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It is a part of the Happily Unmarried company which is focused mainly on the sale of products related to men's grooming. The company was founded by Rajat Tuli and Rahul Anand in 2015. The company is h
eadquartered in New Delhi and has become one of the most popular and well-known companies in the industry. The company had been one of a few select who cashed in on the very small niche that wasn’t that developed as well especially when it comes to the Indian markets. Ever since the company had stated they have expanded to over 2000 cities.

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What is the Ustraa subscription plan?

This is one of our exclusive plans that we have launched for the hassle-free delivery of your products. The
crux of the plan is that you would get 3 shipments within a period of 5 months. The first is shipped immediately after your order. As far as the second and the third shipments are concerned it's completely up to you. You can even cancel the subscription at any time if you feel that you aren’t satisfied.

What is the return policy at Ustraa?

We have always strived to provide the best of the best when it comes to our merchandise. However, we all make
mistakes and we believe that it is important to learn from these. In case you feel that any of our products are not up to the mark we would be happy to accept your return in the case of refund or replacement as well.

What do I need to do to get the best discounts of Ustraa?

The best discounts can be found on one of our trusted tie ups CouponsCurry. All you would need to do is to do
these simple steps: Open the official site of CouponsCurry which is Search for the company that you are looking to shop from in this situation it would be Ustraa. Go through all the offers and choose the one that you like the best. Click on it and activate it as well in the next page when prompted with a single click. Now that you would be redirected to the official page of Ustraa where you would be able to view the product in better detail. Move to the payments page and check on the option to apply the discount. Complete the payment and that’s it.

Where do I find the best offers for Ustraa?

The best offers for Ustraa can be found on CouponsCurry which is a trusted tie-up of ours. You can find the
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HDFC Bank Offer: Get Flat 20% OFF on All Transaction

Buy now and get flat 20% off on purchasing grooming items for men. The deal is valid only on HDFC bank credit and debit

cards. The offer is valid on Trimmer, Subscription plan and combos. Apply the coupon code and save more. Enjoy!

HDFC20 Get Code

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BHIM UPI Offer: Get Flat 20% OFF on Site Wide Order

Get flat 20% off on transaction through BHIM UPI. The offer is valid for all users. Apply the coupon code and save more.



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RuPay Card Offer: Get Flat 20% OFF on All Order

Get flat 20% discount on wide range of bread oil, face wash, perfumes etc. No minimum order amount required. The coupon

code is not valid for all users. Enjoy!


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Ustraa Site Wide Offer: Get Flat 15% OFF

Enjoy flat 15% off Trimmer, Beard care products, Skincare products and more. No minimum order amount required for this d

eal. Apply the coupon code and save more.

VISIT15 Get Code

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Get Flat 20% OFF on All Users Orders

Get flat 20% off on grooming products. Buy products such as Hand Rub, Face scrub, shampoo and many more. Apply the coupo

n code and save more. Enjoy!

OPT20 Get Code

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Best Deals Up To 35% Off On Mens Grooming products

Get Up To 35% Off on mens grooming products. You have lots of grooming products on Ustraa at the best price. Dont miss t

he chance. Buy grooming products from Ustraa and Get Up to 35% Off.

  • Manish Agrawal

Just what I was looking for

I have been having the problem of having a thin beard for a while now. I tried Ustraa’s beard oil out of sheer luck. Something about their ad stood out and I so decided to give it a shot. Now that I have been using it for a while it has been working, to say the least. I wouldn’t say that it was a magic solution tha

t did the impossible but it did help a lot. The changes have been visible in the sense that my beard has definitely grown or thicker and denser. It has had a much softer touch and it has been much easier to manage. The product does its job pretty well and there are many who are expecting miracle hair growth and this has been one of the main reasons why people have been satisfied. If you keep your goals realistic then I think that you wouldn’t find a better fit. I was able to save a lot of money thanks to the discount that I had got from CouponsCurry.

  • Submitted on: 30 December, 2020
  • Kamal Thakur

Arguably the best

I have been a long-time customer of Ustraa. I have always gone for my trimming needs to these guys. The trimmer that I had got from them was the best that I have used so far and this is not including its insane price point into consideration. The trimmer was very reliable and was exceptionally silent. The design was in

such a way that it was easy to handle thanks to its very well-planned design. The machine didn't vibrate a lot like the previous trimmers that I had. It was very light weight and had no problem whatsoever when it came to tight manoeuvring. I have had a really good experience with this product and would happily recommend it to everyone out there. I was able to save myself a lot of money when I got this trimmer thanks to a killer coupon that I was able to get my hands on thanks to CouponsCurry.

