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List of Top Shopping Websites in India to Shop from at Discounted Price:

Online shopping has been the latest trend. There are hundreds of online shopping platforms in India that deal in different categories of products. While there are
a number of options from which you can choose, not all online shopping websites in india are genuine. Which is why today we bring you a list of all the authentic and top online shopping platforms in india from which you buy genuine products and get the best quality items from the comfort of your home.

  1. Amazon: It is one of the biggest online shopping platforms from where you can purchase countless products. When you become an Amazon member, you can choose from hundreds of categories and buy excellent quality electronics, electrical appliances, home care items, home decor items, skin care products, apparel, cosmetics and a lot more. There are other features like Amazon pay and Amazon prime which you can use and avail great benefits on your online shopping with ease. The best thing about this online platform is that it has a very user friendly interface and even though this platform has a variety of categories from which you can select, the choices that they offer do not overwhelm their users. It is one of the most genuine online shopping platforms from where you can get quality items at good prices.

  2. Flipkart: It is an Indian website which mainly deals in Electronics. While you can find the best quality electronics over this online platform, it also offers a large list of categories from which you can choose. You can purchase from a huge variety of books, clothes, electrical appliances, skin care items, staples and much more from this online platform. It has a user friendly interface and when you reach a certain threshold, you can also benefit from the loyalty points and activate your flipkart plus membership. It also provides its users with a secure payment facility and also allows the users to book travel tickets from this online platform. Flipkart is known all over the country for its Big Billion Day Sale.

  3. Tatacliq: Tatacliq is India’s biggest phygital platform. The word “Phygital” refers to physical+digital. Tata cliq is a combination of both physical and digital shopping. It deals in multiple categories like electronics, clothing, accessories, home decor items and much more. When you shop from this platform, you can either make your purchase online or order it on a take away. You can visit the nearby Tata Cliq store and get your orders from them too.

  4. Paytm Mall: Paytm Mall is also an Indian online shopping platform that deals in multiple categories like clothes, home care items, electrical appliances, electronics like smart phones and smart TVs. When you shop from this online platform you can easily avail excellent discounts and cashbacks. It is an authentic and genuine online shopping platform for people who want to shop for multiple things from one destination.

  5. Limeroad: Limeroad is a top Indian online platform that deals in apparel and footwear. This platform has a huge collection of ethnic clothes and dresses. When you sign up on this online platform, you can select from a large variety of clothes both ethnic and foriegn. It is an Indian platform which gives you the best quality clothes. Apart from apparel, you can also select from accessories, footwear options, home decor items and home care items. From Limeroad you can easily get the best quality items for yourself without any hassle.

  6. Nykaa: It is an Indian platform that deals in Cosmetics. When you sign up on Nykaa you can select from a large variety of cosmetics. They have the most original and good quality cosmetics from which you can select. You can choose from hundreds of brands and select the best kajals, eyeliners, makeups, fragrances and much more. Nykaa also deals in apparel and accessories. You can purchase trendy clothing items from them at good prices. There are different sales that come up each day on this platform and when you sign up you also avail bonus Nykaa points and free delivery over the first order.

  7. Myntra: It is the one stop destination for all the fashion lovers. From Myntra you can get the best quality clothes for yourself. It also has a huge variety of brands from which you can choose. Apart from trendy apparel it also sells cosmetics, branded footwear, accessories and much more. When you become a member, you can have access to many sales and avail excellent discounts over your purchase from this platform.

  8. Netmeds: Netmeds is an online platform from where you can get the best quality medicines at your doorstep. The best thing about this online platform is that it is quite hassle free. And if you want to get tested, book an online consultation, purchase medical equipment or buy medicines, you can get it all done with a few simple clicks. You can rely on Netmeds because it is genuine and secure. It offers good discounts to its users and there are several sales that go live on this platform on different occasions.

  9. Swiggy: Swiggy is an online food shopping website in india which allows you to order food from different platforms at a nominal delivery cost. No matter if it is a spicy food that you are craving or a piece of chocolate cake when you are at Swiggy you can get everything at a cost-effective price. Now Swiggy has also introduced a new pick and drop service which is called swiggy genie. So if you want to pick something then you can add the pickup and drop destination on swiggy and they will get anything you want from stationery, food items, grocery or anything else. There are several savings plans which you can use and save big when you become a swiggy user. Swiggy is the best online platform for foodies.

