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Meatigo is an online based company that has been focused primarily on the sale of meat. The company is Indian based and was started in the year 2018. It is headquartered in Haryana. The company, altho
ugh has just a few years of experience under its belt, has been showing phenomenal signs of growth. The company offers its services in the major cities like Delhi NCR, Mumbai, Bangalore and Kolkata. They have been looking to expand in the coming years to other major cities as well. They have one of the widest sections of meat compared to anywhere else be it online and even offline as well. Their collections include everything from Poultry, red meats, delicatessen and imported meats, fish and also ready to eat products like Artisanal Burger Patties and so much more. They offer all of this with the guarantee that there would be no antibiotic and hormone residues in any of their meat products. They even boast a delivery time of no more than 120 minutes.


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What is the cancellation policy at Meatigo?

Since we strive to offer the freshest of the goods there are some guidelines that we have to follow to ensure
this. In many cases this wouldn't allow us to be refunded or take back your order. However, we still believe that no one is perfect. We would suggest that you review your order carefully before ordering. In the case that you managed to place the wrong order you have a 10-minute window after placing the order to do so after which it is considered final. It is important to keep in mind that this policy doesn’t differ based on the modes of payment.

What do I do in the case that my meat product is damaged or defective?

You do not need to worry as we accept returns in these cases, however in the interest of being more thorough w
e would like to list in detail all the possible cases that we will take into consideration.
  • We only accept returns in these following cases.
  • The product has been delivered after its delivery date.
  • The packaging of the product is no longer intact or has been altered or damaged during the delivery process.
  • The item that was delivered was not what you had ordered.
  • However, feel free to let us know any other issues that you have with our service at the time of delivery on 8743-950-950. Your queries are most welcome.
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    • Bansika Singh

    Freshness delivered consistently

    I have been a regular customer of Meatigo for a month now. I do not think that you can find better meat anywhere else in the market. The quality is so good that you can literally see the juices flow out if you give a squeeze. The meat is cleaned so well and the packaging is solid. Everything about it is exceptionally g

    ood for the quality and taste of the meat all the way to the way that it is delivered. If all of this wasn’t enough the price was the best that I have seen so far. I never even thought twice while paying because it's just that good. The majority of the price drop that I was able to get was thanks to CouponsCurry.

    • Submitted on: 18 March, 2021
    • Nisha Jain

    Mouth watering

    I have been a huge fan of sea fish ever since my childhood and I have grown up watching the beach. In our house fish isn’t a side rather it’s the staple and ever since I moved to Delhi in the pursuit of a job, I have never been able to find quality seafood anywhere around. They were only available at these luxury h

    otels with the highest possible price tags. I had honestly thought that the next time I would have some quality seafood was when I would reach back home. I had stumbled across Meatigo by chance and I gave in to weakness at the time and decided to give it a shot. I had ordered the Prawn Cutlet and I just had it fried last night. I was literally blown away at how tasty and fresh it was. It was so good that I remembered the food at home. I wouldn’t be able to put it into words so I strongly advise that you try it out. I got mine at a nice discount from CouponsCurry.

    • Submitted on: 16 October, 2020

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    Know all about Meatigo

    The company was founded by SiddhantWangdi who saw the immense potential in this part of the industry. Until Meatigo came into the picture the industry was mostly very crude and unorganized with the exception of a few places. The demand for a better lifestyle has been visible in our country in the last few years. The people are looking to live a much higher standard of living when it comes to accommodation, transport and much more but also a much better quality of food mainly non vegetarian based. The country has been mainly focused on improving the quality of vegetarian food that the gap between the both has become sizable. The company primarily targeted this gap and was looking to get rid of it and even turn the tide to its favour.

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    Considering the fact that India is the 2nd fastest growing market for the processed meat and poultry industry. They offer much more compact and easier meal options like sausages and many others. With the rapid pace at which the industry in India has been developing, the lifestyle of people has become so fast paced that cooking a proper meal has become almost impossible. Many people hire people to get their cooking done for them but then there will always be the issue of trust.One believes in one's own cooking more than anyone else. It is just basic human nature after all. Given the time constraint it cooking alone becomes a problem let alone taking the time to search and find the best shop to get the right cut of meat. On top of that even if you did you would still have to clean and marinate it for at least 4 hours to get through to the meat. With all this in mind most would obviously choose to change their choice of meal altogether something that the company looks to solve. In order to do this the company has partnered up with some of the most trusted and reliable producers of premium quality sausage and cold cuts at the best possible discounts through coupons like Freshtohome promo codes and many more. The company has shown no indication of stopping any time soon and continues on with their blistering pace in the industry.

