IFB Top Loading Washing Machine

IFB Top Load Washing Machine is one of the top choices of washing machines that you can have. Now, get a perfect wash using your IFB washing machine that is available in a capacity of around 6.5 Kg that makes it suitable for your family members. Before buying a washing machine, ensure that you are choosing the machine with the right features such as drying, automatic cleaning, and many more.

IFB Top Loading Washing Machine Price List

INR 16600/-

Whenever it is about buying a washing machine, then IFB is one such name that strikes our mind. IFB provides amazing quality electronic products based on consumers preferences. These models are relatively cheaper and are available in the best of features. And, IFB top load washing machines are amongst some of the appliances that make a good buying decision.

IFB Top Load washing machine 7 Kg

If you are looking for a washing machine that is equipped with world-class features like a dynamic 3D wash, Aqua Energy for treating hard water, and other features as well for deep cleaning, then IFB washing machines are amongst the best top-loading models that you can find for yourself.

IFB Washing Machine 6.5kg Top Load

These washing machines come with an in-built heater that ensures when you wash your clothes even the toughest stains get removed. These washing machines are present with exceptional features and offer you several amazing features such as Smart sense technology. You can adjust the settings as per the load in them and thereby save water and detergent.

360-degree wash:

Some of the IFB washing machines have this amazing feature inbuilt. It ensures that the washing machine drum is circulating for 360-degree motion and the wash ensures loaded clothes are soaked with detergent properly penetrating to provide you with amazing wash. So, whenever you are making a decision to buy a washing machine make sure that you look at the offers available at IFB top load washing machines. It is equipped with a Smart sense feature as well to ensure you the pretty less usage of detergent too. Here, you can also check out the IFB washing machine price too. Check out IFB Senator WXS 8KG. It is built with the latest technologies and unique designs.

What are the latest features of the IFB washing machine?

Deep Cleaning:

Whenever you buy an IFB washing machine, it comes with premium features that impact the cleaning. These machines work on bi-axial motion technology that initially makes your clothes rotate horizontally and then deep clean your clothes. The modern washing machine comes with soft scrub pads that gently scrub off these stubborn dirt particles using their powerful swirl jets.

Aqua Spa Therapy:

Another great feature associated with the IFB washing machine is that it ensures the longevity of clothes. That means if your clothes are capable of surviving 20 washes then nothing will happen to that cloth up to 30 washes.

Auto Balance System:

The main use of this feature is that it automatically detects unbalanced clothes and ensures a uniform and perfect wash. This system is very important for any washing machine because just spinning the clothes in the drum for a longer period of time is not going to do the job.

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