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If you are planning to buy a memory foam mattress online then you must be wondering about the best brand? Kurlon is the right place for you. Kurlon mattress range is diverse and is made keeping in mind the multiple needs of customers. Kurl on mattresses takes care of people back and body pains. Plus, it ensures your sleeping does not disturb your partner. Kurl-On is the oldest brand selling mattresses in India and it has been able to gain customer trust over the years. Their therapeutic range is designed to meet the ergonomic requirements of the body and ensures it adjusts to provide holistic comfort. So, why is the wait the? Get your hands on Kurl- On the exclusive range of mattresses and Click on Shop Now/ Buy Now option to avail the exciting offers.

Kurlon Mattress Price

INR 8150/-

What is the best mattress to choose from Kurl-on?

Here are some of the best mattresses to consider from Kurl-On. For price, click on the view all or shop now bu
tton to view latest price list:

Kurl-On Relish: These mattresses come in different sizes and have a unique upholstery material. Their material is highly recommendable and provides a medium-firm feel and also offers you the best comfort. Here, the spring technology allows you have a variable weight to sleep together comfortably on a single mattress. They have an aesthetic look that can make your room look attractive. They come in multicolor with a fine style.

These mattresses ensure better hygiene and allow free air circulation. One can use these double-sided mattresses with ease. They are quite durable and long-lasting. Kurl-On mattresses are the most hustle-free mattresses that you should opt for.

Kur-On Kurlo Bond: They are available in many sizes and colors and provide you 1-year instant replacement. These mattresses are highly recommendable as they provide you with the best luxurious sleep. You will find the rubberized coir mattress that is very good for back pain and make your skin plush. These mattresses have advanced Center densification that increases the material density in the center of the mattress that provides optimal back support and is also beneficial for the spinal cord.

Kurl-On Klassic: This mattress is an organic coir mattress that gives a medium to firm feel to the customers. They have a high-density natural coir material that adapts to ACD and VCT technology. Kurl-On mattresses add extra thickness to the mattress. This rebounded foam is laid on the top of natural coir providing you comfort and relaxation while sleeping. Here, the Polyurethane foam helps to create a bounce in the mattress with a soft external feel. So, you can go for this mattress to experience a high-quality sleep with the perfect dreams.

Kurl-On Convenio: These mattresses by Kurl-On are very comfortable mattresses and they provide the ultimate comfort at an affordable price range. These mattresses are made up of comfortable and breathable bonded foam and provide you with dual comfort when you sleep. They are extremely luxurious mattress that is highly recommendable because they provide the lavish sleep at night. They are available in different sizes and colors allowing you to choose according to the requirements. Here, the breathable technology allows the mattress to be fresh all the time and does not capture the body odor.

Kurl-On Deep Sleep Mattresses

These mattresses are quite advantageous and provide the best sleep to customers. They come in multi-color and are also available in many sizes with a 1- a year free replacement. These mattresses are absolutely advantageous and provide you with the best sleep. They are made up of Inner-spring technology that makes them bouncy and gives a medium-to-firm form factor that is also good for back pain. Here, the mattresses have anti-dust, anti-bacterial, and anti-bedbug technology that makes them super hygienic and extremely good for kids. They will have the best sleep on this mattress a no bug or germ can get in touch with the kids.

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Provides Restful Sleep

These mattresses have memory foam technology that eases pressure points and helps you in getting restful sleep. Kurl-On mattresses help to relieve the whole body the next morning. This mattress has two sides; one is the soft side that is made u of visco-elastic foam or memory foam that automatically adjusts to the body. Whereas, another side is the firm side that is made up of special breathable bonded foam that gives an extra layer of support. You can easily choose your preferable side according to the requirements as it is a dual-sided mattress. Kurl-On mattress provides the best comfort with breathable bonded PU foam. Here, you will surely have the best and the most luxurious sleepover on the mattress. The mattress smoothness allows the mattresses to mold according to the shape of the individual body.

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Kurlon Mattress has Adapting Technology

Kurl-On mattresses are organic coir mattresses that give a medium to feel firm. Here, these mattresses have a high-density natural coir material that adapts ACD and VCT technology. Plus this feature adds extra thickness to the mattress. Here, the rebounded foam is also laid on the top of the natural coir that provides extra comfort and relaxation while sleeping. The Polyurethane foam present in the Kurl-On mattresses helps to create the bounce in the mattress with a soft external feel. Here, you can go for this mattress to experience high-quality sleep with the perfect dreams.

Versatile in Nature

These mattresses have a lot of things that are beneficial for the customers. They are variable in nature and from a spring mattress to a foam mattress, you will find almost everything at an affordable price range from where you can choose accordingly. For instance, Kurl-On mattresses are perfectly Firm and bouncy. You will have a sweet descending feeling that you can feel while sleeping on these mattresses. Here, the Bonnel Spring technology makes them perfect bouncy. In addition, the mattresses are antimicrobial that makes them super hygienic. No bacteria or germs can come in this mattress. They are perfect for kids. Kurl-on Mattress has Kurlopedic technology that provides ant-dust and anti-bed bug ultra-fresh technology.

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Kurl-on Mattress Online Shopping
If you are wondering about the price factor, then no need to worry! You can easily buy Kurl-On mattresses online and check out the latest Kurl-On mattress price here. For that, all you need to do is visit our store page or you can directly check in the Top Offers section. These mattresses are quite an affordable option. So, do not waste your time and Click on Buy Now/ Shop Now option right now.

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I got 40% Discount on Karl on Mattress

Kurl-On Mattress is quite amazing in terms of material. The Kurlopedic technology used in these mattresses makes them perfect. In addition, these mattresses consist of Polyurethane foam that provides added comfort while sleeping. I have recently got a King-size Kurl On mattress, and I must tell you it provides me an e

xtreme level of support. Being anti-bacterial in nature, these mattresses are perfect for you. They are super-smooth and mold according to the shape of your body.

  • Submitted on: 27 October, 2021