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This is one of the most iconic and well-known companies in the market when it comes to Ethnic wear. It was one of the recent start-ups that have performed so well in the industry. Ethnic wear is somet
hing that has been a more recent trend and hasn’t been explored as much as the other sectors in the industry. Ethnic wear has steadily been on the rise in recent years as the generations are advancing. The number of people looking for modern wear but also want to stick to their heritage when it comes to clothing have increased and ethnic wear is the best bet. The company despite being only a start-up recently has become one of the most talked about brands in the industry.

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What is the refund policy of Zinnga?

We as a company have always tried our best to give you the best possible merchandise from our end. However, in
the rare case that you are not satisfied with what you have got from us we would be glad to help you out in this case. You can reach out to us within 7 days of your delivery as we believe that this much time is more than enough for you to be able to decide. However, in the case of damaged goods you would have to file the request within 2 days of your purchase. We would check the authenticity of the claim via merchant if required and once it has been approved. All you need to do is ship it back to us for which we will reimburse you and you would have the refund within 7 working days depending on the mode of payment.

What are the things I would have to keep in mind in case I want to return my product to Zinnga?

You must make sure that we are aware of your exchange as we will not accept any return which has not been give
n consent in advance. In the case of defect, we might also ask the picture in case of verification and if we feel that it is authentic, we would proceed further. In the case of more than one product where we might not be able to refund, we might ask you to select another product in its place, or take store credit, or refund for that certain product. In the case that you require alterations you would have to send it back to us for which we would not be responsible for the shipping charges.

How do I get the best discounts for Zinnga?

There are many ways to get discounts and there are countless sites as well that offer the same. However, in th
e case that you want the best then these steps are the way to obtaining them: Open couponscurry.com in your browser. You will see a lot of offers of various brands along with many options on the top. Go to the Search option and search for Zinnga and hit enter. Go through all the available offers and chose one by clicking on it. Activate the offer in the upcoming redirect. View the product in detail on the next page and move onto the payments page. Make sure to click on the available option before completing the payment. Enjoy your perfect hassle-free discount with us at CouponsCurry.

Where will I find the best discounts of Zinnga?

The best discounts can be found at one of their trusted tie ups CouponsCurry. This is the best place when it c
omes to discounts on a whole range of brands. They have partnered up with over 400 of the most popular local and international brands. They have the best discounts all year round so that you don’t even have to worry about the time of the year. The best part of this experience is that there is zero hassle just search, choose, activate and apply to grab your hands on that perfect discount. There will be no ads or pop ups or any hidden strings. We believe that time is just as important as the money saved. Shop with us today to save on both like never before.
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Diwali Sale: Flat 50% off on Women unstitched Lehenga!

This diwali shop the best quality and color of Lehengas at flat 50% off. Buy festive dress at flat 50% saving amount. Zi

nnga offers best color and designs of Pochampally silk lehengas at unbelievable price. Shop now!

  • Rinki Kumari

Flawless design

It's been a week since I got myself a Kurta from Zinnga. If I would say that it is everything that I was hoping for, it would just be an understatement. You would really have to see it believe it. The pictures aren’t even close to how good these actually look. The design is so unique and simple but somehow manages to

stand out just enough. The fabric is comfortable and the color is spot on. It is really unfair how cheap It is considering how good it is. I was able to save a ton of money thanks to the superb discount from CouponsCurry.

  • Submitted on: 30 December, 2020
  • Dishu Kundal

Such an impressive collection

I had been searching for almost a week for the perfect outfit for my best friend's wedding. I haven't been able to find anything to my liking, either the cost was too high or the quality was not up to the mark. However, I luckily stumbled across this through one of their ads. I just received my saree yesterday and I ha

ven’t been able to take my eyes off them ever since. It was just perfect. I was able to get mine at a really great price thanks to the discount from CouponsCurry.

  • Submitted on: 03 November, 2020

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Diwali Sale: Flat 50% off on Women unstitched Lehenga! 50% Flat Deal

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Diwali Sale: Flat 50% off on Women unstitched Lehenga!

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Zinnga Coupon Code Diwali Sale: Flat 50% off on Women unstitched Lehenga!