  • Submitted on: 02 December, 2020
  • Vishal Grower

Does its job perfectly

I have had dry skin as long as I can remember and this has caused a lot of problems. I have had a lot of acne and marks as well. I had tried almost everything and had lost hope. I had decided to give Ustraa a try because my friend kept suggesting it over and over again. It has been a month since I have been using their

face care pack and I must say that my skin has never felt any better. The problems have shown a lot of signs of reduction and I feel much better now. The product feels so light to the touch and most of the time I don’t even feel like it there. This is something that I wasn’t expecting given its effectiveness. I would definitely recommend this to everyone out there going through the same predicament. I was even able to save a lot of money thanks to a pretty great discount from CouponsCurry.

  • Submitted on: 05 November, 2020

Top active and working discount coupons and offers for Ustraa as on 25 October 2021

Ustraa top working promo codes and offers Available Discount
Best Deals Up To 35% Off On Mens Grooming products 35% Off Deal
HDFC Bank Offer: Get Flat 20% OFF on All Transaction 20% Flat Coupon
BHIM UPI Offer: Get Flat 20% OFF on Site Wide Order 20% Flat Coupon

Today's i.e 25th October 2021 Ustraa discount coupons for new / existing users

Ustraa Coupons and offers for New / Existing Users Available Discount
Best Deals Up To 35% Off On Mens Grooming products New Users + Existing Users
HDFC Bank Offer: Get Flat 20% OFF on All Transaction New user
BHIM UPI Offer: Get Flat 20% OFF on Site Wide Order New user

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Ustraa Coupons Type Ustraa Promo Offers
Ustraa Coupon Code Best Deals Up To 35% Off On Mens Grooming products
Ustraa Discount Code Offer HDFC Bank Offer: Get Flat 20% OFF on All Transaction
Ustraa Promotional Code BHIM UPI Offer: Get Flat 20% OFF on Site Wide Order
Ustraa Discount Coupon RuPay Card Offer: Get Flat 20% OFF on All Order
Ustraa Today Latest Offer Ustraa Site Wide Offer: Get Flat 15% OFF
Ustraa Coupons Offer Get Flat 20% OFF on All Users Orders

Know All About Ustraa

The company has shown a lot of promise over the years from being a small part of the market to becoming a pretty crucial piece of it when it comes to their speciality. The company has always maintained a certain code of ethics when it comes to how they plan their way ahead. The company has always made it a point to stand out from the rest of the crowd. They use one of the most unique strategies when it comes to the products that they provide and the way that they market them. All their marketing strategies are unique and have always targeted the niche of men who have been looking for a separate range of premium goods when it comes to men's grooming. This was something that wasn't given much priority when it came to the Indian market. There was a growing need for this as the demand for it kept increasing gradually with time. There were many companies who saw this trend and one of the first ones to make such a bold move when it came to this sector. They knew that in order to rise over the completion they needed to be different and this was something the company excelled at doing. All the ads were out of the box and even the tag lines were very well thought out, something that the other companies lacked. The company has managed to climb a long way ever since and has become the go to place when it comes to the shopping of men's grooming products.

Only the best for your beard with Ustraa Coupons

The online shopping site in India has become a growing force in the industry and have made it pretty clear that they are here to stay through her aggressive marketing and customer satisfaction techniques. The company has always gone with the belief system that the customer comes first and have always ensured that this doesn’t change over time. The company considers its key audience the young generation and this has helped them in staying ahead of the competition. The company has always relied on the implementation of the most advanced technology. They have realized that the future of marketing has always been online and to this effect most of their sales go through their Online channels or E-stores. They have one of the most dedicated teams out there who work day and day out to ensure that the products that they deliver are of the promised quality. The company has always been bold when it came to their targets and have ever let their current situation define what they strive towards. They have always tried to give the best when it comes to the products that they provide not only when it comes to the quality but also on the way that they are tested as well. They have always gone the extra way to ensure that the customers know how to use their products with incentives like Purplle coupons etc. They have detailed tutorial videos on their official page so that they know exactly how every product is to be used. They have always kept in mind that when it comes to skincare there can be no compromise and that the products have to be used in a very specific way to get the intended results. This has also been one of the many things that its rivals haven’t paid much attention on. They have products for almost every skin type and is the one of the only places for a comprehensive grooming experience for men. They understand perfectly that every individual is different meaning that there are a host of reasons for any issue related to the body. They have kept this in mind and have tailored products specific to the reason why the problem started. All their products work in such a way that their use is long term rather than just fix the problem for the time being. All their products work all the way to the root and provide a long term and a reliable solution. This has helped them gain a lot of popularity among its client base.

