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Nike is an American based Multination Corporation whose focus is mainly on footwear, apparel, accessories and so on. The company also designs, and manufactures their own merchandise. The company was f
ounded in 1964 and was under the label of Blue Ribbon Sports Inc. at the time. The company officially took the name Nike in the year 1971. Since then the company has showed a remarkable growth to become one of the top brands when it comes to fashion and sport products. The company boosts the most unique products in the market. Their most popular include the Nike Pro, Air Jorden, CR7 Boots and many others. They sponsor some of the highest paid athletes as well as sports clubs all around the world giving them a wider reach.


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What are the various delivery options at Nike?

There are many options when it comes to the delivery at Nike which depend on the price of the products ordered
, the location of the order, and in some cases the availability of the product itself. The options are standard, expedited, express, and store pick up. The standard delivery is most non prioritized delivery option which takes anywhere between 10 – 13 business days to the most prioritized which is express that takes a day or two at most. You can get these products at much cheaper rates through

How do I track my product from Nike?

We believe that your order is our responsibility from the moment you order all the way to the hand over at you
r door step. As soon as you order you would receive a confirmation mail and a detail receipt of your transaction. All you have to do is sign in the Nike app and click on my Profile tab, then click on orders. The select your particular order and you would see the option to track your order. Click on it to see the live location of your order with full customer care support as well in case it isn’t enough. Visit to get exclusive discounts on your Nike product.

How to I change or cancel my order from Nike?

At Nike every product is always kept ready to be dispatched to ensure that they reach as soon as possible. The
moment you order the product will be dispatched and the necessary procedures would start within an hour at most. So that’s all the time that you have if you feel like changing your order or cancel it. You need to be signed in the Nikes app or else you would need to give your order number along with the corresponding email address to be able to do this. If you are looking for an even better discount to go along with your order check out to find the best discounts anytime.

What is the return policy at Nike?

At Nike we believe that customer satisfaction is paramount and is one of our most valuable pillars of strength
. In order to make sure that the customer is absolutely satisfied with our products with no doubts whatsoever, we give you a whole month to decide whether you are comfortable with it or not on most of our products. So that you can have more confidence at the time of purchase as well. You can visit to get one-of-a-kind discounts on your purchase so that you don’t have to worry about going off budget.

Will there be discounts for other brands as well?

It might sound unbelievable but it’s true. Visit CouponsCurry to find the best discounts and promo codes for
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Are Nike Products Genuine?

This is an easy one, anyone who has bought from Nike would know the answer to this one. However, we can’t gu
arantee the products that aren’t ordered from our official website. There are many fakes out there which are way too cheap, we advise you not to trust these sites. Visit our official site and if you are worried about the budget, then visit to get ridiculously low prices on our products.

What is Nike Membership?

Nike membership helps you get exclusive and first-hand access to exclusive footwear and gear from signature ar
tists. It also gives you access to various running and workout programs designed to take you past your limits and reach your true potential. All of these are available at Nike member rewards. The membership is free, all you need to do is sign up in order to be able to claim it. You can also get exclusive limited discounts along with these through a trusted site All you need to do is visit and avail these discounts directly at the time of payment no hassle like pop-ups or ads, no hidden surveys or redirects just quality discounts. Visit us at to get the best at the best price before anybody else without wasting your valuable time and energy.
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  • Chand Singh

As good as it gets

Just got my son a pair of the Kyrie Flytrap 3. I have never seen him so happy; he seems to have just loved it. They are extremely durable and tough. Its grip is great, they look much better in person than on the screen. They look superb and go with almost anything so you don’t have to worry about that. I got mine at

an incredibly low price thanks to a discount from I am really grateful to CouponsCurry and would recommend to all parents out there.

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Just what I was looking for!

I have been playing soccer for a long time and have tried all kinds of studs over this time. However, none of them were perfect, they all had one issue or another. It would either be that the fitting wasn’t perfect, it would be too tight lengthwise or sidewise. If the fitting was good then it had the problem of being

really uncomfortable while taking those knuckle shots, or the grips weren’t up to the mark. They would slip when the surface got a little wet and often put a lot of strain on my ankle in those tight dribble and tackles and so on. I had honestly thought that I wouldn’t find any studs that was good in all aspects until I tried the Nike Phantom GT dynamic fit. It is the best pair of studs that I have ever worn in terms of the perfect fit, comfort, and grip. I honestly think that my longtime search has finally come to an end. I would definitely recommend to all players. I got mine at a pretty reasonable price because of the discount through

  • Submitted on: 26 February, 2021
  • Ashvani Kumar

Killer Looks with comfort!

