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Buy an exclusive range of trendy lingerie from Zivame. We all know how important it is to wear good quality lingerie. Undergarments stick to your skin and may cause irritation, therefore always choose
companies like Zivame to buy premium quality undergarments and night wears. Do not worry, CouponsCurry is here with an exclusive range of Zivame coupon codes which we were not let you burn holes in your pockets. You can shop on their website by category or by price. They offer their products at a great price. So, go on and head towards these companies official site via us to explore their wide range of undergarments and activewear today!

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What is zivame signup bonus?

Zivame signup bonus is a special discount that is offered to zivame new customers to try their products at a d
iscounted price, also known as zivame signup bonus. Once a new user creates an account on zivame website, zivame as welcome bonus shares a discount coupon to the customer email id which is: Flat Rs.150 Off + Free Shipping on your first order. This discount coupon is valid for 10 days from the date of creating account and applicable on a minimum purchase of Rs.999. Copy this code and apply it at checkout to avail this discount. For more attractive offers visit CouponsCurry.com and avail the zivame offers listed below:
Zivame Top Offers Today in June 2021 Discount Available
Panties for those happy days Flat 30% OFF
All-day app-y hours Rs.150 Off Use APPY150
Wide range of Nightwear Under Rs.999
Exclusive Shapewear Range Min 30% OFF
Zivame Sleepwear range Min 20% OFF

How much maximum discount I can get on zivame?

Maximum discount that can be availed at zivame website is up to 90% off discount. However, this depends upon t
he occasion and comes seasonally. We have the list of zivame coupons and deals which are updated daily and as and when the offers come. To get the maximum discount on your zivame shopping we suggest you visit the CouponsCurry zivame section first and pick the deal or coupon code of your choice and use them to save maximum at zivame website. Please Note: All the zivame coupons, deals, and offers listed here are free and there are no hidden charges.

What is Find your Perfect Fit at Zivame?

Find your perfect fit is the new feature by zivame website which helps its customer to identify the size of br
a before ordering to avoid placing the wrong order and making zivame online bra shopping successful in one go. Here’s what you need to do to avail this feature:
  1. Login to the Zivame website with your credentials.
  2. In the top right corner, locate my account icon and click on it.
  3. A slider will come in front of you with multiple options to choose from.
  4. Here you will also see the option: FITCODE. Go to it and click LETS START.
  5. You need to answer a few questions by selecting the option given like Size, Cup Size, Brand, How old the Bra is, etc.
  6. Once you are done with the selections, zivame will suggest you the bra of your size.
  7. Which you can order from the zivame website online and retake this Quiz.
  8. To get discount coupons to get an instant discount from zivame, visit CouponsCurry.com and grab some coupon codes and apply them in your cart.
  9. Pay for the balance amount and you are done.
You can also have a look below to measure your perfect bra size:

How to get an instant discount from zivame?

Getting a discount from zivame online shopping is easy. The shopper needs to do a few steps to get awesome dis
counts from zivame. Be it a new user or existing users, with these steps a user gets a discount for sure while shopping from zivame online. Here are the steps to follow:


  1. How to get discount from Zivame if you are a New Users
    1. Visit CouponsCurry.com when you have decided to shop from Zivame.
    2. At CouponsCurry search for zivame which will take you to the zivame page.
    3. Here you can view all the Deals and Coupons to get discounts from Zivame products.
    4. Pick your best offers as per your choice.
    5. For Coupons, you need to copy the code given by CouponsCurry and apply it in your cart before making payment to get an instant discount from zivame.
    6. For Deals, you need to apply any coupon code. Once you click on get deal, your deal is activated and you are taken to zivame website page where you can view all discount products to shop from.
    7. Pay for the pending amount and your order is done.
  2. How to avail discount if you are an existing customer
    1. Visit Zivame and login with your credentials.
    2. Browse the website and pick the products of your choice by adding them to the cart.
    3. Review your order and move on to the checkout page.
    4. Now open a new tab by pressing Ctrl+t from your keyboard.
    5. Open CouponsCurry.com and go to the Zivame section.
    6. Here you will see the active list of coupons and deals.
    7. Find the best coupon which matches your requirement.
    8. Unlock it by clicking get code and copy this zivame coupon.
    9. Apply this coupon on your checkout page where we left off.
    10. Your cart price will be reduced and you can make pending payment.

What type of bras are there at zivame and how much is the discount?

