friends adult diaper pants

Friends Diaper Pants

Friends Adult Diapers are the best companions of people suffering from urinary incontinence. These Diapers are meant for adults and are highly absorbent diapers. They are easy to use and prevent leakage as well as odor. Friends Adult Diapers provide a snug fit, that is specially designed for Indian body types. The diapers come with an absorbent gel in the core that locks away liquid and moisture to minimize the odor.

Friends Diaper Pants Price (10 Pcs)

INR 395/-

Why Choose Friends Adult Diapers

Friends Adult Diapers are specially meant for adults and they are designed with highly absorbent diapers to pr
event leakage as well as orders. Friends Adult Diapers provide a snug fit and they are specially designed for the Indian body types. These diapers are suitable for both men and women. The diapers come with an absorbent gel in the core that locks away moisture and liquid. These diapers are antibacterial in nature.

Benefits of Friends Adult diapers

  1. These diapers give up to 8 hours of triple protection from moisture, odor, and other leaks.
  2. It helps to prevent rashes and infections because it absorbs liquid slowly and quickly.
  3. They have an underwear-like waistband.
  4. Friends diapers come with an easy-to-see indicator so that you know when the diaper is full.
  5. The diaper also comes with an The waistband is fitted with re-fastenable tape to make an adjustment and tight fit easier.
  6. These have breathable back-sheet and skin-soothing layers.
  7. These diapers are best for moderate to heavy incontinence protection.

Friends Adult Diapers Uses

Friends adult diapers are comfortable and seamless. Their brief-like leg opening make it easy and quick to wear and it also ensures that you do not compromise on your social lifestyle.

How to Use Friends Adult Diapers Pants

  1. First of all, read all the instructions carefully before using them.
  2. Make sure your hands are clean, open the diaper, and spread it out.
  3. Then slide the diaper under the back and raise the lower half of the diaper to the waist between legs.
  4. After that use, the attached tape, fasten the diaper, and check if the leak guards are fitting snugly against the inner thighs.
  5. Using the attached tape, fasten the diaper, check if the leak guards are fitting snugly against the inner thighs.
  6. For more information, go and follow the printed diagrams on the pack or seek the help of someone.

Friends Diaper Pants

Sometimes Adults find it difficult to urinate because of urinary incontinence. And, it is a very common problem in which people find it difficult to urinate or have a sudden and intense urge to urinate. This might be a temporary situation in case of medical or surgical emergy while it might have a long-term impact in case of aging-related issues in adults. So, friends, Diaper pants are great to use in such conditions.

Easy to Wear

Friends diapers come with a frontal tape in the adult diaper that makes it easier to adjust while wearing. All you need to do is spread Adult Diaper length-wise and slide under the back, then raise the lower panel up between the legs, then fold the diaper over the waist. You must fasten the lower and then the upper tapes. The highly absorbent pants help to prevent the fluid flow back into the diaper. The easy wearability act as a confidence booster for adults. They are available in medium to large sizes that can suit both men and women. However, you can also try babyhug diaper pants as they are also available online and can be purchased on a discounted price today.

Wetness Indicator

The best part about these diapers is that they come with wetness indicators that help you make a decision on changing the diaper at the right time. In short, this property controls the leakage that overall helps in maintaining hygiene. The soft fabric provides long-lasting freshness and controls the odor. So, no need to worry about changing diapers. The wetness Indicator will guide you when to change the Diaper

Anti-Bacterial In Nature

These diapers are designed in such a way that all the fluid distributes evenly keeping the surface dry throughout. Even the leak protection ensures that there is no soiling. FRIENDS Easy Adult Diapers with Highly absorbent anti-bacterial core ensures faster absorption, prevents rashes & infection. In short, these diapers have standard leak guards that avoid side spills and leakage. Even the indicator starts to fade when the diaper is full. Friends diapers are one of the best diapers for Adults that provide up to 8 hours of protection against urine and moisture.

Friends Diaper price

You can check out the latest Friends diaper price here. Generally, the pack of 10 Friends Adult diapers ranges from Rs 370 to Rs 430. These diapers will protect the leakage for up to 8 hours and are available for both men and women in medium, large, and XXL sizes. To get these diapers at affordable prices, you can keep a check on the Top offers going on Friends Adult diapers. Alternatively, you can also try little angel diapers as well.

Specially Designed For Indian Body Types

Friends diapers are made with the best materials and technology imported all over the world. These diapers will help you with multiple adjustments for a comfortable fit. And the most important part is, these diapers are specifically designed for the Indian body type and the climate. They help in eliminating the bad odors and the gel locks all the liquid.

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  • Neeraj Chauhan

One of the best adult diapers pants

I have ordered Friends Adult diapers in medium size of around 28-44 inches for my grandmother. She is a dementia patient with urine incontinence. After applying this product to her, I can tell you with my experience that this diaper can hold good for 6 hours but will not hold for the whole night. It meets all the requi

rements of an elderly patient who is confined to the bed. I have purchased this product two times now and will continue to do so as it comes in good quality, size, and comfort. The superb wetness indicator makes it much easier for me to identify when to change the diaper. All in all, it is a great product and I would highly recommend you this.

  • Submitted on: 27 October, 2021