the sleep company mattress

The Sleep Company Mattress

Tired of your old lumpy and bumpy mattress and want to buy a new one? Then, this time try Mattresses from TheSleepCompany. They have designed their mattresses from the Smart GRID technology. Go for TheSleep Company Exclusive Smart Ortho and Smart Luxe mattress and save your money with our Top offers. These mattresses have ultra elastic material that prevents your mattress from sagging.

The Sleep Company Mattress Price

INR 11295/-

Why buy TheSleepCompany Mattresses?

TheSleepCompany offers you a huge variety in their products whether it be Smart Luxe or Smart Ortho mattresses
. All are designed after a lot of experiments and researches by their Sleep experts. Here, the grid material is used to relieve head pressure and stress.

Smart Grid mattresses by TheSleep Company are bound to give you the most luxurious and plush feeling that you ever get when you crawl into bed. Here, The Sleep company provides you mattresses in two variants of 8" and 10" such that one can experience a cloud-like comfort with their SMART luxe. These mattresses are designed to make you feel that you are sleeping with utmost comfort.

Here, The Sleep Company mattresses are made from innovative Smart Grid adaptive technology that adapts according to your body shape. Here, the Grid will be firm under the back to give you spine support.

Now, there are many reasons that make The Sleep Company Mattress one of the best mattresses:

  1. The Smart GRID technology is World Most advanced sleep technology for your sleep. These mattresses intelligently adapt to your body shape and provide an extreme level of comfort.
  2. They are equipped with 2500 air channels to keep you cool and comfy. In addition, the viscose cover ensures further softness.
  3. The Sleep Company mattresses are super durable and the Japanese technology makes them even more reliable.
  4. These mattresses are firm and soft that makes them really good for motion isolation. Otherwise, motion on one side can disturb the cell and increase the pressure on the particular side.
TheSleepCompany mattresses are perfect for people who are seeking a Healthy and Happy sleep because, in the end, your comfort is everything, and with superelastic material sources from Japan, it becomes even easier.

What are the price range of the sleep company mattress?

The sleep company mattress are the first mattress in india with SmartGRID technology that helps its users in b
ack pain relief and deep sleep. What else you need from a good mattress?

Now when it comes to availing the sleep company mattress, you can check the below offers to avail exclusive discount on the sleep company mattress. Have a look on these offers and avail them today:
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How to redeem The Sleep Company Mattress coupon codes?

The Sleep Company offers a huge variety of mattresses for different types of their customers. They have orthop
aedic mattresses and Smart Luxe mattresses according to the different preferences of the people.

The Sleep Company mattress is made with advanced technology that takes the shape of your body once you lie down, giving you a relaxed position to sleep. You can buy these mattresses for better and sound sleep at night.

To get the mattresses from The Sleep Company at a discounted price, you should visit It is the perfect website to get discount coupons for free. You just need to find the right coupon code and apply it while purchasing the mattress.

Here are a few steps mentioned that can make it easier for you to understand the process of how to redeem the coupon codes from -
  1. Visit the website and search for The Sleep Company from the search bar.
  2. You will find a bunch of coupon codes posted under that page.
  3. go through all the discount offers and coupons to check which one suits the best for your purchase.
  4. After selecting the coupon code, click on it and read its terms and conditions. The Sleep Company does not provide offers on all its products therefore, check the requirements carefully.
  5. Click on the get code option and redeem the coupon.
  6. Go to the website of The Sleep Company and paste the coupon code while continuing the purchase.
  7. This will help you in giving good discounts and offers on your purchase.

  8. has active coupons throughout the year and gives advantages to the users to get good cashback and save money while buying products from any brand. So, go ahead and redeem the coupons to get a discount.
Get 5 to 10 inches the mattress with ease available in King, Queen sizes. In addition, this brand uses a bamboo protector as well to keep your mattress brand new. So, why waste any further time, Go for TheSleepCompany mattress now and Click on Buy Now/ Shop now to save your money.

TheSleepCompany Mattress

Sleep is a top-most priority and having a good mattress for yourself is a need of an hour for your comfort. That is why TheSleepCompany offers you their unique range of mattresses at affordable prices. In addition, these mattresses correspond to the new Smart GRID technology. So, do not miss out on any opportunity and avail of the Top Offers on TheSleepCompany mattress now.

Smart Luxe Mattress by TheSleep Company

Buy this super comfortable Smart GRID mattress. The only mattress that intelligently adapts to every human body type. The Super Stretchy material helps in distributing your weight evenly thereby providing comfort to different parts of your body so that, you can have a Happy and Healthy sleep. These mattresses are an excellent anti-inflammation option that provides you with a sound and blissful experience at night. So, do consider them out.

TheSleepCompany Mattress Price

You can check out the prices for TheSleepCompany mattresses that come under two variants, i.e, Smart Luxe and Smart Ortho. Get a length of 75*2*8 inches in commonly supported by a Stretchable comfortable layer of Polymer gel. This is made from good grade material and that is why it is available for 100 Nights Free trial too. Have a look at Top Offers and TheSleepCompany mattress prices. In addition, Click on Buy Now/Shop Now button for availing of the offers now. Avail latest the sleep company coupon code from to get additional discount on ongoing offers today.

Smart GRID mattress with 2500 Air Channels: As we all know that memory foam has small pores so it does not allow heat to escape from it efficiently. It traps the heat that can lead to hypoallergenic symptoms. But, if you go for Smart GRID mattresses then they are designed with almost 2500 air channels that make sure Airflow is maintained and the mattress remains cool.

Smart Ortho Mattress by TheSleepCompany

Are you having a severe back issue? If yes! Then do not ever opt for a regular mattress because it will distort your body posture even more. For you, TheSleepCompany offers a special set of mattresses that is Smart Ortho Mattress. This mattress is intelligently designed to provide you an extreme level of comfort and support for your back. The material by Smart GRID is a super stretchable Polymer gel that can be stretched up to 1000% of the original size. So, overall there is no sagging and siking involved in the mattress.

The Sleep Company Mattress: Flexible in Nature

The Smart GRID mattresses by TheSleepCompany are usually firm to soft and depend on a rubber-like material which makes them really good for motion isolation. Motion on one path can disturb the cell and increase the pressure on that particular area of the mattress and that can ultimately lead to sinking. But, TheSleepCompany mattresses are found with innerspring and additional support factors. These mattresses tend to provide shape and support but the mattress remains in shape for most of the part.

TheSleepCompany Mattress: Provide Comfort and Bounce

Whenever we look for mattresses online, Bounciness is considered one of the most important factors. The Smart Grid mattress is a rubber-like material that behaves in the same way as that of latex mattresses. These mattresses provide you with a lot of bounce that can make you feel better. If you are looking for a bouncy and comfortable mattress, then go for a Smart GRID mattress.
The Sleep Company: Ultimate Luxury
Smart Luxe mattresses provide the utmost comfort by intelligently adapting to all body shapes. The premium cotton viscose top cover and the premium build quality, offer you an unparalleled luxurious experience.

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Amazing Comfortable Mattress

TheSleepCompany mattresses are one of the best mattresses available in the market. The new Smart GRID technology is absolutely great for motion isolation. It provides you with perfect bounciness. They are designed with hyper-elastic material that provides an extreme level of comfort and support for your back. Here, the

material by Smart GRID is super stretchable that does not let it sag or sink. In short, these mattresses are one of the best options to consider if you are looking for a new mattress.

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