Patanjali Ayurvedic Weight Gainer

Are you looking for supplements that can help in adding some weight to your diet? If yes, then try Patanjali weight gainer supplements available online. Now, these supplements contain carbohydrates, minerals, amino acids, proteins, etc that are quite essential for your body. These weight gainer proteins come with digestive enzymes making them easy to digest. Now, gain your weight in an Ayurvedic manner with a Patanjali weight gainer. Be its capsule or powder, you can try out Patanjali Products with ease.

Patanjali Ayurvedic Weight Gainer Price

INR 534/-

Patanjali Weight Gainer

PatanjaiWeight gainer products help people to gain weight by providing them with enough calories and protein needed for muscle building. These weight gainer products are similar to protein supplements. Weight gainer products are rich in carbohydrates and fats.

Most of weight gainers provide you with 3480 calories, whereas it is formulated to give you the highest calories. So, for optimum weight gain make sure that you have a unique balanced formula from Patanjali. It consists of essential nutrients like Natural herbs, Bio-fermented vitamins, minerals, and many more. So, in short, Patanjali Weight gainer is absolutely safe and has no side effects. Patanjali Weight gainer products will help you in meeting your calorie requirements too.

Patanjali Weight Gainer Capsule

It is an effective formula for gaining weight without any hardship. Patanjali Weight gainer capsule shows immediate results by strengthening the nervous system and making you internally stronger. You can consume this weight-gaining capsule with ease and gulp it. Or, you can also take 1-2 spoons of it with a glass of milk.

It will help in boosting the immunity power of your body keeping your metabolism strong. Check the Patanjali weight gainer price here and avail offers on it.

Nutrela Weight Gain Patanjali

Excess weight can cause severe problems whereas being underweight invites diseases in the body. Now, in such situations, it is important that we gain weight in a more natural way. Therefore Patanjali Nutrela weight gain is a healthy option to consider. It not only helps you gain weight naturally but, is a good and healthy option to gain weight. Your body will get strength and energy from it. you can try out our Healthkart discount coupons for your shopping and get an extra discount on your purchase.

Nutrela weight gain is a healthy option to increase weight. It consists of minerals, Vitamins, Amino Acids, Carbohydrates, Proteins, and fats in the body. So, consume these supplements such that it helps in increasing strength.

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How to Take

For Kids:

Take one glass of milk, mix 1 Banana and 15 grams of Nutrela Weight gainer in it.

For Men:

Take 2 Bananas, 60 grams of this Patanjali Nutrela Weight gain supplement, and mix it well in 1 glass of milk.

For Women:

Take one glass of milk, 2 Bananas, and 30 grams of Nutrela. Then, you will be able to see your weight increase within a week.

Take this supplement 2-3 times a day after the meals. People who want to achieve a healthy weight such as athletes, gym-goers, and exercisers can take this supplement and maintain their weight well.

Patanjali Weight Gainer Supplement

A weight gainer supplement helps in muscle recovery, recovery from heavy training, and many more. In addition, it helps you in improving exercise performance and naturally aids in gaining weight quickly. Here are some 1mg offers that you can use for your shopping.

Another reason for which you can consume a weight gainer is that this product consists of all-natural nutrients that help you gain weight in a more natural way. You can recover and build muscle mass from Patanjali weight gainer supplements. Also, these supplements are relatively higher in protein providing you nutrients that are full of Proteins, creatine, and vitamin complex.

Loaded with Fiber

Patanjali weight gainer supplement is loaded with fiber and prevents your body from bloating. In short, it helps in removing all the toxins and increases the digestion process. Patanjali Weight gainer is an excellent way to maintain overall health.

Helps in Recovery

Weight gainers help you recover and grow muscles. It is quite helpful and if you follow a regular routine then you can make your recovery even more faster.

Rich in Carbohydrates

Patanjali weight gainers do contain a good amount of carbohydrates because they are one of the primary sources of energy. The glucose breaks down into our body providing us with immense energy. So, for those who work out regularly, Carbohydrates are quite important. They give you the energy that you need with ease.

Complete Blend of Vitamins and Minerals

Vitamins and minerals are the major sources of weight gainers. So, for a healthy body, Minerals and vitamins are quite important. And, if you do not take them in the right amount, it can lead to deficiency. So, take a good combination of minerals and vitamins to maintain your physique healthy and fit. Weight gainer supplements allow you to maintain a balance between minerals and vitamins.

Patanjali Weight Gainers Online

Weight gainers for men and women are different and if you want to gain weight then you must choose the right weight gaining supplement it can be a weight gaining powder capsule, or pills that are full of calories. Try out Patanjali Weight gaining products that have a lot of nutrition and are required by a person to increase weight. In addition, it does not contain any added flavor or harmful chemicals so go for this product.

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