However, zivame is popular in India mainly for lingeries and shapewear but there are a lot more categories at
zivame an online shopper can opt for and order today. Zivame sticks to the quality and produces only premium products. To get the list of type of bras available at zivame with the amount of discount offered, do have a look at these products below. To get these discount avail zivame promo codes or deals right from the CouponsCurry.com. Have a look on the bras type below:
  1. T-shirt bra collection with price starting from Rs.199 only.
  2. Wide range of sports bra with up to 40% flat discount.
  3. Upto 40% discount on minimizer bra collection on the landing page.
  4. 50% flat off on strapless bra from zivame.
  5. Backless bras at up to 35% discount deal.
  6. Bralettes, enjoy nature as you lounge, all under Rs.799 only.
  7. Discover Cage Pretty Back Bras Collection at up to 40% discount.
  8. Huge discount on maternity and nursing bra section at zivame.
  9. Full coverage and broad straps. Avail at 50% off.
To get the codes visit coupons section, for deals checkout deals section here at CouponsCurry.com

How to get an instant discount from zivame?

It is very easy to get a discount on your next online purchase from the Zivame website or mobile app. To grab
an instant discount on zivame products all you have to do is visit CouponsCurry.com first. Couponscurry is home to thousands of promo codes and deals given out by numerous online shopping platforms and brands. It is the best place to find the right discount coupon for your next shopping because- it is totally free of cost. You do not have to worry about spending even on one of the coupons as couponscurry offers all the offers and promo codes for free. Be it zivame, Clovia, limeroad or any online store get free discount coupons and deal for them instantly at one place.

All these coupons and deals are manually verified and quite active. You can select the right one and save up some money for sure. Couponscurry has an extremely user-friendly interface, through which you can easily activate exciting deals quite swiftly. To get the best voucher or deal for yourself, just visit couponscurry.com. If you want to get an offer on your next zivame purchase, land on the zivame store page. You will find two divisions displaying the top and latest Zivame COUPONS and DEALS from which you can select the right one. Once you have the right coupon, there's no waiting. You will be quickly led to the official zivame website from there you can add the items to your cart. Pay the discounted price for your purchase and enjoy your online shopping at an economical price instantly. Now the question arises, how to avail these zivame coupons to get instant discount. So here you go:

Availing Zivame Coupons for Instant Discount:

  1. As stated above, go to the CouponsCurry website when you are ready to get an instant discount from the zivame app or website just by pointing your browser to www.couponscurry.com as visiting CouponsCurry.com will open the new discount world for you when you are shopping online in India from any website. CouponsCurry.com has tie-up with 800+ online shopping websites and retailers to offer discount coupons and active deals.
  2. Once you visit the official CouponsCurry website you will be able to see the zivame store page. If that is not visible to you just search it in the search bar or land there directly by clicking CouponsCurry.com/Zivame here and check out all the latest offers offered by zivame which are currently live on the zivame website.
  3. After landing on the zivame store page, look for the COUPONS section in the tab section. You can easily find the tab heads QUESTIONS, COUPONS, DEALS, TOP OFFERS, REVIEWS, etc on the zivame store page. Just visit the COUPONS sections to view all live zivame discount coupons.
  4. Compare all zivame promotional codes or coupons listed here and pick the one best suited to you and claim this discount by hitting the GET CODE button. This will allow you to view and copy the zivame coupon code associated with this deal along with the eligibility criteria.
  5. Read the eligibility criteria, copy the code and visit the zivame official website or app this offer belongs to by clicking the code only.
  6. This will take you to the zivame website where you can view all products, select them by adding them to your cart, shop normally, and proceed with the payment. Do not forget to apply the zivame coupon code to get an instant discount during this process when prompted.

What is the process to get a discount on zivame?

