’t filled with steroids and such and that the follow strict bio security protocols. The fact that we give special care from the very moment we procure the produce is what sets us apart. Once we get the produce we take to our specializedcentralized production facility where we ensure that the produce is maintained in the best possible temperature and under the best possible hygiene and is perfectly isolated to ensure that our product stays fresh and that we don’t break your trust. We then take the product through 150 quality checks with a highly trained team of chefs and we make sure to comply with FSSAI standards to make sure that you get what you see we also get our produce daily to prevent any drop in the quality of our product and ensure that the food you have is free of any contaminants. We then have our best in class delivery network to make sure that it reaches you on time and you can even use CouponsCurry to get it the best possible prices so that you don’t have to miss out on a great meal because of budget.

What are the step by step guide if I have to avail Licious promotional codes?

Starting from the very beginning it’s pretty much obvious to have a stable internet connection on your smart
device and maybe enough charge just kidding. Most of us would type Licious promo codes on google and hit the first site that pops up and be hit with a plethora of pop us and ads and cant do much ahead because you would be redirected ahead asking for something completely unnecessary like your name and email and asking you to register and make an account which makes it so much frustrating and time consuming and you don’t get any work done in the process. If you are lucky you might find a legit site that has legit coupons and has no less pop ups and redirects and this might offer you some hope but then again, once you click on it, you would find that the promo codes offered give you a mere 5 percent discount and this really isn’t going to make that of a difference on your budget and it simply put a waste of your time and what is even worse is that even if you try to avail it they drop the fact that the offer is available on limited number of payment methods making it very difficult for many to get the offer as pointless as it is. We at CouponsCurry are here to help you out by keeping all the offers right in front of you no hidden agenda or clickbait, all you have to do is to choose which one you like best and click and leave the rest to us to get you epic slashes on the price to save both your time and money with us.
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New User Offer: Get Flat 20% OFF

Get flat 20% OFF on your first order. Add month watering meat like Mutton, chicken, sea food, etc. Get maximum discount

of Rs.1000. Also get free door step delivery on all transaction. Your minimum order amount should be of Rs.299 & more.

NEW20 Get Code

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On All the Order Above Rs. 599 You Get to Enjoy 20% OFF

Yes, you heard it right, be it a sea food or any other item from the website, if your order goes over 599 INR, you get t

o enjoy 20% OFF on that product so it is time to fill your deep freezer with lots and lots of chicken and sea food.

SAT20 Get Code

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Get Flat 30% Off on Licious on Your First Order

This is the best shop for non veg lovers. Now you can get flat 30 Discount on your first order. Chichen, Fish and seafoo

d, mutton, eggs and many more are very well washed and cleaned available here. You have to just cook them. Avail this offer today!

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Get chicken tenders boneless at 25% off on Licious

Best shop for premium quality boneless chicken at 25% discount. Now eat your favourite part of chicken at a discounted

price. Here all the safety measures are checked. So use this offer today. Offer is valid for a limited time period.

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Get a Flat 20% OFF on the Widest Range of Fish and Sea Food on Licious

A website where you get certified genuine food, is Licious. Here while you purchase their best range of fish and sea foo

d, you can get a flat 20% OFF. So, you can now check out their range of food in the fish section and order it on your doorsteps.

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Now Get Upto 20% OFF on Freshly Minced or Diced Meat, Whatever You Want From Licious

Who said you cannot get the deep frozen chicken on your doorsteps? It has now become the hot topic of the town as Liciou

s is here to deliver it to you. You can now get up to 20% OFF on your order. So, no more running here and there, just Licious it now.

  • Kishanpal Singh

Worst experience, I didn’t like it, bad service

Do not try it, I wouldn’t recommend it at all to anybody. I live in Chennai and the services at my place of Licious suck, totally suck. I ordered an exotic section of Licious. The food was stale, the quantity was quite less, even though I bagged a discount from CouponsCurry but I still found it costly. Maye, because

of the fact that it didn’t meet my expectations. I was expecting it to be a good one, I did cook it to check how will it taste, but it didn’t taste good at all. I wouldn’t recommend it to anybody especially people living in Chennai. I have raised my complaint by emailing them about their bad service and taste. Sadly, I got no response from them. 1 star definitely to this brand.

  • Submitted on: 16 December, 2020
  • Permender Singh

I am happy, good food, happy tummy

I am thrilled maybe the food, the way it was cooked, the discount, all turned out to be fine for me. I order three four different delights, mutton, chicken, prawns and my favorite the spread. I ordered food in bulk and got a discount of 35% from Couldn’t be much happier than this. I cooked the food,

it was fresh and it tasted like the best food. My celebration turned out to be wonderful, as the food was delicious to the next level. I would give it 5 stars, undoubtedly. Highly recommended, to all of you reading. Licious and CouponsCurry, both!!!!!!! I liked it a lot.