Know All About Zinnga

The company has managed to become one of the leaders of the Indian market when it comes to ethnic wear. The company promises to deliver the perfect blend of the traditions along with the modern touch to create some of the most iconic designs ever made. They have one of the most reliable design teams who have been working round the clock to be able to create the most unique and eye-catching works of art in the market when it comes to clothing. They haven't stopped here and have always known that there is never going to be an ideal situation and the company makes sure that they always keep trying out something new. This has led to the company starting whole new trends altogether. The company has been proud of the fact that they have many failures as proof of their efforts outside the box. The team at the company has a lot of youth and this has also helped the company understand the mindset of the youth among its buyers. They also believe that the local markets are the best place to be able to understand what the customer needs and have kept this in mind in all their efforts. The company hasn’t backed down when it comes to trying the unexpected and have taken a lot of radical design approaches in their merchandise. They have made it a point to value criticism and take it constructive rather than changing their virtues. Although there are many cases where it hasn’t worked as well as they expected but still, they keep going ahead and this has helped them gain a lot of value when it comes to their customer base. They have one of the fastest growing and loyal client bases in the industry. The company has always valued the love of its clients rather than the amount. They have taken numerous steps to ensure that the customer would rather buy less and come instead of buying a lot just once.

A whole new level of Ethnic wear at the best prices with Zinnga Coupons

The company is one of the most reputed online shopping platforms when it comes to ethnic wear. The company has been focused on bringing a whole new light to the ethnic wear when it comes to the Indian industry. They have always ensured that the quality of the merchandise that they provide is of the highest quality so that no matter who shops with them will always feel that it is worth it. The company has aimed to become the one stop shop when it comes to ethnic wear and supply everything from apparel all the way to footwear, accessories they have always managed to stay ahead of the rest of the competition. They are absolutely unbeatable when it comes to providing all this at an affordable price with offers like Biba offers etc. They have realized that when it comes to fashion that the Indian market is incredibly diverse and full of colours. This mainly arises from the fact that every state has its own identity when it comes to their dressing traditions and so much more. For example, one of the most well-known one is the saree which is so many types when it comes to every single state. There are so many ways in which they are different it could be in terms of its colour, the patterns, the stitching used in the fabric, or even the embroidery, and so much more. Every state has its own a few of the most popular ones being Banarasi Sarees, Patola Saree, Kanjeevaram Saree and so much more. All these sarees are made in their own unique way using an entire host of techniques and ideas. The company has completely revolutionized the experience where you would have access to all of this thanks to its impressive network of over 40 trusted suppliers at the comfort of your own home. You would be able to get your hands on any of these fine products with just the click of a button. The company has made it evident that they don’t want to hinder their growth and have been expanding locally as well in the big cities recently as well.

The best fashion all in one place at affordable prices with Zinnga Promo Code

The company hasn’t just stopped here they have been also trying their hand on Western fashion for both Men and Women alike. This line-up includes shirts, tops, jeans and so much more. The company has been very serious when comes to making sure that the customer doesn’t need to look any further than them for their fashion need irrespective of the location. The company has been able to improve this so much to the extent that they have been able to get up to 40 percent of their sales from this merchandise. The company has been working hard to transform itself from the ethnic fashion store to a complete fashion store. They team has a solid reputation when it comes to holding up their end of the bargain on all their products. The company's motto that the customer is king says a lot about their ideals and their philosophy. They have gone the extra mile to tailor the best of their products themselves to help provide the customers with the best at the best possible price as well. They have also made it a point to only use the best of the best when it comes to the technology that they implement and this has also helped them have an edge compared to their rivals. The company has always kept its growth first and its profits secondary. This is clearly through their various incentives like Amazon india promo code etc. They have used some of the most advanced AI software when it comes to helping understand what the customer is looking for and make their experience more streamlined and enjoyable. They are strong believers of the fact that shopping is an entire experience and isn’t limited to just paying the bill. This has helped the company immensely in terms of the total sales with an increase of up to 15 percent in the last year alone. The company has always believed in their efforts more than the results and this has helped cement their position as one of the leaders when it comes to this sector of the industry by a stretch.