Zivame is one of the most popular and genuine online shopping platforms for women in India. It has been provid
ing best quality lingerie and other shapewear for women for a long time. Zivame knows and understands the value of good quality innerwear. While it can be expensive, Zivame offers great discounts on women’s innerwear to make your purchase economical. You can avail of these discounts with the help of zivame promotional codes available at CouponsCurry.com. All you have to do is visit the couponscurry website before shopping from Zivame and grab a Zivame coupon code or deal for yourself by following the steps below:
  1. It is very easy to grab a perfect coupon code from couponscurry.com. To get one on your next online shopping follow the steps given below:
  2. Visit couponscurry.com and look for the Zivame store in the stores section which is at the top of the couponscurry homepage. You can also look it up in the search bar at the right-hand corner.
  3. Once you land on the ZIvame store page you will find two sections one for deals and the second for coupons.
  4. The deals section has all the genuine offers that give out discounts and the coupons section has all the promo codes that give out a set percentage off on your next purchase from Zivame.
  5. Click on the DEALS section to unlock the best offers for yourself. Once you do that, you will find a list of offers on various Zivame products being displayed at the store page.
  6. You can go through these offers and choose the one that suits you most. Once you select the right deal click on the GET DEAL option. Do not forget to read all the terms and conditions to avoid any issues later.
  7. Note that you can follow a similar process to get a promo code as well. To get the promo code of your choice select the Coupons sections and click on the GET CODE button that is right beside it.
  8. Once you are done choosing the perfect deal or coupon for yourself you will be redirected to the official ZIvame website. There you can add items to your cart easily.
  9. At the checkout page, a discounted price for your ZIvame orders will appear and now you can proceed to pay and save up some bucks as well.
Couponscurry offers the most genuine coupons and deals on not just Zivame but hundreds of other online shopping platforms. It has manually verified and authentic offers from which you can choose without the hassle and get attractive discounts on any of your online shopping.

How can I check my bra size on zivame?

If you wish to buy a perfect innerwear, you can trust Zivame with eyes closed. Zivame offers a huge variety of
bras from different brands. They offer different types of bras for different occasions and ages. Now, you can even check your bra size online with the help of Zivame. It is quite easy and hassle-free. To do so, follow the steps mentioned below-
  1. Login to your Zivame account through the website or mobile app.
  2. In the bra section you will see a FIND YOUR FIT option.
  3. Click on that option and you will be lead to the fit code quiz, if you already know your bra size, take the quiz to get the best bra match for yourself. However do not worry if you do not know your size yet. Zivame has made it quite easy for you to check your size.
  4. To do so, click on the MEASURE YOURSELF option that is right below the quiz. Once you do that, a step by step guide of how to measure your bra size will appear on the screen.
  5. You can either follow that guide or watch the video that is just next to it.
  6. Once you have found out your correct size, you can go back and take the quiz to get the perfect bra for yourself.
Now you can even avail of an exciting discount on your next purchase from Zivame through CouponsCurry.com. CouponsCurry is a very user-friendly and secure place to avail free discount coupons for any online shopping website in india. It is a go-to website for authentic and active Zivame deals and discount coupons. To avail of a best coupon or offer on your next online purchase, all you have to do is, visit couponscurry.com first and grab the right Zivame promo code. That's it. You can use couponscurry coupons for free and save up some bucks too.

What are return, refund and exchange policies of zivame?

Zivame is the best platform for women's innerwear, clothing, accessories, etc. It aims at providing perfect qu
ality clothing options for all women. From ordering to tracking to delivery to discount, it ensures a seamless and swift process. While Zivame ensures that you receive the best quality products however if the customer is not satisfied, the products can be returned as well.

Zivame's return policy is quite simple, they take back a product if:
  1. The product received by you is damaged or torn.
  2. The size is improper.
  3. The product does not match the description given on the website/app.
If you satisfy any of the above-mentioned cases, Zivame will take full responsibility for the product. In such cases, you can return the product. The return process is quite easy and hassle-free. To initiate a return follow the below-mentioned steps:
  1. Log in to your Zivame account through a PC or a mobile app.
  2. Click on the MY ORDERS section. In the drop-down menu, you will find the Return/refund option. Click on it.
  3. Once you select the TRACK/RETURN option you will be lead to the page which has a list of your recent orders.
  4. Select the order you want to return and make a request.
  5. If you have asked for an exchange, an authorized delivery partner will come and take the item, you will receive the new product simultaneously.
  6. In case Zivame is not able to take the product back, you can ship it yourself to Mila Star Retail Private Limited, NO-2 Survey no. 10 Makali Village, Dasanapura Hobli Golden Palms Resort Road, Bangalore - 562123, Karnataka. A new item will be dispatched as soon as Zivame receives your package.
  7. When you send off the package make sure it has all the items intact, in their original packaging, and are completely sealed.
  8. In case of a successful return, the money will be credited in the form of zCoins in your Zivame account. And the zivame coupons you applied for will be canceled.
While Zivame takes responsibility for all of its products there are some items that cannot be taken back due to hygiene standards. Here is a complete list of items that cannot be returned.
  • Innerwear like Stick-on bras, panties, briefs and pasties along with some personal accessories can not be returned.
  • Products that are sold as packs cannot be returned as individual items.
  • In case the item appears to have been worn, washed or soiled, the returns are not possible due to hygiene concerns.
  • Note that a gift card purchased from Zivame can’t be returned.
  • In case of any other question or query, you can contact the Zivame customer service at 08214232000 or write to them at customercare@zivame.com.

