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Moglix is a leading B2B e-Commerce for Industrial products. It helps you in buying industrial products online without any hassle and also provides you easy ways to handle and obtain the product. This
platform aims to make considerable savings when you purchase the supplies and also raise the potency level of your inventory management. They tend to make this online business a time saving and a smooth process for the consumer. Traditional process of the procurement of industrial products and business supplies is a time consuming task. Moglix simplifies this process by making itself a perfect platform for the companies, suppliers and the consumers for the procurement of the industrial tools and equipment within a specific time- limit. You can get hands on these products at a cheaper rate via a website, namely,

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Are the promo codes valid on Rupay Cards?

When you visit Moglix you would already find the best machinery and tools that are of the best quality. It eve
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Get Flat Rs.200 OFF on Pumps For All User

Get flat Rs.200 off on pumps. Your minimum order amount should be of Rs.5000. The offer is valid for all users. Enjoy!

PUMP200 Get Code

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Get Minimum 25% OFF on Home & Kitchen Essentials

Get minimum 25% off on home and kitchen essentials items. Buy juicers, room heaters, Led and more. Get the top brands li

ke Bajaj, Wipro, Evereday, Philips etc.

  • Jairam singh

Pretty compact with lots of power

It has been almost two weeks since I got the Sameer I HP water pump from Moglix. Now after using it I am convinced it has one of the best Power to Body ratios in its category. It is very efficient and consistent in terms of power. It has been working 24x7 and hasn’t shown any signs of choking or overheating. It was v

ery easy to install and its working was straightforward. In terms of price, I was lucky thanks to the killer discount I had gotten from

  • Submitted on: 08 July, 2021
  • Sanjeev Kumar

Just screams value for money

I have been just binge watching for a week now with my new KrisonsRedblast 5.1 home theatre system that I had got from Moglix. If I said that its sound is loud that would be an understatement. The sound levels are truly insane and there is no cracking in the sound whatsoever. Its bass is one of the best I have ever fel

t, literally gave me the goosebumps. I got it such a low price that felt a little unfair all thanks to the discount from CouponsCurry.

  • Submitted on: 19 March, 2021
  • Napendra Singh

Pretty handy!

Just had my house warming function last month, been looking for way to beautify my house interiors. I wanted to make my book shelf looking more antique by making a few cuts and adding a few curves, but I couldn’t rely on just my hands for the cuts, as I don’t have steady hands. I came across this Stanley Plunge Rou

ter via Moglix during my search and decided to give it try. It has a very rewarding experience, the machine was so easy to use and was easy to modify. It was really light weight and had a very powerful but silent operation. It cost me way lesser thanks to and I would suggest it to all as it will certainly come in handy one way or another.

  • Submitted on: 16 March, 2021
  • Atul Chouhan

Way too comfortable

I was looking for a tool to size up to my marble tiles for the flooring of my house. The thickness of the slabs was less so I couldn’t use traditional tools as it could cause cracks. I tried the Master MMC-110 from the Moglix website through a friend’s suggestion. I must say that after using it that it was the righ

t thing for the job. Its diamond carbide blades had no problem in going right through the marble. The dry blades allowed my cutting to be more accurate and comfortable. I was really satisfied with the product and its price tag thanks to a substantial discount from

  • Submitted on: 29 October, 2020
  • Deepa Tandan

Just perfect

Just got myself a 300 W Tiger Electric Rotatory drill last week. I got my hands on it from Moglix. I have been using it extensively for maintenance work in my garage. It has been just perfect so far. It is really light and so easy to use. I have been using it for hours without any problem or wrist aches. Its power cons

idering its weight is astounding, it just goes through like warm knife through butter. I have just enjoyed using it and would suggest it to all. It was absolutely worth it in terms of money thanks to the huge discount I got through

  • Submitted on: 01 October, 2020

Top active and working discount coupons and offers for Moglix as on 25 October 2021

Moglix top working promo codes and offers Available Discount
Get Minimum 25% OFF on Home & Kitchen Essentials 25% Off Deal
Get Flat Rs.200 OFF on Pumps For All User Rs.200 Off Coupon

