lotte choco pie

Lotte Choco Pie

Do you also love cream-filled biscuits dipped in Yummy Chocolate? If yes, Have you tried Filling your Chocolate snack from Lotte? It can be an expression of your way of thinking and simply a tasty treat to say that you are thinking of someone special. Go for Fluffy marshmallows, soft biscuits, and Rich cocoa Blend together in Lotte Choco pie.

Lotte Choco Pie Price (450g)

INR 180/-

What are the Ingredients available in Lotte Choco Pie?

Chocopie is a sweet treat that was introduced by Lotte and this sweet snack sits somewhere between the biscuit
and candy which is liked by children as well as adults. This Chocopie is sold in various countries in North America, Europe, and Asia.

Lotte Choco Pie Ingredients

Lotte Chocopie consists of various ingredients such as A marshmallow center, dipped in rich chocolate and baked to give you a spongy firmness. And, that is the beauty of this Yummy snack. This sweet snack is very rich in energy and carbohydrates as it contains Wheat Flour, Sugar, Shortening, Miuame Sweetener, Whey Powder, Skimmed Milk, Egg Yolk, and Milk Protein.

How to use lotte choco pie

You can use this delicious tasty snack in many ways. Like you can have it in your evening snack, or you can try out Lotte Pie Milkshake as well. It can be used as a dessert that is lightweight and impressive.
  1. #Made from Finest of Ingredients: You can try out Lotte Choco Pie 336g Pack that contains 18 pieces of Choco pie. It is a mouth-watering cake with marshmallow fillings and a Chocolate covering. The product is made from the finest of ingredients that is why it is HACCP certified and FSSAI approved. So, you can enjoy the fabulous taste of Lotte Choco Pie with every single bite.
  2. #Suitable For Vegetarians: A lot of people have a doubt regarding this factor because in other countries Animal extracts are used in Lotte Choco Pie. But, in India, this product is specially curated on the basis of Vegetarians need. Therefore, one does not need to worry regarding this factor. Lotte Choco Pie is 100% Vegetarian and made with finesse along with supreme quality.
  3. #Perfect For Gifting: Giving gifts can be really confusing. But, with Lotte Choco Pie, you do not have to worry. You can use it as a gift as well and let your family and friends also enjoy the delicious mouth-watering taste of chocolate pie. On festive occasions like Diwali, you can also check out Combo offers and deals available on Lotte Choco Pie. So, what is the wait then? Buy Lotte Choco Pie in bulk and give them to your dear ones.
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It is a Convenient and Hygienic snack to Cherish and relish the moment. So, what is the wait then? Click on Buy Now/ Shop Now and avail of offers available on Lotte Choco Pie.

Lotte Choco Pie

The Box of Yummy Choco Pies by Lotte is here that is simply a delicious treat for anyone. If you love the subtle sweetness of Chocolate, then Lotte Choco Pie is here for you. It is a tasty snack cake that consists of two small round layers of delicious cake with marshmallows filling with chocolate covering. It is made from the finest ingredients like wheat flour, refined vegetable, palm fat, cane sugar, butter, maize, cocoa, salt, skimmed milk powder. Kids enjoy this treat the most that makes it a great gift for your young friends.

Lotte Choco Pie Price

Check out the latest price of Lotte Choco Pie and avail of special discounts from here. You can directly buy Lotte Choco Pie from our Top Offers section. All you need to check the prices, and then click on Buy Now/ Shop Now option. Now, you can quench your evening or midnight sweet cravings with a munching sweet snack- Lotte Choco Pie.

Choco Pie: Richness of Chocolate

Chocolate has been popular and it is loved by all. With the development, progress, and new technology, Lotte India made a snack cake that consists of two small round layers of delicious cake with two round layers and with marshmallow filling. It is a premium quality of delicious choco with a proper blend of wheat flour, cocoa solids, and glucose. So, dont be late mate. Lotte Choco Pie is here. Just Fill your Mouth and Hunger with the immense pleasure from Rich Chocolate flavor.

Choco Pie: Captivating Creaminess

Lotte Choco Pie is Creamier even though no cocoa butter is Present in the Chocolate. Here, the chocolate coating gets is immense creaminess from the interesterified vegetable oil. Here, the alternative to Cocoa Butter, Chocolate is used. The sensory attributes of Chocolate in Lotte Choco pie mesmerizes everyone.

Lotte Choco Pie: 100% Vegetarian

Choco Pie consists of a thin layer of marshmallow between the cakes which is about 1 mm in thickness. This Marshmallow is made of sugar and corn syrup with gelatine. It indicates the richness in terms of the quality of sugar and corn syrup used. In addition, Lotte Choco Pie is vegetarian and has no egg sources that are being used here to make this product.
India No. 1 Choco Pie
Lotte Choco Pie is available in two major flavors in India, one is Loto Rich Cocoa Pie, and Lotte Choco Pie with Rich Marshmellow. You can easily get a Pack of 6 Pcs ranging from 200 to 500 Rs depending upon the prices. There are many manufacturers for Choco Pie, but still, Lotte Choco Pie is one of Indias leading and best-selling Choco Pie. It is a great savory snack that is filled with superb ingredients.
Lotte Choco Pie is a Perfect Snack
Lotte Choco Pie is an original product and does not contain any harmful ingredients. Plus, it is also FSSAI approved. Lotte Choco pie and a steaming cup of coffee with your family is the perfect snack. So, why wait! Enjoy your Lotte Chocopie with Refreshing Milkshake and enjoy the happiness of Relatively rich ingredients in a tasty snack.

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Yummy Sweet and Creamy Snack Cakes

Lotte Choco Pies are snack cakes that consist of two round layers of fluffy cake sandwiched together with a sweet and creamy marshmallow center. It is a great snack that is not only light but also tasty as well. Whenever I want to replace my meal, my go-to snack is Lotte choco pie. The 1-serving packaging is very conve

nient to have. These pies are absolutely satisfying and the sweet snack is a great deal to have for all the sweet lovers.

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