    How authentic is the zivame website?

    Zivame is an Indian website for women. It has all the different types of innerwear for all body types. You can
    trust Zivame for its quality and timely delivery. Zivame is a genuine website for all types of products for women. It is not us but the people who have reviewed its services and products who claim the superiority of its products. When you shop online from ZIvame you can choose from a grand collection of lingerie and a myriad of women care products along with the zivame discount coupons for June 2021. You can avail of these amazing discount on your next purchase from Zivame with the help of CouponsCurry.com

    What else can I order apart from bras from zivame at discounted price?

    Zivame offers you multiple other items apart from bras. From accessories to clothes to dietary supplements, it
    gives you a variety of other products from which you can choose. Women can get beauty products, face masks, shapewear, health drinks, and a lot more from Zivame. All of this is just one tap away. You just have to create a zivame account and you can select from a myriad of products.

    And now it is very easy to get additional discounts on all these items. All you have to do is visit couponscurry.com before you shop from Zivame. Couponscurry has the most authentic and active discount coupons for you. To avail of an attractive discount on your next online purchase follow the steps given below.

    To get the coupon of your choice follow:

    1. Visit couponscurry.com and search for the Zivame store page. You can either find it in the stores section which is at the top of the couponscurry homepage or look it up in the search bar.
    2. Once you are at the Zivame store page, you will find a coupons division there. You can select the coupons section if you wish to look up the promo codes.
    3. When you reach the coupons division, you will get a list of Zivame vouchers giving out a set percentage of the discount. You can compare all these vouchers and select the best one. While selecting a coupon for yourself do read the terms and conditions listed there.
    4. Once you have found out the coupon, click on the GET CODE button. It will direct you to the page that has the coupon code. You can either click on the code and be directed to the official Zivame website or copy the coupon code and paste it when you are shopping online.
    5. When you are on the official Zivame website. You can select the items and add them to your cart.
    6. When you reach the checkout page and proceed to make a payment and you will notice a discounted price for your items being displayed there.
    You can also visit the deals section if you are not finding a coupon of your choice.

    To find the right zivame deal follow these steps:

    1. Open the deals division and view all the latest Zivame offers. Select the one that seems best.
    2. Once you have chosen the deal of your choice read the eligibility criteria by pressing the GET DEAL button that is right beside the deal. This step will direct you to the official Zivame website and your deal will be active as well.
    3. Now you can select the items and add them to the cart
    4. Once you are done, proceed with the payment.

    What are zCoins?

    Zivame is the best site for women. It offers a huge variety of clothing options, innerwear, accessories and mu
    ch more. When you buy a product from Zivame you get various payment options from which you can select the best one. Zcoins are one such mode as well. Zcoins are service devices for users who purchase from Zivame. Zcoins are as good as cash in hand but when you use them to purchase an item from Zivame your shopping becomes more easy and swift. 1 zcoin equals 1 Re. These zCoins are valid for one year from the time they get added to your Zivame account. You can use them to purchase any clothing, accessory etc from Zivame.

    What are the best offers on the bra at zivame today?

    Zivame is home to a wide range of quality and trendy lingerie. It brings to you a variety of inner wear for al
    l occasions and times of the day. Improper innerwear can be a cause of many health problems and Zivame knows it. Zivame understands the importance of good quality lingerie and even works to make it cost-effective as well. So now you can fearlessly shop for the best undergarments without worry about their prices. To get an additional discount on your online purchase you can look up CouponsCurry.com without any second thoughts. CouponsCurry.com has an exclusive range of Zivame coupon code and deals to help you save up on your online shopping.