The only place where you can get the most premium quality products for you beard all day long at the best possible price with Ustraa offers

The company has been a place of many first attempts when it comes to the industry. The rising demand for an all for men brand has been growing for a long time. The fact is that when it comes to men their skin is much more tough and prone to the extremities of the harsh surroundings. The general products wouldn’t be able to be as effective as they can’t take care of both the soft and gentle skin of women as opposed to the rough and tough skin of men at the same time. When it comes to men a more comprehensive skincare experience was needed and Ustraa has been able to provide exceptional care ever since its inception. The company site has brought something that was non-existent in the Indian market. This although might have seemed like a handicap when compared to other companies but the company went ahead and used it to their favour and has become the go to place when it comes to men's grooming. In an effort to truly stand out they are one of the only companies that do not test their products on animals and are completely free of sulphate, paraben, or any such harmful chemicals. All these have helped the company cement its place as one of the most loved and trusted brands out there.

Choose from all the company has to offer using Ustraa coupon codes

The company has a vast collection of products for every type of skin type etc. They have some of the best researchers to bring the most effective and reliable products at the best possible price using codes like Newu coupons and so much more. Let's take a look at some of the products that they have to offer:

Essentials – This includes the must haves of any man. Its importance is even more stressed given the amount of work and the fast-paced lives that the men live nowadays. These products are meant to give an all-round protection all day long without any discomfort. This includes hand sanitizers, Beard growth oil, Super de tan solutions, trimmers, cleaning essentials and so much more.

Cologne – We all have our own body odour which can be a problem when the day gets too long and sweaty. You can find the best premium quality lasting perfumes for men which can easily last an entire day without any worries of it fading away.

Trimmer – This includes a whole range of the most cutting-edge trimmers in the market. All these trimmers are easy to use thanks to their ergonomic design. They also come in with a substantial battery backup with a single quick charge so that you don't have to hamper your schedule.

Face and Body – This includes a whole array of products that are designed to make sure that your skin is always at its best. This includes charcoal activated scrubs, oily face scrubs, green clay body wash, activated charcoal soaps and so much more.

Beard – This is a group of products that are just meant to maintain your perfect beard. This includes not only promoting the hair growth but also its nourishment as well. These products include Beard Growth Oils, Beard growth serums, Advanced beard care packs, and so much more.

Hair – This includes a whole range of products dedicated towards dense and healthy hair. This includes Hair growth cream, Hair wax, Charcoal and clay shampoo, Hair growth vitalizer and so many more.

The products aren’t just limited to just these and are in fact so much that it would be a daunting task to mention all of them. The company has become the one stop shop for all the grooming a man could ever need.

The most exclusive discounts on the most sought products using Ustraa promo codes
The company also has a lot of tie ups and an excellent logistics team to help bring the prices really low however for the biggest savings all you would need to do is to follow these simple steps given below:

1. Visit the official site of a trusted tie up CouponsCurry which is

2. Once you enter the site then you would see that there are a whole lot of offers like Thebodyshop coupons which we think might be the best for you.

3. There would be multiple options on the top as well including the search option where you would have to type Ustraa and hit Enter.

4. As soon as you do this, all the offers that are applicable to the company would be shown to you.

5. Go through all of them and choose the one that suits you the best and click on it.

6. You would then have to activate the offer by giving it another click, from here you would be redirected to the homepage where you would be able to see the entire product in detail.

7. Once you have gone through then move on to the payment portal. Here you would have the option of avail the discount with just a click.

8. Complete the payment and enjoy the best discounts all year long with no hassle with us at CouponsCurry.

Today's Ustraa Coupons and Offers as on 25th October 2021: Above mentioned are all Ustraa discount coupons, deals and latest Ustraa offers for October 2021 month. Follow Ustraa for all live offers uploaded today at and save maximum.