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Marshall Speakers

Maybe you are looking for an upgrade on a tight budget since you really need speakers which will provide you with a awesome quality of sound and a bass boost. And, if that is the case, then do not look further, Immerse yourself in the blissful music with Marshal Speakers. So, whether you want to bring a classic look, Marshall brings you an experience with big-stage sound in the small space. Here, you will get the exact accuracy and strong performance that features a top-notch sound system.

Marshall Speakers Price in India

INR 14999/-

What are the best portable Bluetooth speakers by Marshall?

If you are looking for Portable Bluetooth speakers, then Marshall has a wide range of speakers that can provid
e you with an accurate frequency range. Here are some of them:

Marshall Stanmore Wired Home Audio Portable Bluetooth Speaker: This speaker is perfect in size and produces a powerful sound. If you are looking for a superb speaker that provides you accurate response then, go for this. These speakers also allow you to customize the audio setting with the analog interaction knob that is available on the top of these marshall speakers.

Marshall Stanmore Bluetooth Home Audio Speakers: Give your home antique feels with these Marshall Stanmore Home speakers. Theta re compact in design with gold-colored detailing on it to make it look iconic. The overall appeal has adhered to the brand identity. And, the speaker also features active stereos that produce a powerful and precise high-level sound. Here, the Bluetooth connectivity streams the music directly from the smartphone, tablets, or any other Bluetooth device. RCA input allows you to play the music from the CD players.

Marshall Kilburn Bluetooth Home Audio Speakers: These Audio speakers boast a clear midrange and extended highs to produce a sound that is both pronounced. Here, the speakers facilitate versatile connectivity via Bluetooth 3.5 mm jack input that allows you to connect different devices. Here, the design features a classic Marshall look with a logo embossed in its iconic script. Marshall design features analog knobs that allow you to fine-tune the controls to your personal preferences and a leather strap that allows easy portability. You can go for these speakers that have a built-in battery life of up to 18 hours.

Marshall Woburn Bluetooth Home Audio Speakers: They are classic in design with a Marshall gold script logo. These speakers feature a brass plate on the top of the speakers which has an analog knob that allows you to have controlled bass, treble, and volume. Therefore, you can listen to the music the way you like it.

Marshall Speakers: For Perfect Vintage Look

Marshall Amplification is an English company that manufactures audio instruments like speakers, headphones, and amplifiers, etc. This was first started by Jim Marshall, a drummer, and teacher of drum techniques in London. Here, it has been a pioneer in the speaker segment for decades now.

Here, you will find a range of Bluetooth speakers that have a vintage feel and look. Plus, they are also easy to carry around. These speakers are designed with a modern touch. These Marshall Bluetooth speakers can be compact in size. You can easily buy these speakers easily just click on Buy Now/ Shop Now option to have them at the best prices.

Marshall Acton Portable Bluetooth Speaker

Add this speaker to your rooms decor with this vintage Marshall Acton Single Unit Portable Bluetooth Speaker. You can stream music directly using your smartphone or tablet without any hassle of wires. Here, the compact design features classic gold-colored metal detailing with the brand logo embossed in the iconic script. Marshall speakers provide you with powerful and deep bass. With their help, you can easily enjoy all your favorite tracks with great sound quality.

Give your Home Antique Feel

Buy Marshall Stanmore Bluetooth Home Audio Speakers with compact design. Its overall appeal has adhered to the brand identity. Here, the speakers also feature active stereos that produce a powerful and precise level of sound. In addition, you can also get Bluetooth connectivity to stream music directly using your tablet or smartphone. It has two standby modes and one power saver mode as well.
Marshall Speakers are Portable and Light
Marshall speakers are specially designed by keeping the portability factors in mind. Marshall Stockwell is one of the smallest and lightest portable Bluetooth speakers that is offered by this brand. It weighs around 1.2kg and is designed to fit easily into your handbag or backpack. Another speaker from Marshal that you can consider is Marshall Kilburn which is powered by a 220 mAh Li-ion battery and last for up to 2 hours. You can check out these super affordable speakers and select one according to your need.
Unique Features and Functions
When it is about design and functionality, Marshall new Bluetooth speakers will not disappoint you. Here, the analog buttons and bass control knobs on the brass add a classic touch. Marshall latest speakers come with add-on functions like doubles as a speakerphone, answer and end calls without having to reach for the phone. You can simply tap the correct button on the speaker control panel board.

Here, the Marshall USB speaker has a USB port to recharge a phone or a battery. Explore these speakers online with multiple functions and features. You can also find speakers like Marshall Woburn 2 Bluetooth speakers which are one of the biggest speakers from Marshall that features a robust sound and hits high trebles cleanly. It handles low bass with ease and has a clear life-like mid-range. The best part is these speakers are available in different colors like black, white, and brown. Get Marshall speakers with multi-host functionality sich that you can easily connect and switch between two Bluetooth devices.

Marshal Speakers Online Shopping

Check out the latest Marshal Speaker price here. You can avail latest offers on these speakers with ease. All you need to do is, click on Buy Now/ Shop Now option. Marshall offers you the loudest speakers in its class and it delivers a clear midrange, extended highs, and deep bass. These Speakers have a multi-directional sound that will immerse you in music, indoors and outdoors.

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  • kavita

Update your music system with Marshall Speakers

I had been thinking about updating my music system for a long time, so after hours of research about good speakers, I ordered Marshall speakers. They got delivered within 3-4 days of ordering and when I set them up in my music room, I realized that their quality is awesome. The sound, the bass, the tempo, everything wa

s just up to the mark. Now, I can easily groove on my favorite songs anytime I wish to. I would highly recommend you to try these if you are a music enthusiast like me.

  • Submitted on: 01 November, 2021
  • Raman Jadhav

Nothing like anything. Go for it

I have been using marshall speakers since 1.5 year now. Just one word to say. These are the best.

  • Submitted on: 26 October, 2021

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