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Ubon Bluetooth Speaker

Ubon Bluetooth Speakers are a great sound investment as they help you go hands-free while finishing everyday tasks. You can even compare your various mini Bluetooth speaker prices using user-friendly filters while shopping. If you are someone whole likes having minimalist style then Ubon Speakers are a great deal to have. Opt for Ubon speakers and listen to your favorite music anytime. Buy compatible speakers from Ubon and enjoy hassle-free calling with built-in microphones.

Ubon Bluetooth Speaker Price

INR 672/-

What are the advantages of Ubon Speakers?

Ubon Portable Bluetooth speakers are powered with a long-lasting Li-ion battery that offers you continuous pla
ytime. It helps to amplify sound throughout the room and makes these speakers great for music listening. Pair your speakers via Bluetooth to soundtrack your next party and then set the mood when you want to relax with audiophile quality.

You can have Ubon 360-degree wireless speakers coming with a strong stereo surround sound along with a midrange and shocking bass.

With most of the traditional speakers, the tangling of wires is considered a primary problem, and untangling often takes a lot of time and effort. That is why Ubon Bluetooth speakers are designed in such a manner that they are wireless. Plus, they come in all sizes that make them portable. In this way, you can carry these speakers wherever you go.
  1. These speakers are powered by disposable or rechargeable batteries and do not consume much power. A decent rechargeable Bluetooth speaker can last up to 48 hours of Nonstop Music Playing.
  2. Innovations in the technology segments are designed environment-friendly and it is fascinating to know that the power consumption of Ubon Speakers is quite less and one can use them freely without worrying about the amount of battery being used.
  3. The Audio Quality of Ubon Speakers is good enough to offer you wholesome entertainment. And, it is fascinating to know that you can also use it at the time of presentations in the office.
The sound reaches out to all those present in the conference room as well as there is no need for any additional support. Moreover, you can also use it while you are heading for a picnic with the family.

Easy to Operate Ubon Speakers

If you are looking for portable and lightweight Bluetooth speakers, then consider Ubon speakers that are present with a high-quality in-built mic that is here to transmit crystal clear audio. In addition, they come up with highly portable designs that make them easy to take wherever we want.

Sleek Bluetooth Speakers by Ubon

Get Ubon Speakers at affordable prices. In addition, they present you with a sound that packs a punch-premium, in-built speakers for supreme audio bliss. They are perfect for your upcoming house party and are equipped with high-quality amplifiers.
  1. If you are planning the next road trip, then take your UBON speakers with you and listen to non-stop music on a single charge. They come with a powerful 1200 mAh lithium-ion battery that allows the speakers to go on for hours.
  2. Skip the hassles of wire with amazing Bluetooth connectivity. These speakers are easy to connect with your tablet and smartphone. Play your favorite tunes from Pendrive or switch to FM Radio if you are getting bored. In short, take a step further and connect your UBON speakers using TWS for a bigger and better experience.
  3. Ubon Speakers are light in weight and they are extremely easy to operate anytime and anywhere with all controls. They have a high-quality in-built mic that transmits crystal clear audio. Even the highly portable design makes these speakers easy to take wherever you want.
Note: If you are a music lover, you should try marshall speakers

Add Convenience and Comfort With Ubon Speakers

Buy Ubon 360-degree wireless speakers that come with a strong stereo surround sound along with a full midrange and shocking extra bass. These speakers produce a powerful and amazing musical experience that you will never want to forget. In some Ubon Speakers, you will find a 3.5mm jack and a Bluetooth that supports wired as well as wireless playback modes.

Experience Exceptional Stereo Sound

Ubon Bluetooth speakers come with microphones that let you answer calls no matter what activities you are performing. And, the user at another end of the call will be able to hear a crystal clear voice.
  1. Experience a blissful sound and extra bass with Ubon water-resistant Bluetooth speakers that are best suited when you are performing outdoor activities. You can play the songs with ease without worrying about the Bluetooth speakers getting wet.
  2. Ubon smart Bluetooth speakers let you use the integrated virtual assistant without any need for clicking any buttons on the gadget. They offer you hands-free activation and interactive actions for playing, pausing, and skipping the access.

Ubon Speakers Price

Check out the latest Ubon Speakers price and get portable Ubon desktop/ laptop speakers under 500 with ease. On this page, you can also check out offers on Ubon Speakers with ease, all you need to do is Visit our Top Offers section to get ubon speakers under Rs.300 and Rs.500 deal. For more discounts, on other Bluetooth, wired, and wireless speakers, you can check out offers on Philips Speakers.

Equipped With Durable Battery Backup

Ubon Speakers come equipped with a long-lasting battery backup that allows you to have a playback without worrying about the battery. In addition, they come with a built-in TF card and other USB readers as well. They let you play music directly from a flash drive without even a backup device. This speaker allows you to play music directly from the flash drive without even a backup device.

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  • Neha Yadav

One of the best Bluetooth speaker

I have got Ubon SP-39 speakers a few days ago and I must tell you they are great speakers having powerful sound and giving an amazing musical experience that you will never want to forget. These Ubon speakers come with 360-degree wireless speakers along with a strong stereo sound along with a full midrange and shocking

extrabass. These Bluetooth speakers support both wireless and wired playback modes as well. All in all, my overall experience with these speakers has been fantastic.

  • Submitted on: 06 November, 2021