    Top Zivame Offers on Bra Today

    Top Zivame Offers on Bras Today on 21st June 2021Zivame Discount on Bras
    Special Offer: Get up to 60% OFF + Additional Benefits on Bra60% Off Deal
    Busy Shopping Sale: Get up to 60% OFF + 5% Extra Cashback & FREE Shipping60% Off Coupon
    Saree Shapewear: Buy 2 At Flat Rs.200 OFFRs.200 Flat Coupon
    Get Rs.300 OFF on Shopping worth Rs.999Rs.300 Flat Deal
    The Holi Sale: Get up to 60% OFF + Extra 5% Cashback on Innerwear60% Off Coupon
    • Active Wear
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    Busy Shopping Sale: Get up to 60% OFF + 5% Extra Cashback & FREE Shipping

    Get up to 60% off on all Innerwear for women. Also get extra 5% cashback using coupon code. Your minimum order amount sh

    ould be of Rs.1349. Also get free shipping on all orders. Buy products such as bra, activewear, Nightwear, shapewear etc.

    BRBSALE5 Get Code

    • Bras
    • Panties
    • Verified

    Saree Shapewear: Buy 2 At Flat Rs.200 OFF

    Get flat Rs.200 off on the products of 2 saree shapewear. Get from the best fabric type like as polyamide elastane/spand

    ex and polyster. Buy the collection includes such as black, brown, purple, skin, red and more. For more details visit landing page.

    • Bank Offers
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    Rupay Card Offer: Get Flat Rs.150 OFF on Purchase Worth Rs.1499 & more

    Get Flat Rs.150 discount on site wide orders above of Rs.1499. Your payment should be done through RuPay cards. The offe

    r cannot be clubbed with any other offer. Enjoy!

    RUPAYZIV Get Code

    • Active Wear
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    Sunny Side Up Sale: Get up to 60% OFF + Extra 5% Cashback & Free Shipping

    Order now and get up to 60% off on summer special innerwear. Additional get 5% cashback on using the promo code. Your mi

    nimum order amount should be of Rs.1349. Also get free shipping on all purchase. Get the offer on active wear, shapewear, nightwear etc.

    SUNNY5 Get Code

    • Innerwears
    • Verified

    Shop for 2 Nightdress & Sets + Additional 10% OFF

    Buy any 2 nightdresses and save flat 10% off on purchases. Filter from colour such as blue, green, pink, grey etc. Choo

    se the ankle length, knee length, and mid calf etc.

    COOLSIESTA10 Get Code

    • Active Wear
    • Bras
    • Panties
    • Wallet Offers
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    Get Flat 5% Cashback on Entire Store Online

    Get flat 5% cashback on purchase of Zivame products worth of Rs.1349 & more. User will avail maximum cashback of Rs.500.

    The cashback will be credited in the users account as Z-coins. For more details visit the landing page.


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    Rs.150 off on 1st order for App users! Get coupon code and shop!

    Shop on Indias best online lingerie, apparel and activewear app! Sign up, shop for your lingeries, use coupon code and a

    vail Rs.150 off on your 1st order. Get your code now!

    APPY150 Get Code

    • Active Wear
    • Bras
    • Verified
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    Special Offer: Get up to 60% OFF + Additional Benefits on Bra

    Get up to 60% OFF on all orders. Also get 7% off using coupon code. Your order amount should be over of Rs.1299. Visit l

    anding page for two pack of bras at Flat Rs.999. Buy the products padded, Non padded, wired, strapless and more. Enjoy!

    • Bras
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    Get Rs.300 OFF on Shopping worth Rs.999

    Shop online with ZIvame and get Rs.300 off on shopping worth Rs.999. Buy padded bra, Front open bra, Push up bra, wired

    bra, non wired bra etc. Also get flat 10% cashback maximum Rs.50 pay via Freecharge wallet. No coupon code required. Enjoy!

    • Bras
    • Lingeries
    • Panties
    • Verified

    Women Intimiate Wear Under of Rs.999

    Get new lingerie styles for women below of Rs.999. Explore the products like bra, Nightwear, non padded, wire free, pant

    ies etc. Get the top brands like West vogue, Rosaline, Campus sutra etc.

    • Shapewear
    • Verified

    Minimum 30% Off on Shape Wear at Zivame.

    Now dress up for yourself with active zivame coupons and deals. Get minimum 30% off on zivame when you shop from shape w

    ear category. This deal is valid for a limited time period and can be availed at zivame official website. Open for all new and existing customers. Shop today and save minimum 30%.

