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Adda Slippers

Can you imagine even a day off without your slippers? Certainly not, Right! Because they are quite an essential part that we can’t ignore in our daily lives. Since comfort and convenience are the two important factors that are associated with slippers. That is why Adda Slippers are the perfect choice for men, women who are looking for flaunting their slide slippers.

Adda Slippers Price

INR 299/-

What are the benefits of Adda Slippers?

Everybody needs a comfortable and relaxed pair of slippers that they can wear at home. And, Adda is one such r
enowned brand that provides you with slippers and flip-flops with the optimum level of support. Here are some benefits of Adda Slippers:
  1. Perfect Sole: Adda Manufactures its products with an extreme level of quality. They offer you products that are extremely comfortable and relaxing to your feet.
  2. Stylish To Carry: Adda Slippers not only comes with utmost comfort and durability but, they look really stylish too. You can try out the new range of Adda men Slippers to check out the latest designs and patterns available here.
  3. Relives Pain: If you are someone who walks a lot then having supreme footwear with the best quality is your prime need. Otherwise, you will have to suffer from pain. So, in that case, Adda Slippers are perfect as they are light in weight and feel like you are wearing nothing.
  4. Affordable: No need to invest a huge amount, when you can get Adda slippers at affordable prices. The price range is kept such that middle-class to lower-middle-class members can easily afford Adda Slipper.
  5. Allow Your Feet to Breathe: Adda Slippers are designed in such a way that they offer a room to let air come to your feet unlike sneakers and shoes. In short, you will stay away from smell and sweat if you wear Adda Slippers.
  6. Keeps you away from Dirt and Dust: This is very obvious that roaming barefoot can increase chances of accidents plus, it adds dust and dirt to your feet. In such cases, you can try out Adda Lightweight comfortable Slippers in different styles and patterns to keep yourself away from unwanted dust.
There is nothing more relaxing than Adda bathroom Flip Flops. You can pair them with any sort of dress. For example, you can simply pair them up with your gym outfits to look good. The overall design by Adda is meant to provide your feet with extreme relaxation and give your mind an illusion that you are not wearing anything on your feet.
Get Comfy and quirky Adda Slippers at exclusive discounts from here. All you need to do is click on Buy Now and Shop Now Button available right there.

Adda Slippers

Infuse your casual looks with a dose of fashion with Adda exclusive range of men Flip-Flops and bathroom slippers. And, get amazing eye-popping prints, bold colors in Adda ladies slippers. Here, you can find slippers with criss-cross straps and looks that are completely unique. So, what is the wait then! Pick out your favorite pair of Adda Slippers.

Adda Slippers Increasing Body Balance

Adda Slippers are made of perfect sole material to provide you with the optimum level of support. As we all know, that most homes are built with tiles, wood, etc that are indeed very slippery if you prefer walking around wearing socks. All it takes is one slip to end up with a small accident. Here, you will find good-quality bathroom slippers that have soles and a good grip that provides traction while walking on slippery surfaces.

Elevate Your Style with Comfortable Slides

The appeal of reliable pair of Adda bathroom skippers for ladies and gents goes far beyond the inherent simplicity. Here, you will find eye-catching color palettes, adorable accessories, and many more traditional slippers at affordable prices. Chose from the electrifying range of slippers, flip flops for men and women.

Adda Slippers Price

Adda Offers you the premium quality in slippers without going overboard in price matters. Check out Adda Slippers Price from here and get the best offers now. The brand provides you comfiest slippers ever. So, get your hands on these Slippers with ease by clicking on Buy Now/ Shop Now Option

Adda Stylish Slippers For Men

Does not matter whether you are looking for a classy pair of shippers or a playful one. Adda has a huge collection of sophisticated ones with solid and genuine leather flip-flops in cool styles. You can get peppy designs and funky flip flops etc to add a unique touch to your outfits. Go for Adda Lightweight slippers for the extreme level of comfort.

Adda Versatile Shippers

Adda Flip Flops can be worn on any occasion as long as you are in snow! That is what makes them versatile. From going to nearby places to your doctor visits, you can wear them anywhere you want. Some flip-flops are even fancy enough that you can wear them even at your work. Men enjoy flop flops at work as well, especially when it’s a more laid-back environment.

Umpteen Styles to Choose From

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Your footwear collection is likely to love the addition of trendy Adda Slippers that have stripes on them. Here, you can easily find slippers in different colors and styles that can be worn as casual wear. If you are looking for comfortable slippers then, you can also check out Adda orthopedic slippers range that provides relaxation to your feet while you walk.
Allow Your Feet To Breathe
Unlike sneakers and closed-toed shoes, Adda Slippers allow your feet to breathe. And, this is an ideal feature for those who suffer from sweaty or even smelly feet. It allows your feet to get proper circulation, ultimately reducing smell and sweat.

Adda Flip Flops are fully opened decreasing your chances of getting an infection or fungal growth. In addition, your feet also have the opportunity to get some sunlight that they would otherwise not have.

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Comfortable Slippers by Adda

Adda is a great brand where you can find affordable slippers. The best part is, they allow your feet to breathe. The sole is made from soft material and feels like you are not wearing anything. Adda Slippers are absolutely ideal for those who are looking for comfortable slippers that they can wear anywhere. You can eve

n have Adda Orthopedic slippers if you want to feel relaxed. You can easily find tons of designs like leather straps, or simple slide-in slippers, and many more. So, all in all, Adda Slippers are quite good in terms of affordability and durability.

  • Submitted on: 20 October, 2021

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