  • Submitted on: 28 November, 2020
  • Ravi Saini

Wasn’t happy with the food, it was stale

I was quite excited to finally eat mutton because it was weekend and was my cheat day. Though, their service and delivery was good but the food lacked freshness. I figured out once I marinated it, it was old and had a different smell. I did get a discount of 20% from, that is must recommended but do no

t buy from them until you are sure about their services. It might be a one-time thing, as when my sister once ordered, it was pretty good. As, my experience wasn’t good, I would give it 2 stars. I couldn’t cook it, I had to throw it away, and it was an absolute wastage of money.

  • Submitted on: 17 October, 2020
  • Sanaya Singh

Dam, fast delivery and quite a good variety

I had ordered seafood from Licious, initially, I was skeptical about whether to order it online or not. What if it isn’t fresh and other such things were running in my head. I gave it a chance and ordered catfish steaks and catla. I was impressed by their quick delivery and the packaging. Not only this, but I also gr

abbed a discount coupon from CouponsCurry and got a cashback of Rs.37. The best combination of money saved with luscious food in my tummy, what else I need! I would definitely recommend you to opt for their services. Do not forget to seize promo codes from while buying food from here. For sure 5 stars to this brand and their team.

  • Submitted on: 25 September, 2020
  • Sandeep Singh

I liked it a lot, fresh and cheap

I was recommended Licious by my friend. I was craving for chicken salami so I order the combo. I was lucky enough to get a discount of 10%. I ordered this beauty through I must say that they have some really amazing eye-catching deals which everyone should try. Not just of Licious but they have coupon

s for almost every well- known brand. I would suggest you try it. When I cooked it, it was quite scrumptious. I ordered around 3 combos’ packs which has the spread also, you will forget all other spreads in the market if you try this once. Must try, and I would give it 5 stars.

  • Submitted on: 08 September, 2020

Top active and working discount coupons and offers for Licious as on 23 October 2021

Licious top working promo codes and offers Available Discount
Get Flat 30% Off on Licious on Your First Order 30% Offer Deal
Get chicken tenders boneless at 25% off on Licious 25% Off Deal
New User Offer: Get Flat 20% OFF 20% Flat Coupon

Today's i.e 23rd October 2021 Licious discount coupons for new / existing users

Licious Coupons and offers for New / Existing Users Available Discount
Get Flat 30% Off on Licious on Your First Order New Users + Existing Users
Get chicken tenders boneless at 25% off on Licious New Users + Existing Users
New User Offer: Get Flat 20% OFF New user

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Today's Active Licious Coupon Codes & Offers List

Licious Coupons Type Licious Promo Offers
Licious Coupon Code Get Flat 30% Off on Licious on Your First Order
Licious Discount Code Offer Get chicken tenders boneless at 25% off on Licious
Licious Promotional Code New User Offer: Get Flat 20% OFF
Licious Discount Coupon On All the Order Above Rs. 599 You Get to Enjoy 20% OFF
Licious Today Latest Offer Get a Flat 20% OFF on the Widest Range of Fish and Sea Food on Licious
Licious Coupons Offer Now Get Upto 20% OFF on Freshly Minced or Diced Meat, Whatever You Want From Licious

Make the tastiest brunch today by opting for Licious discount coupons

Have you ever decided to impress your loved ones by cooking an exquisite dish like classic butter chicken, Goan grilled fish, mutton biryani and many such yummy specials, then Licious is the platform for you, where you can order the raw food and cook with the right ingredients. If you are worried about the price, then let me give you a good news- is at your rescue, we make sure you can get hands on these by applying discounts coupon codes. We are at your service and we make sure you get the best deals by sitting at your home. At Licious, we have variety of diverse fresh meats, our produce is premium and we deliver fresh item every day. They make sure that they you have the right ingredients to create the perfect dish. CouponsCurry ensures that you get the fresh raw chicken meat delivered at your doorstep at the right price which would definitely fit your budget. You would be surprised to see the variety they offer and the top- class quality will win our heart. The contentment people get by cooking and eating is a different level happiness. Along with Licious, you can also use Zappfresh coupons for getting amazing quality meat online.

