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Bata Slippers

Wearing the right pair of shoes will not only complete your look, but it will also create a very strong impression. So, be it a job interview or any high-professional meeting, footwear matters a lot. Apart from that, you cannot neglect the importance of slippers in your life. We all need comfortable sleepers so that we can walk carelessly without worrying about anything else. So, that is why, we bring in Bata Slippers for you, here you can explore a wonderful range of slippers in multiple designs and patterns and if you are wondering what pair you want to choose, then Bata has slip-on, flipflops, strappy sandals, and many more to help you out in this situation. So, just wait and pick your favorite Slippers from Bata.

Bata Slippers / Chappal Price

INR 199/-

What are the different types of Bata Slippers?

Bata slippers are one of the best slippers to consider and the best part about these slippers is that you can
feel relaxed and comfortable in them.

Bata Slip-Ons: The best part about Bata Slip ons is that you do not have to bend and tie laces. All you need to do is, open them every time, as these do not come with laces. You will only have to slip your feet into them and you are good to go. You can find these slip-ons that will complement your workwear and they will also go well with your casual wardrobe for relaxed styling.

Bata Sports Sandals: They are the most rugged sandals are often waterproof as well. Bata shoes have comfortable soles and they offer multiple adjustable straps for the best fit.

These sandals are great for running, walking, or playing on the beach. Bata Sandals are good for running errands and that involves a lot of walking.

Bata Flip Flops: Flip Flops are easy to find and Bata Flip Flops are very popular around the world. They are inexpensive yet highly functional. These flip flops come in different styles and materials besides the rubber and plastic standard. You can find them in different styles from basic to more elaborate. The flip flop theme is repeated in other sandals type as well, for example - the wedge. All in all, these flip flops are highly versatile sandals.

Bata Everyday Flats: Everyday flats are also versatile sandal types. These sandals are characterized by a fairly thin sole- less than one inch with very little or no heel elevation.

They might or might not have thong sandals. But, these sandals come with more straps than flip flops, including one at the heel and possibly another one or two that crosses the top of the foot.

Bata Flats: They come with a thin sole and have more decorative straps. In some flats, you will find some decorative metal buckles or connecting rings as well. They often have a thin sole and spaghetti straps. Some of these have metal buckles or connecting rings.

Apart from these bata also manufactures leather chappal for men, women, boys and girls which are available online at discounted price through

Slippers By Bata

Slippers/ Sandals / Chappal are considered as one of the critical companions of gents and ladies. For a long time, we have tried and used so many slippers or chappal that is why we understand the importance of good slippers in our life mainly in bathroom. And, Bata is one such trusted company. It is a private Limited that was started in 1931 and was set up initially as a small operation in Konnagar near Calcutta in 1932.

Here, you will find a range of footwear ranging from shoes, slippers, flip flops, and many more that can meet your need. Bata India has established itself as India largest footwear and has over 1375 stores in its reach. Here, you can find slippers for men, women, and kids in various styles and designs.

Bata Slippers For Men

Bata slippers for men are something that tells you ahead and moves along with you with all the support possible. Here, you can find men chappal or flip-flops in different styles and patterns. Buy the best Flip-Flops for men out wide range showcasing various types and colors as well. So, mix and match according to your style and preferences from this season trendiest collection. Bata slippers are for men and they are not only comfortable but easy to wear too that providing ease to feet.

Cherish the feeling and showcase a wide range of styles in different flip-flops, sandals, chappal and slippers.

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Bata Slippers For Ladies

Ladies love to experiment with their footwear so, mix and match your preference and find the best bathroom chappal from Bata as they know the old brand and "bata ki chappal".
  1. Go for comfortable Bata bathroom slippers for women and feel the ease of comfort. These slippers are made of fabrics that provide great support and keep you away from any kind of pain. However, bata does also manufacture leather chappal and you can avail the bata hawai chappal at lowest price through
  2. Choose Bata Slides in black color and wear them while taking a walk in a park or a beach.
  3. You can also find printed and textured Bata Slipper online. Pair these slippers with shorts and a top to create a smart look for yourself.

Bata Ortho Slippers

Have you ever experienced pain in your back, hips, ankles, or feet? This pain could be in any combination of these parts of your body. Now, the pain you experience could be a result of ill-fitting of your old chappal that does not support your feet adequately.

Do invest in Bata Slippers that are good for your feet, no matter you are looking for a bathroom chappal or a leather slipper. And, you must consider doing that if your budget allows you that. You can also buy a separate pair of shoes from Bata. These Slippers would help in improving the health condition of your feet to do away with any problems that are caused or aggravated by the tight shoes. While buying these shoes, you should ensure that they are available from the category of footwear.

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  • Chauma Rai

Changed my OLD bata hawai chappal today.

I have recently got Bata Slippers that are really amazing and come in different colors. But, I chose the dressiest one in black color. These slippers can be worn with dress slacks or sometimes I even pair them up with skirts or dresses. I must say that the quality is absolutely amazing. Bata Slippers are one of the mos

t affordable options to consider if you want to have budget-friendly slippers.

  • Submitted on: 02 November, 2021