Philips Air Purifier Price Price List in India. Updated in January 21
Philips Air Purifier Price

Philips Air Purifier Price

Philips - the Dutch company, is known to be one of the oldest and the most famous companies that has a vast range of services in the area of healthcare, electronics, and lighting.


Philips AC1215/20 Air Purifier


All you need to know about Philips Air Purifier Price

Philips is said to be one of the largest electronic companies around the globe. By the year 2012, it became one of the biggest manufacturers of different varieties of lights.

Similarly, the company has taken out different sorts of air purifiers keeping in mind the air quality that has been degrading with each passing day.

These air purifiers are made with smart technology and with good layers of filters which keeps the air pure and pollutants free.

Considering the price of Philips air purifiers, it manages to fall into range and are mostly budget-friendly. Are you looking for huge savings on home appliances for that you can try our amazon coupon code

Here is a list of different air purifiers by Philips that are available in the market and have great features.

Philips air purifier series 3000

It is one of the latest air purifiers released by Philips on 20th December 2020.
It has a 3 layer filter and helps in improving the air quality. The air purifier is excellent for a medium-sized room. The CADR of the air purifier is 400 m³/hour.
The main drawback that is found in this air purifier is that it does not support wifi connectivity.
The price of this air purifier is Rs. 32995.

Philips AC1215/20 air purifier

Launched on 30th November 2016, this air purifier is very budget-friendly. It is a portable air purifier that is perfect for your home. This air purifier supports Vitashield technology and comes with a thick HEPA filter whose function is to improve the air quality. The CADR of this purifier is 260 m³/hour.
The best features of this product are that it has a child lock, air quality sensor, auto modes, night mode, and fan speed modes.
Philips air purifier price is Rs. 9000.

Philips GoPure compact 110

Philips GoPure compact 110 is a car air purifier that is launched to keep the surroundings of your car fresh and healthy.
This air purifier consists of a 3-stage filtration process and clears up to 99% pollutants from the car to maintain the quality of the air and your health.

The air purifier has 3 stages of purification where the first one is called 'pre filter', capturing the big particles like pet hair in the surroundings.

The second stage includes the HEPA filter which removes the harmful gases or different pollutants from the car.
The third and final stage is the HESA filter that purifies the bad odour like the smell of the car.

The air purifier works in 15 minutes and takes away all the toxins and smells from the car, leaving the car fresh to breathe in.
That's not it! The GoPure air purifier fights against the harmful gases in the car.

The portable and effective Philips air purifier car can be fixed anywhere in the front.
The price of this air purifier is Rs. 6000.