    Get the juiciest and premium cuts of meat at the best possible price with Meatigo Coupon Codes

    In India more than 70 percent of the people eat non veg and over 40 percent of India’s eat meat every week. The major problem was that close to 90 percent of this demand was met through a very poorly developed network of local markets and mandis. These local shops were very limited in terms of space and lacked the proper knowledge and know how on its safe and proper storage. This meant that almost every time that you had meat there is a high possibility that the meat was lacking in terms of freshness as well as quality. To make matters even worse they are injected with a lot of antibiotics as well as other chemicals for a much faster breeding and to cut costs by feeding them bub par standard food. The meat after being cut is stored without proper refrigeration for up to a period of an entire week and to get rid of the odour they would use vinegar and such. This could obviously lead to a host of problems in terms of health and the well-being of its customers. This isn’t all there are so many other problems as well such as the fact that they don’t have much else to offer other chicken.

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    The company soles all of these by providing the best quality meat maintained at the best possible storage along with professionals who make sure that the whole process is perfect. They make sure to get the meat as per daily requirements straight from the farms rather than from other suppliers in an effort to deliver only the best. The entire process follows a very strict set of guidelines and rules to ensure that the meat that is delivered is in pristine condition throughout. All the meat that goes through undergoes a series of quality checks to ensure that the quality and freshness of the product assured. Getting it from trusted farms also eliminates the possibility that of the meat being infused with any external foreign agents. The entire process follows strict cold chain control meaning that the meat would not be tampered with at any point. You can get it at an even cheaper price point with discounts like Spar India coupons and so many more.

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    The company has been following their core belief which puts the customer first in any scenario. There are many other companies who have been following the stride of Meatigo and have been showing reasonably good progress. The company has welcomed its competition as they have also been helping in creating the necessary awareness among the people when it comes to the current state of the meat industry in India. The company hasn’t been looking to completely put the local markets in the wrong. It's just that the company wants them to implement more better hygiene requirements and safety checks to ensure that the meat that they deliver are of the right quality. The company offers a huge variety of goods when it comes to Meat with the best possible incentives for example Licious offers among others. Here are some of their most major categories of what they have to offer.

    • Poultry – This was an obvious choice the company has a wide variety of the best poultry products whether itIs whole or if you are looking for those specific cuts of meat as per your need. The meat is not only limited to chicken but you can find the best cuts of Duck, and Turkey as well. So, it doesn’t matter if you are in the mood for a thanksgiving just let us take care of all your meat needs.

    • Burgers and Momos – If you are a foodie then it’s very likely that you might have come across Burgers at least once. The problem is that you wouldn't be able to find any other burger, other than chicken mainly and that too they come at really high prices. We offer the best selections of patties and it isn’t limited to chicken you can find pork, red meat and so much more all pre marinated so all you don’t have to worry about the seasoning in any way. When it comes to momos you can find the best easy to cook chicken, pork momos and so many more all in one place.

    • Red Meats – You can find some of the most organic ground red meats anywhere in the market. The cuts are done perfectly so that you can have the perfect barbeque with ribs or steak you don’t have to break a sweat. They include Mutton, Pork and Beef and these are considered to be one of the healthiest when it comes to meat.

    • Marinates and Kebabs – This includes the most premium cuts of ready to cook and precooked cuts.

    • Bacon Sausages and cold cuts – These are some of the most essential for a high-quality breakfast if you are energy heavy with your routine. It includes Bacon, Sausages, and fresh Hams and salamis.

    • Fish – Last but in no way the least one of the best non veg choices out there. You can find the best fillets of the most premium catches in the comfort of your own home.

    Get your hands on incredible Meatigo offers
    These are just some of the major categories there are so much more that listing them all out would be impractical. The company also has any other tie ups on which is CouponsCurry which is a reputed and trusted brand. You can buy all our products at epic prices using codes for example Zappfresh offers and the best part is that there is no hassle involved at all. You just need to follow these simple steps that are mentioned below:

    • Search for CouponsCurry on your internet browser.
    • Make sure that you open
    • Search for Meatigo within the site.
    • Go through all the offers and choose the one that you like the most.
    • Activate the offer with just a single click when prompted.
    • Go through the product description in detail and make sure that it is what you came for.
    • Proceed to the payments page where you can avail the discount in just a single click.
    • Complete the payment and enjoy your discount hassle free.

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