Get your hands on Licious Promo codes- Sleep, eat, Repeat

Let me make your hungry by mentioning the list of food they have:
ExoticChickenMuttonFish and SeafoodReady to cookCombosSpreadsEggsCold CutsKebabs
Duck Curry cutChicken curry cutGoat ribs and chopTilapia (jalebi) Bengali cutLucknowi mutton galouti kebabClassic eggs- 12 piecesChunky honey mustard chicken spreadBrown eggsSmoked chicken frankfurterLucknowi mutton galouti kebab
Japanese QuailChicken tikka cutSpecial goat biryani cut(leg)Basa- fillet, platinum gradePurani dilli k mutton seekh kebabChicken curry cut large+ small piecesChunky herby tomato chicken spreadCountry eggsPeppery chicken salamiPurani dilli k mutton seekh kebab
Hilsa, Bengali cut with headChicken mini piecesSpecial goat biryani cut(shoulder)Rohu- medium, Bengali cutFish tikka (boneless)Freshwater prawns + chicken curry cutChunky continental chicken spreadClassic eggsChicken breakfast sausage with chivesAfghani murgh seekh kebab

The list is not complete, I have left in suspense so that you visit their website via to avail maximum discounts. Go visit the, apply their promo codes and eat the best food. Why restrict yourself to Licious when you can also discount promo code of other stores.

To eat the delicious meat- grab amazing Licious deals

All you have to do is follow these basic simple steps and voila you are done:

• Visit It gives you the most authentic coupons and superb deals.

• From, the homepage, attractive flashes of deals, discounts of your favorite brands are going to appeal you.

• Scroll down and you will see the names of the most popular brands along with their deals and codes.

• The question/ answer section in your homepage is the generalized part which contains answers about the benefits of shopping through CouponsCurry.

• You must go through them so that you can know about the website and its working.

• Ending soon portion- this will have a list and specifics of discounts, coupons, cashbacks, of variety of brands which are going to terminate soon.

• You can give a look on the validity of any coupon/deal or offer.

• Click on stores and you will have the list of all the stores available in CouponsCurry.

• On the right side, you can also type the name of store you wish to see, in the search option.

• Click on any store of your choice and you will see the deals, discounts, cashbacks, and combos.

• You can also opt for freshtohome coupon code in case you don’t find something in Licious.

• For instance, open the store, let’s say Licious

• A short introduction about Licious, or any company will be there, the ones you have clicked.

• Below that, there will be these options: All offers, Popular, Coupons, Deals, Reviews

• All offers will give you the entire list of all the offers presented by Licious on our website i.e. CouponsCurry

• Popularis the second option, you will see the all the popular deals of that particular brand.

• Then the third option is the Coupons, you will be amazed and pleased to see the coupons and the specifics of your desired brand.

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• All you got to do is click and claim the offer.On the previous page, automatically the website of Licious will be opened.

• Go to the website and choose anything you want to cook. Trust me they have the best raw non- veg food item.

• Before you make the payment, there will be an option right above it- apply coupon, paste the code over there,

• The price will be changed accordingly depending upon the terms and conditions of the coupon/deal/offer.

• The fourth optionis the Deals, click on the deals and yuppie you have your deals.

• Select on “Get Deal” option, you will be redirected to the new page.

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• Add your favorite food in the cart and don’t forget to enforce the deal; before making the payment, paste the code.

• Hurrah! You have your food, why wait, order soon!

• The fifth one is theReviews,I was fortunate enough to get the best product by reading the reviewsabout the brand.

• Read them and then order anything of your choice- food, clothes, electronics, groceries, anything and everything from

Benefits of using Licious Offers
1. High quality food

2. Huge variety: chicken, chicken breast, chicken lollipop, chicken drumstick; Mutton, lamb chops, lamb shanks, boneless mutton; aromatic chicken spreads; special marinades like chicken tikka, chicken wings, Sichuan chilli chicken and many others.

3. Located in many cities such as Hyderabad, Bengaluru, NCR, Chandigarh, Panchkula, Mohali, Mumbai, Pune and Chennai.

4. Fast delivery of your orders.

5. FSSC 22000 certified fresh quality meat and seafood. 100% fresh, 100% natural.

6. They have undergone 150+ safety checks.

7. The food is cleaned properly, hand- cut, with full care and precaution.

8. There are no preservatives in the item they provide you.

9. Customization option with impeccable quantity of the item.

10. For unlimited free delivery, be a member of Licious Meatopia.

You can also eat scrumptious food by using Bigbasket offers.

Today's Licious Coupons and Offers as on 23rd October 2021: Above mentioned are all Licious discount coupons, deals and latest Licious offers for October 2021 month. Follow Licious for all live offers uploaded today at and save maximum.