Today's i.e 25th October 2021 Moglix discount coupons for new / existing users

Moglix Coupons and offers for New / Existing Users Available Discount
Get Flat Rs.200 Discount on LED Monitors New user
Flat Rs.200 OFF on House Cleansing Essentials New user
Get Minimum 25% OFF on Home & Kitchen Essentials New user

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Today's Active Moglix Coupon Codes & Offers List

Moglix Coupons Type Moglix Promo Offers
Moglix Coupon Code Get Minimum 25% OFF on Home & Kitchen Essentials
Moglix Discount Code Offer Get Flat Rs.200 OFF on Pumps For All User

All about Moglix Offers

Moglix is a well- known industrial equipment supplier, it has 3 lac SKUs, 250K + SME clients, 5000+ suppliers and 35+ categories. They have a tons of industrial and business supplies that includes safety, power tools, appliances and official supplies and other MRO supplies like pumps & motors, Laboratory supplies, Electricals, lubricants, hand tools, hydraulics & pneumatics and so on.

• Safety- Moglix offers safety gears like safety shoes, signage, safety helmets, etc. They also have PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) that is mandatory in the current times for the employees to wear at work.

• Power Tools- These are those efficient tools that are fixed, potable and they assist in finishing the task in one time. They have both industrial and commercials power tools for DIYers, industrial workers and shop owners.

• Appliances- Moglix can fulfill your business needs by offering a wide range of quality appliances and utilities. They firmly believe that it will enhance their employee’s work efficiency in the workplace.

• Office supplies- Moglix has office stationary and supplies that you can buy at a reasonable price. This makes the work life easier and safer for the employees, and the employers. They do this so that the maximum productivity seeps from a workplace.

Buy the amazing product from Moglix by obtaining Moglix Coupons

This website provides information about various industrial product in such a way that the users can acquire information about the same. Moglix has tie- ups with the top logistics companies so as to ensure that it reaches the customer’s doorstep on time that means the delivery of industrial products. They have covered around 25,000 pin codes across India. They supply different categories of products like- safety, appliances & utilities, power tools, Electricals, pump & motors, office stationary, medical supplies, LED & lighting, automotive, measurement & testing, hand tools, plumbing & bathroom fittings, cleaning & housekeeping, office furniture & décor, IT & electronics and many more. You can products from these very categories from Moglix. Obviously, these products can be expensive but a discount coupon could do wonders and help you save some good amount of money. You can get your hands on these products by opting for Moglix discount coupons from CouponsCurry. Not only this, you can go for Tatacliq promo code for the same categories of products if you want to explore more. Using CouponsCurry, this makes a way for you to save money and purchase quality industry products for your home or in bulk for organizations. Choose Moglix because it is indeed one of the best sites who prioritizes quality and deliver these products right on time.

Let’s see what can you buy from Moglix- can do not forget to grab Moglix Deals & offers

The variety is very diverse, even the diverse word does not suffice for the variety of products they have in their store. You can buy these products at an affordable price. Yes, you heard it right, appliances at a cheaper price. We the team of have created a platform for you, where you can purchase industrial products at less price. The name of the website is CouponsCurry, do visit for a better economical experience. You can also grab 10Kya offers if you want to buy sports, and adventure and other kinds of equipment. Mentioned below is the list of categories that you can buy from Moglix:

1. Safety- You can buy these safety equipment- traffic safety (traffic cones, safety barriers, speed breakers & jumps, convex mirror, road studs, dilineators), safety sign & signals ( danger signs, direction signs, emergency signs, general signs, prohibition signs, warning signs), lockout devices (lockout padlocks, lockouts tagouts, valvet locket), safety jackets, disposal work wear products), fall protection (harness & accessories, safety belts, face protection, respiratory masks), fire protection (sprinklers, adapters, safety helmets, safety gloves).

2. Appliances and Utilities- kitchen appliances (electric kettle, coffee makers, hand blenders, electric cookers), fans & blowers ( refrigerators, ceiling fans, ventilation fans, fan accessories), grinders & juicer extractors (food processors, grinders), industrial & domestic coolers, geysers & heaters, (water heaters, immersion rods), air conditioners, chimneys, water dispensers, gas stoves & hot plates, irons, washing machines, induction tops and others.

