kent elegant 11097 15 lph water purifier

Kent Elegant 11097 Water Purifier

Kent 15 LPH water purifier is a perfect water purifier for low TDS water resources like faucet/municipal water.

Kent Elegant Water Purifier Price

INR 10750/-

What are the positives and negatives of Kent Elegant?

Positives The double purification of UF and UV
  1. Eight-litres storage tank
  2. Purification pot
    ential of up to 60 litres/hour
  3. UV fail alarm
  4. No wastage of water
  5. Low maintenance price
  1. Not appropriate for borewell water or water with excessive TDS
  2. No indicators for electricity on/off, purification system on/off, or water tank full, and so forth.
Kent Elegant 11097 water cleaner does not use any RO purification. Therefore, it is most suitable for houses where the TDS stage of the incoming water is beneath 300 PPM and if the water does not comprise any heavy metals like lead, arsenic, and mercury.

This water purifier is a talk in the market because of its excellent features and good pricing in the market.

Key Features

  1. Purification Technology: Double purification is the usage of UV and hollow fibre UF membrane.
  2. Storage Capacity: Purified water storage ability of 8 Litres.
  3. Purification Capacity: Ultra High purification capability of 60 Litres in step with an hour.
  4. Suitable For: Suitable for faucet/municipal water supply.
  5. UV Fail Alarm: In-built alarm that is going on whilst the UV lamp stops functioning.
  6. Water Level Indicator: Kent 15 LPH water cleanser comes with a water level indicator inside the tank.

Kent 15 LPH water cleaner employs double purification of UV and UF. The water is purified in 4-levels namely sediment filter out, activated carbon clear out, UV chamber, and UF membrane.

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UV kills and inactivates all the sickness-causing germs like bacteria, viruses, and cysts. UF membrane gets rid of the minutest physical impurities and all organic and inorganic impurities together with useless bacteria and cysts.

Since the purifier does not use RO purification, it does not produce any wastewater. In addition to an affordable rate, the renovation fee of the Kent 15 LPH water cleaner is likewise very low.

If you are looking for a UV+UF water purifier then Kent 15 LPH water purifier is one of the first-class water purifiers beneath Rs. 15000.

Kent 15 LPH water purifier price begins from Rs. 10750.

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  • Shoaib Khan

Value For Money Product

I offered this as it had TDS control and it works well. The technician has set it to around one hundred so the water tastes adequate. Water rejection is not too much so it is quite efficient. The simplest aspect I no longer like is that the pre-filter is not always provided so I had to buy it from the installer. But

Kent water purifier is the best water purifier I have purchased so far. The price of the water purifier is affordable and satisfies the customers with all its features.

  • Submitted on: 29 December, 2021