IFB Senator WXS 8KG Washing Machine price in india

IFB Senator WXS 8KG

If you are thinking about buying a new washing machine, you should examine the IFB Senator WXS 8kg washing machine. People look for a washing device that no longer most effectively washes their garments smooth however also offers them quality solutions to their laundry desires.

IFB Senator WXS 8KG Price

INR 35490/-

IFB Senator WXS 8KG Washing Machine

The IFB Senator WXS 8kg washing machine has the whole thing you want in a splendid washing system. It has a lot of functions that make your washing very clean and comfy. The 8kg capability is likewise super if you have a large family. The motor velocity that is up to 1400rpm can manage a variety of washing every day. IFB Senator WXS 8kg washing machine price in India ranges from Rs. 30,000-Rs. 40,470 (subject to change).

Here are some of the IFB Senator WXS key features that make it convenient to apply.

Air Bubble Wash

The air bubble wash produces loads of bubbles that move into your material to remove dirt. It lets in your detergent to penetrate deep into your garments to lead them to clean.

Aqua Energie

The aqua power characteristic is designed to guard your garments which will be closing longer. It softens the difficult water used in washing your garments.

Crescent Moon Drum

The crescent moon drum is designed to protect your garments while washing them and additionally to put off stains out of your clothes.

Cradle Wash

This function allows you to scrub your unique clothes which you typically don’t put on very frequently. It washes them mildly because maximum instances they're usually not usually so dirty and it's going to not damage these unique garments. The cradle wash cleans your garments with the aid of rubbing them gently towards the surface of the drum.

Child Lock

When you begin your washing device and then you have youngsters running around. There is a possible hazard: one in every one of them should visit the bathing system. This characteristic protects your settings from being tampered with.

3-d Wash System

The 3-d wash machine lets in your garments to soak well to lead them to be very smooth.

Ball Valve Technology

The ball valve will store your detergent by flushing out the handiest the water but leaving it at the back of the detergent which will be used.

High Low Voltage Protection

The washing device will robotically pause in case the voltage is unstable and will handiest resume washing whilst the power returns to every day.

Auto Balance System

The washing gadget will notice while clothes are not balanced in the gadget and could right away exchange their role to repair a solid wash.

Time Delay

The IFB Senator WXS washing machine may be set to put off at a later time whilst you are prepared to wash your clothes. This may be every time between half-hour to 24 hours.


It offers an 8kg capacity that is greater than enough to clean garments in one go for a medium-sized family.

Wash Programs

The washing gadget has a variety of wash packages you may pick out from. It allows you to wash any form of material together with delicate fabrics. It also has quite a few useful functions that make it very secure to apply.

Strong Motor

The motor velocity which is at 1400rpm is very sturdy and can take care of huge washing jobs each day.

Saves Water And Detergent

You will save some water and detergent whilst using this washing gadget. The ball valve machine helps you manipulate your detergent.

Laundry Add

This feature will let you consist of a few forgotten garments inside the closet already in the washing gadget.


After considering everything about the IFB Senator WXS 8kg washing device, we can propose this product. The IFB Senator WXS 8kg washing system will protect your garments and come up with a quality wash. If you have a massive circle of relatives, it would be a superb addition to your home. The washing device is first-rate and there have been no proceedings about it from users.

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  • Mitali Bansal

One of the best washing machine

The IFB product has stepped forward a lot in its overall performance from the older IFB device I have become used to. 1. No Noise 2. NO vibration. 3. Excellent wash best. 4. IFB service transport has improved a lot. They aren't any greater looking to force the clients to shop for their other merchandise like soften

er, descale, and so on. 5. Peace of Mind with 4 years Warranty. The washing machine has brilliant functions that make its user interface better. The washing gadget is user-friendly and makes it handy and less complicated for the users to apply and carry out washing sports.

  • Submitted on: 13 November, 2021

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