3. Power Tools- Grinders & vibrators ( angle grinders, wall chasers), air blowers, heat guns, power saws (jigsaw, cut off saws, table saws), electric pressure washers, sanders & polishers (planers, power routers, polishers), power tool kits, electric screwdrivers, drills ( rotatory drills, magnetic drills, milling machines), power tool accessories, power mixers, power tool combo, cordless power tools ( cordless drill drivers, cordless multi cutters, cordless saws & cutters), stone cutters, angle cutters, nibblers, electric hammers, laminate trimmers.

4. Medical Supplies- Diagnostic instruments (glucometers, thermometers, blood pressure monitors, respiratory care products, stethoscope), mobility aids (wheelchairs, walking sticks), braces splints & supports ( knee & ankle braces, leg& foot support, waist, abdomen support), physiotherapy aids ( heating pads, insulation pads), hospital furniture (medical tables, hospital trolleys, bed side screen), other medical supplies, orthopedic instruments, medical clothing, surgical instruments (surgical needles, surgical forceps, surgical clamps), body weighing scale, gynecology & infant care, medical consumables (test strips & accessories, bedsheets& towels), Dental supplies (dental consumable, dental equipment, dental instruments), first aid & wound care, operation theatre lights.

5. Gardening and Landscaping- Cutting & pruning tools ( chain saws, pruning secateurs, hedge trimmers), shovels, tampers & digging tools ( earth augers, khurpas, spades, hoe, trowels), mowers and trimmers ( brush cutters, lawn mowers), pots & planters, rakes & cultivating tools, gardening tool kits, other gardening products, garden utilities (hose reel & pipe), sprayers.

6. Security- GPS trackers, warning lights, DVR, access control systems, sensors, safes, anti- theft locking devices, detectors, scanners & accessories, security alarms, door and door frames, , hooters & buzzers, CCTV cameras & accessories.

7. Electronic Components- Sensors (infrared proximity sensors, humidity & temperature sensor, biometric fingerprint sensor), module (converter module, PCB module, thermoelectric module), analog yoga mats, (GPS& GSM antenna, power controllers, power switch), robotics (motors, robotic kits), electromechanical (electronic relays, connectors & jumpers, keypads & buzzers), PC components (Peripherals, graphic cards), display solutions, semiconductors, RAM.

8. Health & Nutrition- Fitness accessories (yoga mats, exercise balls, skipping ropes, push- up stands, power hand grips, wrinkle & ankle weights, fitness equipment, dumbbells, other equipment, health supplements, cycles.

9. Solar, Paint & coating- Solar panels, solar lanterns, solar inverter, solar charge controllers, surface protection & additives ( water proofings’, stainers), paints ( spray paints, exterior paints), chemicals ( construction chemicals), painting tools ( paint sprayers).

10. Material Handling & packaging- Hoists & trolleys ( chain pulley block, electric wire rope hoists, geared travelling trolleys), material lifts ( slings, pulling & lifting machines), storage bins, ropes & fittings ( wire ropes, D- shackles), corrugated boxes, protective packaging ( courier bags), stretch wrap films, paper bags, ladders, tarps, packaging, machines industrial trolleys.

You can also use Industrybuying offers for purchasing industrial products, if you are looking for options. Via CouponsCurry, you can opt for many coupons for different brands.

Buy variety of different category affordable products of Moglix by using Moglix promotional codes

CouponsCurry is the perfect and the most reliable platform for you. You can get Moglix promo codes anytime from You can also lay your hands on paytm malls offers for purchasing various item in discounts. To get these promo codes and offers, all you have to do is follow the steps mentioned below-
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Benefits of purchasing from Moglix- Why choose Moglix
1. The variety is definitely their plus points. They sells broad range of items belonging to different industries. Medical, hardware, security and thousands of different products.
2. The hold a great value in the market. They have nationwide delivery, almost 20,000+ pin code services, in India.
3. Your payment is fully secure, the modes are safe. Moglix has partnered with India’s most popular and secure payment solutions.
4. They are committed to buyer interests as they provide smooth shopping experience.
5. Helpdesk is active and efficient, (365 days helpdesk). Call them on +99 9555988544. The timings of the call are from 9:00 AM to 6:00 PM. You can reach out to them via mail also-

Today's Moglix Coupons and Offers as on 25th October 2021: Above mentioned are all Moglix discount coupons, deals and latest Moglix offers for October 2021 month. Follow Moglix for all live offers uploaded today at and save maximum.