Best Weight Gainer Protein Powder in India

Best Weight Gainer Protein Powder in India

Are you finding it difficult to achieve the proper muscle mass even after intense workout sessions? If yes, then no matter how many workout hours are there, weight gaining is not as easy as it seems. That is why weight gainers are quite important.

They can immediately change your physique and build muscles. Along with the regular workout, mass gainers can do wonders for you. Here, weight-gain supplements or mass gainers help you offer the right amount of nutrients and high-quality calories apart from the protein nutrients.

In this blog, you will learn about the best weight gainers protein powder available in India,

GNC Weight Gainer

GNC is one of the most popular brands that is known for its innovative solutions for high-quality health products. Here, the brand is available to provide you with amazing products such as GNC mass gainer, GNC multivitamin, GNC creatine, and many more.

These weight gainers have high protein, calories, and carbohydrate content. They contain BCAAs which aids in the reduction of muscle fatigue. It contains Amylase, lactase, cellulase, lipase, and protease which are the digestive enzymes included in GNC gainers. These enzymes are quite efficient in the absorption and digestion of essential nutrients and protein.

GNC gainer formula is designed in such a manner that it helps you achieve body composition goals. In short, it is a complete solution for all those who want to gain weight

GNC Weight Gainer Price

GNC Weight gainer price depends on the quantity you are having but the average pricing of a GNC Weight gainer is around Rs 2099 and goes up to Rs 4000 and more. You can avail discount on GNC Weight gainers with ease.

GNC Pro Performance Weight Gainers

GNC weight gainers come in chocolate flavors. GNC pro performance weight gainers provide you with overall wellness. It has several ingredients such as Calcium, magnesium, Vitamin B5, Riboflavin, Biotin, and many more. These gainers are absolutely perfect for gaining healthy weight without losing your muscles.

Muscle Blaze Weight Gainers

MuscleBlaze weight gainer is considered one of the best weight gainer supplements in India for various reasons. These supplements are made up of the quality of raw material. They promote the faster synthesis of muscle which prevents muscle loss post-workout.

MuscleBlaze weight gainers are added with Digezyme and provide enough energy to avoid muscle burn. These mass gainer supplements help in refilling the glycogen in the body to fuel the intense workouts. In addition, here the recovery is triggered by a multi-flavored supplement that is one of the best weight gainers available for beginners in India.

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Endura Mass Weight Gainers

If you are new in the fitness industry then Endura mass weight Gainers is a perfect supplement for you. It can be used with moderate workouts and you will find the visible results in a few months. This weight gainer has a very good nutritional content that is provided in each serving.

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Improvise your physique and increase your stamina with Endura mass weight gainers. It is one of the cost-effective supplements that you will find online. The weight gainer comes with the goodness of vitamins, carbohydrates, minerals, and other ingredients that makes it one of the best weight gainers.

Endura mass weight gainers are excellent weight gainers that provide you with explosive energy. It is one of the best weight gainers that is designed for women with various flavors and weights.

Here is 7 Reasons For You To Take Supplements

Endura Mass Weight Gainer Price

The price of Endura mass weight gainers can vary. You can find the best price for Endura mass weight here at Couponscurry. In general, the price is Rs 625 to 1200 but you can always avail offers on Endura mass weight gainers from here.

Patanjali Weight Gainers

If you want to gain weight more naturally then Patanjali weight gainers are formulated to provide you with the highest calories i.e, 3835 kcal per serving.

This weight gainer is a unique balanced formula that easily absorbs proteins, complex carbohydrates, and other essential nutrients such as 10 natural herbs, 12 minerals, and 11 bio-fermented vitamins. It contains all the 18 essential amino acids with added glutamine. Overall, this weight gainer is 100% safe and natural with no side effects.

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The best part about Ayurvedic weight gainers is that you will get the results immediately. All you need to do is mix the desired quantity in 250 ml-400ml of full cream milk and shake well. They will provide you with better results.

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Dymatize Weight Gainers

Dymatize Mass gainers ensure maximized mass muscle development with essential nutrition for building up the muscle and mass. It offers amazing advantages. Here, each serving contains 1 gram of creatine monohydrate. You can get enough calories and protein that you need for muscle growth.

Dymatize weight gainers have BCAA that involves activating the muscle protein synthesis. It consists of the process of building up the muscles that enable you to get more powerful. Here, each serving consists of 17 grams of branched-chain amino acids that encourage protein recovery.

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How to take Weight Gainer?

If you want to take weight gainer and you are doubtful about how to take it properly. Then, you should consume weight gainers either with milk or water. But, the only difference when you take weight gainer with water is that you can approximately consume 120 calories and 8 grams of protein less.

  1. For consuming the weight gainers, prefer the times when the bodys nutritional absorption and muscle building rate is highest. For example, you can consume weight gainers after a workout immediately after waking up from sleep. Otherwise, also, there is no harm in taking up the weight gainer.

  2. Remember to make a shake of weight gainer and properly blend it either in a blender or a shaker.

  3. Then consume this shake immediately because sometimes the powder tends to settle down forming the colloids.

  4. When you take weight gainer, the dose totally depends on your muscle gain. However, a slow start of this dose is good so that body can adjust well.

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