    • Bras
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    40% Off on Cotton Sports Bra from Zivame

    Hey, beautiful ladies! Attention please. Zivame has come up with an awesome discount if you are a sports lover. Complete

    you gym bag with the help of zivame offers which starts with 40% discount on sports bra. Go to zivame official website by clicking on get deal and point your browser to cotton sports bra from main header. Now your deal to get 40% off on cotton sports bra is active through which you can shop from 39+ sports bras and that too with exclusive discount from zivame. As this scheme is available for limited period so dont wait anymore. Take benefits of couponscurry.com and avail this zivame discount to complete you gym bag without making any extra burden on your pocket. Zivame is known for offering the right bras for your need. When it comes to your gym routine it has bee studied that you must have proper and right costume while hitting the gym otherwise it can create side effects too. To overcome all the hurdles that a lady faces, couponscurry.com with zivame tie-up has introduced the zivame sports bra sale so that every women can take benefits of gym with right sports bra and a healthy body with 40% discount on cotton bra category. So dont wait now as such sale comes very often. Order your pair of bras at discounted price from zivame today.

    • Leggings
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    40% Off on Ankle length leggings collection on zivame

    Get 148+ designs of leggings from zivame at up to 40% off today. Zivame has introduced this sale today only and will be

    live till the stock lasts. So dont wait and order your style right away with up to 40% discount. Zivame offers this discount to all its new and existing users. So dont miss the chance today and get your favorite legging now. Whether you are a fitness freak, yoga lover or zumba fan these leggings are perfect fit for you. Available in multiple colors and sizes these will be a nice combination for your top. So dont give a pause to your exercise and stay fit with these cool leggings. Hurry now as this offer is for a limited period. Grab your collection today before its gone out of stock. Zivame delivers these right at your door stop without any shipping charges on a particle shopping amount. Lets make your online shopping experience waoo with zivame online shopping sale which is now live with 40% off on leggings.

    • Active Wear
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    Get flat 15% Off on Activewear

    Get a flat 15% off on wide range of activewear from zivame list today. Choose your activewear from the wide range of act

    ivewear listed on landing page. To view all products, click on get deal and you will be redirected to official zivame website where you can have a look on all activewear which are in this zivame offer. Discount offered is also mentioned there to avoid any confusion. You can choose your products, select sizes and add product to the card. The price shown is already discounted price and no need to apply any zivame coupons or promo code. Pay securely with any mode mentioned on the check out page as per your convenience. Please note, this 15% discount is on limited zivame products. So make sure that you are buying discounted products only. To get other zivame products on discounted price, stay tuned. We do upload zivame coupons and promo codes daily.

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    Get Upto 60% OFF on Comfy Lingerie on Zivame

    If you are one of those who wish to show your boyfriend or husband a very younger side of yourself then, this is the bes

    t time to get some hot and smoky lingerie for yourself because, what you show should be better. And now you can get up to 60% OFF on your briefs and bras.

    • Lingeries
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    Get Strapless and With Strap Bras on Zivame at Just Rs. 400

    For those girls who are switching onto the strapless bras or a change this is the website where you can buy one for your

    self at very considerable cost. You can now get the bras of your choice at just 400 INR. So don’t let this opportunity go away from your hand. So what are you waiting for? Go get them now.

    • Lingeries
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    On Zivame You Get Buy 1 Get 1 Free Offer on Active Wear

    Are you one of those women who go for jogging? Or are you very conscious about your health? This is the right place to g

    et your dress from as Zivame has introduced the buy 1 and get 1 offer on their active wear. Choose one for yourself and keep yourself in shape.

    • Clothing
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    A Pleasant Sleep is all that Zivame looks for, When it comes to Sleepwear

    A beauty and comfortable sleep is only achieved when you have a comfortable sleepwear on your body. So, if the clothes t

    hat you wear are making you uncomfortable then here is a solution. Go shopping online on Zivame and get the best sleepwear for yourself to get the most comfortable sleep at night.

    • Lingeries
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    The Price is the best, You can Get 3 Bras at Just Rs. 1099

    Zivame has been into the market for quite a time now and they have been introducing all styles of innerwear for ladies.

    They have almost all the sizes and styles. Here is one deal that you can’t just get out of your head unless you avail it. Get 3 bras at just 1099 INR. Isn’t this a great deal to crack? Go for it.

    • Vandana Tiwari

    Zivame - best online platform for lingerie shopping

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