usha-rapidmix 500-watt copper motor mixer grinder

USHA RapidMix 500 Watt Mixer Grinder

Usha Electricals is a household call in India that is been imparting terrific fine patron merchandise and appliances for the last many many years. Its commitment to pleasantness has made it a well-known logo globally, too.

Usha RapidMix Mixer Grinder

INR 2299/-

How is it distinct from the preceding fashions?

This model is not like the preceding fashions due to the fact the general functioning of this model has been p
rogressed loads. It ensures precision in grinding and consistency in mixing. Also, this version is less difficult to apply than the preceding ones.
Usha has partnered with several reputed brands from the world over to provide first-rate fine merchandise. With an enormous network of sales shops and service facilities, the availability of merchandise and after-income providers is commendable.

Usha RapidMix Mixer grinder – Review

Why should you purchase it? The Usha RapidMix 500W copper motor Mixer grinder, as the name indicates it, is a multi-purpose mixer and grinder. This 500 W mixer grinder makes it less difficult because it allows you to extract numerous juices, grind spices and make chutney and batter. The mixer grinder comes with 2 jars, a 1-liter grinding jar, and a 1.5-liter liquidizing jar.

So, to apply as you just need to attach the mesh and pulp box to the principle frame unit. Then, switch on the mixer and push the carrot via the feeder tube, and fresh carrot juice is ready to serve.

Your Usha Mixer grinder can also be used for liquidizing functions. Dismantle the mesh and pulp box to use for liquidizing and grinding functions too.

Place the liquidizing jar on the frame unit. And upload pieces of banana and mango to make the smoothie. And seal the jar with the cap. Then, turn on the mixer, and there you move! Let your kids enjoy the fresh and delicious smoothie.

For grinding. You need to place the grinding jar on the primary frame and lock it. Then pour the sugar into the grinding jar and put the lid in the roll. Hold the dome gently and run the mixer at the pace of one before everything. Then pass on to the better pace and sugar is high-quality and ground.

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The Design and its Benefits

The layout of the Usha 500W Mixer Grinder is appealing and ergonomic. As such, it improves the general performance of the product.

Moreover, the mixer grinder is designed to be tough as it comes with a 100% copper motor. Also, the principle frame unit, as well as jars, are long-lasting enough to close for the long term.

Usha mixer grinder price in India starts from Rs. 2299.

Why is the mixer grinder fine for you? - Conclusion

Usha RapidMix Mixer grinder is satisfactory for you in case you are searching for a mixer grinder that is green yet less costly. So, in case you love treating your own family with freshly extracted and hygienic homemade juices, this version is satisfactory for you.

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  • Praveen Gocher

The performance is just amazing

I have been utilizing the mixer grinder for the past 2 years and this machine has become basic in my kitchen as it is similar to a kitchen help which cooks and grinds without a requirement for management as you do not need to keep time. It makes cooking fun and simple.

  • Submitted on: 29 December, 2021