Get your perfect wedding wear at the perfect price with Zinnga offers

The company has undoubtedly reached a new height when it comes to the fashion industry altogether. They have used a very different approach when it comes to the rest of the players. Their approach has always been focused on the customer and being as versatile as possible. They have been able to combine these both in a way like never before and this has helped make the whole experience so much more than it used to be. The company has also aced when it comes to the delivery of their products. All their products are delivered on time and in the most pristine condition. They have pulled out all the stops when it comes to making the customer feel satisfied by not only offering cash on delivery, they have even considered the difficulty that the company would face in case that the product would be returned. In order to overcome while ensuring that the customer doesn’t have to compromise at all they have also added OTP/Calls to make sure that the customer has a clear picture on what he/she is ordering. They deliver all their products for free in metro cities thanks to their huge number of tie ups. The company has always made sure that they would try to stand outside the crowd and this is one of the many reasons why they are loved so much by their clients. They offer the most genuine products along with secure payments, free delivery, and a very easy and simple return policy. The company even provides the clints more information through one of their most trusted tie ups namely CouponsCurry which is a coupons site to provide coupons like Myntra coupons and many others. The company has also ensured that they have stayed ahead by always working ahead of their time. They are planning to add some of the most trusted brands in the years to come. They have always strived for the highest of targets and believe in giving their best shot in everything that they do. The company aims to become the best fashion store in the company and looking at the way things have been working out it doesn’t seem that far away.

All of fashion, best prices, in one place with Zinnga Coupon code and Deals

The company has one of the largest collections when it comes to fashion. They have a truly massive collection when it comes to their merchandise and this keeps getting updated daily so that they customers always had something to look for. Let's take a more comprehensive look when it comes to their merchandise.

Saree – This is one of the most popular traditional outfits in the country. You wouldn’t find many marriages without someone wearing a saree. The company has one of the most authentic and stunning collections when it comes to Sarees. Their collection includes Georgette Sarees, Banarasi Sarees, Pochampally Sarees, Uppada Sarees, Festival Sarees, Partywear Sarees, Casual Sarees and so many more. All these sarees are crafted by masters of their trade so that the quality remains at its peak.

Kurta– The company also has its own collection of Kurta. This is one of the most popular clothing that men wear in weddings and auspicious events. They are made using only the most premium quality fabric and are stitched using the best process so that they remain durable and comfortable at the same time. Their collection includes Cotton Kurta, Long Kurta, Printed Kurtis, Designer Kurta, Casual Kurta, Stylish Kurtis and so much more.

Lehenga Choli – The company has one of the most exclusive collections of Lehengas in the industry. They include almost all the popular style like Festival Lehengas, Bridal Lehengas, Wedding Lehengas, Lehenga Choli, Designer Choli, Designer Lehengas, Women Lehengas, Girls Lehengas and so much more.

Salwar Kameez – This includes some of the most elegant and modern pieces of fashion. You can find some of the most eye-catching designs and vibrancy when it comes to their collection. This includes Anarkali Salwar Kameez, Designer Salwar, Casual Salwar, Party wear Salwar, Bridal Salwar and so much more.

There is so much more that the company has to offer including Gowns, shirts, T shirts, track pants and so much more that it would be just impractical to list them all. The company hasn’t just stopped here and have been working to improve themselves and become the best fashion outlet in the industry.

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The company has started making its best merchandise on their own to reduce the number of middle men to bring them at a much lower cost as well as guarantee its quality as well. There is however a way to get their products at an even cheaper rate. All you would need to do is to follow these simple steps mentioned below:

• Search for CouponsCurry on your desired internet browser and hit enter.

• You would be a bunch of similar sites, make sure to open couponscurry.com which is their official site.

• You would notice that there are multiple options on the top of the page along with a lot of offers like Limeroad coupons and many others in the bottom part.

• Go to the search option, type in Zinnga and hit enter.

• You would have all the offers pertaining to the company in front of you.

• Go through them and choose the one that you love most by clicking on it.

• Activate the officer in the next page by giving it a single click.

• You would be redirected to the official site of Zinnga where you would be able to get a better look at your product.

• Head to the payments page where you would have the option to apply the discount with a single click.

• Complete the payment and the offer is all yours for the taking no hassle whatsoever.

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