kapiva slim shake

Kapiva Slim Shake

Drop pounds of weight with a sensible and complete meal. Try Kapiva Slim Shake that is incredibly healthy and delicious. Explore a range of flavors such as Mango, Chocolate, coffee, and many more. This curated range offers delicious jams along with health benefits. From Coffee lovers to fans of tropical fruits, Kapiva shakes can easily quench your thirst. Take a scoop and mix it well with warm water/milk. They are high in fiber content and also protein-rich with Ayurveda-based formulation so that it can provide wholesome nutrition. Make your weight loss journey easy and affordable by checking out the latest deals and discounts on Kapiva Shakes.

Kapiva Slim Shake Price

INR 1199/-

Kapiva Slim Shake: A nutritious Yet Tasty Meal

If you are skipping meals to reach your weight loss goals, then it is not right. It can lead to nutritional deficiencies. So, why not move to a healthy low-calorie drink? Give Kapiva Shakes a try and consume them regularly to lose up to 2.1 kg in a month.

More Protein and Fiber For Perfect Weight

Find Kapiva Slim Shake high in fiber and protein-rich form. They provide wholesome nutrition that can help in keeping your weight under control. Be it your Breakfast, lunch, or dinner, replace one of your meals with these meal replacement shakes and you can end up saving up to 500 calories or more per meal. It has around 12.5g protein that is derived from pea, whey concentrate, and soy along with fiber derived from flaxseed powder and other sources.

Switch to Low-Calorie Meal With Kapiva Chocolate Slim Shake

Kapiva Chocolate slim shake is one of the low-calorie meal intakes that creates a calorie gap in the body. So, when the body is calorie deficient, Kapiva shakes burn other energy sources like fat, which helps in overall weight control. It is protein-rich and high in fiber. So, replace one of your meals with this super-efficient Kapiva shake that can help you save a lot of calories. This is one of the easiest and healthiest ways to lose weight without compromising on nutrition.

Enriched With Goodness of Ayurvedic Herbs

Kapiva Shake is enriched with the goodness of 6 Ayurvedic herbs like Garcinia, green tea, Green Coffee beans, Cinamon, Apple cider vinegar that helps in boosting metabolism, and Boswellia that prevent inflammation. So, all in all, these Kapiva Shakes are irresistibly delicious and perfect green superfoods.

Indulgence in 4 Delicious Kapiva Flavors

Get your hand on Kapiva Slim Shakes that are incredibly healthy and delicious. They have a whole curate range of flavors that offer several options for a healthy, guilt-free indulgence, along with a superb taste. From chocolate lovers to coffee lovers, all can enjoy the goodness of Kapiva Shakes. Scoop, shake and drink, it is that easy.

Devoid of Artificial Flavours

Kapiva is meant to provide simple, and Ayurvedic tastes accessible to all. Here, good health and great taste go hand in hand. Kapiva Slim Shakes are devoid of artificial flavors and other preservatives. Therefore, you can find a glimpse of nature in the taste. As their tagline goes - Modern Ayurvedic Nutrition. Every product here strikes a good balance between taste and nutrition.

So, all in all, they are committed to providing nutritionally balanced and easy to consume food. Get Kapiva Slim Shakes online in different flavors and at mind-blowing discounts using Kapiva Coupons.

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