  10. Zomato: It is one of the most popular Indian food platforms from where you can make bookings for different restaurants, check their locations, menus, ratings, and much more. Along with these features, it also allows you to make your orders online from different food platforms. You can make an order online on Zomato and get the best quality food delivered right at your doorstep without any hassle. There are different memberships from which you can choose and make your purchases more cost effective.

Top 7 Grocery Websites in India

Online grocery shopping has become a new trend. Grocery websites like Grofers and Big Basket grew their presence in the market in the past decade but this business saw its original boom recently when the pandemic hit the world. When the pandemic happened, the whole world was in lockdown and everyone was doing bulk buying. In such a time, grocery items were the basic requirement that people wanted to stock with them. While not all the people were able to visit the market, online platforms like Grofers, Jio Mart, and Big Basket delivered the best quality grocery items to thousands of households each day and made their pandemic more safe and bearable. Online platforms have helped in providing the best grocery buying experience for all types of users. With timed delivery, fresh products, and cost-effective prices, online grocery shopping has become more feasible and effective for all types of customers. In recent times, these 7 big websites have emerged as the best online platforms from where you can get the best quality vegetables and fresh fruits right at your doorstep.

  1. Grofers: Founded in 2013 by Albinder Dhindsa and Saurabh Kumar, it has become one of the best online grocery selling platforms. Grofers comes with many benefits for its online users. From fresh grocery items like vegetables and fruits to dairy items like milk, bread, and eggs, you can find it all on this online platform. It deals in packed foods like pulses and other eatables like noodles, chips, and much more. Grofers makes up one of the most popular online grocery platforms in India.

  2. Big Basket: Founded in 2011 and headquartered in Bangalore, Bigbasket is one of the biggest online platfrom which sells grocery items, packed foods and dairy products online. It has many benefits and users enjoy excellent quality products delivered to their homes with a few clicks. Along with the online platform, you can also find Big Basket outlets in different cities. Recently, it has also launched the Big Basket instant service. Users can now access items like packed foods, drinks, and sometimes even fruits and vegetables from vending machines. You can make your payment online and use the vending machine to grab the items when you travel. Big Basket also introduces its users with the new feature called BigBasket daily. When you avail of this service, you can get fresh milk delivered at your doorstep each day in the morning. This service can be managed with the Big Basket app. You can pause it whenever you want and resume me to continue the routine too.

  3. Amazon Pantry: Amazon pantry is an instant online service that enables Amazon users to buy day-to-day items like groceries, home care items, packed foods and much more at nominal prices. When you shop from Amazon pantry you can get excellent quality products for yourself within hours of making an order. It is time-saving, inexpensive, and hassle-free. There are additional benefits of being an Amazon pantry user. You can select from a huge variety of home care items. Pet care items, grocery, fruits and vegetables, and much more. And when your order costs above Rs.799, you can also avail of free delivery.

  4. Easyday Grocery: Easyday is no more the local community grocery hub, it has spread itself to the online market as well. Now you can buy fresh groceries from this online platform. You can select from all the available items in the physical Easyday store and make your purchases cost-effective. When you become an easy day online member, you can join a WhatsApp group and make your orders without any hassle. You can shop a list in that group, make your payment through UPI and enjoy the perfect grocery items from the comfort of your home. When you sign up on the easyday app there are several bank offers that come with the easyday membership that you can benefit from as well.

  5. Flipkart Grocery store: When you use Flipkart grocery shopping in india, then you can select from thousands of items from staples like wheat flour, pulses, gram flour etc to vegetables, fruits, packed foods. Home care items, skincare items, hair care items and much more. Flipkart grocery store has some amazing discounts to offer to all its users. When you shop from the Flipkart online grocery store you can check for the latest 1Re. Deals and offers to make your online grocery purchases more affordable.

  6. Spencers Store: This online shopping website is the best in india. When you have the spencers app, you can select from 30,000+ products and make your purchases cost-effective. You can order the best quality grocery items from this online platform with a few simple clicks and get all the products that you require from the comfort of your home. It is a very time-saving and hassle-free shopping platform. You can become a Spencers member by downloading their application or making an account online on the website.

  7. Dunzo: Founded in 2014 with its headquarters being in Delhi, it is also one of the best online shopping platforms from where you can get dairy items, packaged food items, bakery products, grocery items, and much more at an affordable price. This platform has established itself in many Indian cities and is one of the most reliable platforms from where you can purchase grocery items hassle free. Apart from grocery items, you can also purchase raw meat and even order medicines from this online platform. When you sign up on this platform you can avail all these services at a discounted price with the help of
Other in the list are: JioMart by reliance, naturesbasket, and many others that you can try for ordering grocery online in india.