I got the Nike VapourMax Plus because of a long-term suggestion of a close friend. Considering the hefty price tag, I was skeptical at first whether it was all that worth it. Anyway, I got a promotion last week and decided to finally give it a shot. It’s been less than 24 hours since I got it and I must that I was ab

solutely shell shocked at how good it actually looked. It looks so clean and classy that I have got to thinking why I hadn’t gotten these sooner. They are so comfortable, lightweight, and have a pretty great grip. I would definitely suggest these to all, in part I was able to afford it thanks to a whopping discount from

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Dope Shoes!

I bought the Nike Air Force just recently for my brother of mine as a birthday gift. I was really scared he might not like them but after using them he has fallen in love. They have really good build quality and are very light in weight. The shoes just look so cool and are insanely comfortable to the point where you do

n’t want to get off them even at the end of the day. The soles are really flexible and solid in terms of grip and control. Overall an absolute beauty and it was totally worth it thank to a massive discount that I got through I would recommend this to everyone.

  • Submitted on: 25 September, 2020

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Nike Coupon Code Save an additional 20% amount on Diwali Sale!

All about Nike Offers

Nike’s products have always stood out in terms of quality, style and staying with the trend. In many cases they were trend starters all by themselves, the two-color boots which have become a crowd favorite. They are also one of the very few companies that have gone the extra mile in order to get their products to be as environment friendly as possible. They have been constantly experimenting and testing new materials to reduce their carbon footprint, for example the soles of Nike Air have at least 50 percent recycled material and is made at a facility that relies completely on renewable energy. These soles are further reused up to 90 percent to make cushioning systems for a variety of products. Their products are best in class in terms of comfort and this a driving factor towards their increasing customer base. Their sponsorships with the star athletes of the sports have also helped in increasing the popularity of their products, for example any die hard Cristiano Ronaldo fan wouldn’t think twice in buying the CR – 7 boots from Nike, and likewise they have so much more.

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Whether you are looking for work or play we got the perfect shoes for you and the best part is that you don’t have to compromise with comfort. The Nike Air Zoom Tempo are designed to be as hands as free as possible, thanks to the step-in heel and the one pull fit which was made possible through the collapsible yet durable heel. So that you can just step in and not worry about anything else. The shoes also have a unique patented ultra-responsive cushioning for all those unexpected late-night runs and sudden turns. You can get these shoes at a ridiculously low price through CouponsCurry. All you have to do visit and search for Nike. You can find the most exclusive product discounts and all it takes is a click and you can walk away with your pair of shoes at the best possible price. You would also find other offers like Bata offers and so muchmore so you don’t have to ever break a sweat looking anywhere else.

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When it comes to training and sports gear it wouldn’t be wrong to say that Nike offers the best shoes and equipment. It doesn’t matterif it is in terms of quality, durability, or even comfort the shoes from Nike have it all. The price is also pretty cheap because of the various discounts and coupons that are available along with the almost free delivery. The shoes have patented sole grips which are designed for maximum traction to help you get the best of your workout session. The material is revolutionary new synthetic designed to take all the wear and tear while ensuring proper air flow to help prevent those painful cramps. On top of all these the shoes are very easy to put on. They are stream lined to help to reduce resistance and also have insane flexibility for all those quick changes in direction so that you don’t put too much pressure on the joints. The shoes are attractive and eye catching as always. Considering all these features these shoes are supposed to cost a fortune but they are surprisingly affordable thanks to the extensive reach and the impressive logistics tominimize transportation costs. There are ways to even further reduce the price so that they can really fit into your budget. The company has a tie up with CouponsCurry, which is a highly trusted company that provides discounts for wide range of products and companies. Once you visit CouponsCurry you will find that there are countless discounts on almost every major brand like the fila shoes coupon code, Sketchers discount code etc.

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Working out has never become more easy, ironic isn’t it. Nike offers an exclusive set of track jackets which are meant to make your workout easier. Normally normal fabrics change their properties as they absorb sweat and this creates a huge problem. They get all adhesive and start to restrict movement during the workout and in some cases can even cause rashes n the skin due to the heat and the friction involved. However, Nike Track jacket are designed to prevent this from happening thanks to the sweat wicking knit used in the fabric which ensures that it stays dry during the workout not restricting moment, minimizing the effectiveness of the workout. You can even get these at mind numbingly low prices thank to the tie up with CouponsCurry. It is a trusted company that has tie-ups with over 400 brands to bring the best of the best discounts like Red chief offers and many more without any hassle. In order to get these discounts, you have to do is stick to the steps that ae mentioned below:

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